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I have been waiting for this comparison mainly because if you recall correctly, the s20 series as a whole had a few issues, especially the s20 ultra from last year. The s20 plus was slightly better in my opinion because you know it could focus correctly, even though it didn't have the breakthrough features of the s20 ultra from last year. I think the s20 plus was a more balanced device as a whole, which is why I had bought it, but now the s21 ultra is out and it's basically the epitome of all the improvements, tweaks and updates that samsung has done throughout the last year and it's time to see how well it can perform compared to the s20 plus of last year.

Another interesting fact about this comparison is that both the s21 ultra and the s20 plus come at the exact same launch price - 1200 for both of them. So you know it's time to see how many more features and how much better cameras can we truly get for 1200 dollars when comparing flagships from 2020 versus 2021. So without further ado, let's start with our first image right here, it's an ultra wide angle, shot on both and well. Not only is the dynamic range just milder than the s280 plus, there are also better colors, it's a lot more natural and the s20 plus, especially in that christmas tree like structure in the middle, it does have a very blue tint to it. Everything looks very bluish, that's not the case on the s21 ultra fairly impressive.

If you ask me now, moving on to the main camera shots on both and well the higher dynamic range we had before with tremendous amounts of shadow detail that isn't really happening on the s21 ultra I mean the s20 plus isn't anything better but we still have that blue tint on the s20 plus. It's minor differences, but quite a few like the sky color, for example the s20 plus is not very realistic. You can look at the palm tree on the upper right corner and it is very yellow in the highlights. It's all very yellowish and that's not the natural color as you would expect it to be much more realistic on the s21 ultra, and this is actually a trend you might see for the rest of the comparison, but to the s20 plus strategy.

It is again visible in the palm tree and a little bit on the glass as well. Now we have another main camera shot and although the overall shadow detail is just a smidge higher on the s20 plus just look at those highlights, on the right hand corner it's not very good should be told, because the s20 plus has so yellow highlights. It looks a lot more natural and well a lot more pleasing so yeah, even though the shadows are slightly higher on the s20 plus, I'm still going to pick the s21 ultra for this image. There are slightly higher amounts of over sharpening artifacts. You can see it on the letters and a little bit in the leaves, but I think the real difference is a white balance.

The whites actually look white, while it looks quite a bit more yellowish on the s20 plus moving to five times zoom, and here I feel like the s21 ultra is managing the over sharpening a little bit better. It is present to a small degree but it's a lot more visible, basically on the s20 plus and again the whites look kind of yellowish on the s20 plus for 10 times zoom. I guess the s21 alpha takes a win by default. I mean that in and of itself is beyond amazing and it's pretty much visible like the amount of detail we can see right there, it's staggeringly good, the s20 plus doesn't even come close. I want to see that both are doing fairly well but, as I mentioned before, the same problem continues with the highlights being very yellow on the s20 plus.

Super yellow highlights on the s20 plus, while the s21 ultra is doing a much better job of keeping them both in check and also accurate, also the shadows in the lower part of the image. I do think it is slightly brighter on the s21 ultra like in certain areas, you can see a little bit more detail, that's not the biggest difference. These are all 12 megapixel images and we will get to the high res stuff soon, but here I do think the s20 plus is a little bit more vibrant, while the s41 ultra has a little bit more contrast, and I think I prefer the s21 ultra here, but you know it is completely based on personal preference. We can not take photos of close subjects on the s20 plus the 64 megapixel camera right there.

Magenta flower wow, the focus on the 64 megapixel camera is really not that good. Normal close-ups are now good and all, but the s11 ultra can take it up a notch. We can finally do some macro photography with the ultra wide angle camera s21 ultra, and that is thanks to the dual pixel autofocus. We did not have any macro capabilities in any galaxy flagships. Not at least anything that I can remember- and it's pretty staggeringly good to be honest - using the ultrawide camera for macro photography gives us such high quality results. It is definitely the right way of doing macro photos now we have another very high dynamic range situation right here with me as subject and yeah, it's very clear that the s21 ultra is a better one here.

It has not only a better dynamic range like look at those highlights, but the sky is actually visible. Damn, I did not expect it to be this good and of course the white balance. The s21 ultra, however, is not like it is staggeringly sharp or anything, but it is like miles ahead of the s20 plus and yeah. The quality is pretty good, like it's 30 times zoom. After all, I don't use much 30 times, but I gotta say if I had to the s21 ultra would probably be the best out there moving on 200 times zoom on the s21 ultra and I understand that it does look like an oil painting. The same goes for 100 x zoom on the s21 ultra for some portraits and admittedly this image is a little difficult, especially in terms of edge detection.

You can see in the upper part of the image that railing or attachment I'm not entirely certain what it is called, but it is not exactly recognized properly, at least on both of these colors. However, I understand the skin tones and all that they are subjective and you guys can choose which one you want, but I personally prefer the skin tones on the s21 ultra. I know they are a little bit more vibrant and contrasty, but add the extra contrast with the much richer blacks on my t-shirt and jeans. Obviously you guys can choose when you want, but I'm going to go with the s21 ultra now we can also shoot in portraits and it is now two times on both of them.

I mean the hardware is right there: why can't we use the s21 ultra as much more capable optical zoom compared to just digitally cropping in two times? It doesn't make sense to me it's just that it's not good the s20 plus we don't have optical zoom, so it's understandable that we use digital zoom to just crop in yeah. It's a problem and I really hope that samsung fixes it in the nearest update possible. Let's see how it turns out. I'll let you guys know if there are any good updates, but one thing I wanted to mention is that I do like the skin tone on the s20 plus. I didn't really expect the selfies on the s21 ultra to be this good. I mean yeah samsung did talk quite a bit about how they changed the color processing and all that, but damn these selfies are crisp.

It's undoubtedly a win for the s21 ultra, also the skin tones. It basically uses the full width of the sensor and well again the s49 ultra is way more detailed and much better skin tone overall. Now let's try some indoor lighting shots and here the main difference that I can notice is the highlights you can see in the lower part of the image how much of the highlights are preserved on the s21 ultra compared to the s20 plus. I mean it's quite a lot now, moving on to the main camera shot and it's a similar story, the highlights are so much better preserved on the s21 ultra. Just look at those highlights the calvin klein shopper stop logo so much better preserved.

How good the s21 ultra looks and the s20 plus it's understandable, 10 times it's just digitally cropping in and it doesn't really look good, there are a ton of artifacts in the highlights, but man, the s21 ultra is doing an amazing job right there. Now just for the fun of it, I took a 30 time, zoomed the s20 plus. However, I did expect it to be this good now, of course there are some grains, some noise right there, but it is still so much more detailed and so much better than the s20 plus. If you ask me this image now, I wanted to take it specifically to see how much better the reds were compared to last year because as you can see the s20 plus is a little bit on the pink side.

Now let's move on to night mode - and this is a particularly difficult scene and there are not a lot of differences in terms of dynamic range and all that it is amazing on both of them. You can see that the vibrance is much higher on the s20 plus very much visible in the lease and also in the sky. To some extent, this 21 ultra is a lot more natural in terms of giving us the realistic colors, and I like this new approach that samsung has taken it kind of started with the note 20 ultra and we're just continuing to see that quite nice on the s21 ultra. Now for this ultrawide night mode, the s21 ultra- I don't think I've seen an image this clean from a galaxy device until now - just look at how much better the noise reduction has gotten on the s21 ultra - it's quite impressive.

It's visible in the water, the sky, it's just so much cleaner. Now this is the main camera night mode and basically the s21 ultra is much more natural compared to the s20 plus. The s20 plus in its defense has a more stylized look. You can see the sky very valid and also much more vibrance in the leaves and all that high contrast as well, so the s21 ultra is obviously more on the natural side. It gives you a much more realistic image overall, now another main camera shot, and here it is very much visible. Now, of course, I know that an extra amount of noise reduction can lead to skepticism and you might think that yes we have more noise reduction, so obviously we should have much lower levels of detail, so yes we did crop in 500 percent.

It's like I mean I would take the much cleaner image of the s21 ultra over the s20 plus any day. The slight amount of detail you get on the s20 plus is nothing compared to the much better overall image on the s21 ultra for a three-time zoom shot now. I mean it's not a major difference, but you know that it's the only thing I could find right there. Both are actually doing a fairly good job, considering it's night and considering it's three times zoom now this is a feature. Well, whatever we'll call it moon mode, but this is 30 times zoom on both of them and well. I don't know why the s20 plus looks so yellow and it just looks like a blood moon for some reason, but yeah the s21 is just fantastic.

Now I went to 100 times zoom and damn that's an impressive shot of the moon right there, it's handheld and it's not even night mode. How good the processing is to have just brought out all those textures right there. If you ask me and as a matter of fact, I do believe that we have better detail levels, especially in the textures that have been brought out on the s21 ultra at 100 times zoom compared to 30 times zoom on the s20 plus. For the first time we have night mode portraits on a galaxy device, as you can see on the s21 ultra. Finally, we have the night mode selfies on both of them and yeah. I prefer the s20 plus here simply because the s21 ultra is really going over the edge in terms of brightening me up as a whole.

That's just yeah, I'm never going to use that kind of an image. I do like the s21 ultra quite a bit over the s20 plus, it's quite simply because the overall highlight retention and the color of the headless are so much more natural and realistic on the s11 ultra that it's just an easy choice for me, as for other stuff like close-ups with the high-res modes. We should get an update that will allow us to use a three-time optical zoom on the es21 ultra and that would make the portrait game a whole. Another level it'll just make it so much better than what it is right now, but you know comparing the s21 ultra in its current state to the s20 plus, I would say it's not exactly better, it's not worse or anything like that, but it's not better either for selfies.

That's a whole different story because it's quite a bit better than the s20 plus and then we have much better noise reduction for night mode as compared to last year. It's just unbelievably good on the s21 ultra, we have three times zoom 10 times, zoom ultra wide macro, the main camera. I think the s21 ultra is quite a worthy upgrade, at least in terms of photography over the s20 plus at a similar launch price. I hope you guys enjoyed if you did that like button subscribe if you haven't already and stay tuned for many, many more camera presents to come and I will see you guys later..

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