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It's personal, just call after a long time, pressing Samsung for them to lend me the Samsung Galaxy S21 Uutra, these sons of a mare here. Finally they lent me and you can't believe it's just that it arrived on Black Friday week, boy that I put to Torar. There was no time to record any video and then I told my crazy to record the video for the staff. I don't have time, I can't get it, but now it's over with this black business friday and now I'm going to record this video I'm going to show you the S21 Ultra guy S22 is coming, but now we're going to record this one here, the S21 Ultra for you And Samsung, took so long to send these devices here for testing. Let me show you this box that has already been opened. Hulking, look at the camera hat boy: you are crazy.

I want to show you this one that is sealed when you see that it was never opened, sealed why? Because I want to show everything that comes inside the box. Let's cut the seal.., take it here and take it here: boy, you're crazy, I'm going to get tired of saying the name of the accessories to you so much look,. This is the black boy, I black, Fusco Look at this vegetable boy, getting ready also saw deloso stylish, as you guys are seeing these cameras. I have to show you some very interesting things about these cameras. A bunch of accessories shouldn't people in a little while there should be some things in here in a little while I'll show you, but let's see what is inside here right, because it's a premium device right top device. Well, a lot of things are inside the box.

Look at this G What, a beautiful thing, it's going to come down from my ends, right and know what's up and that's it It's over the unboxing is us I'm kidding I'm kidding guys come another accessory, come check out the injector key we're going to take out what the chip slot connects. It does not take a memory card. Ok, you can use one and two chips, but you can't use a memory card. This means that the son, but he is really waterproof, can dive in the pool he can run. You can jump, you can do whatever it is not to break the city. Let me turn on this device here.

I've recorded some videos and the boy I already tell you, You're crazy I knew it because many of my colleagues have already tested this device here, because everyone from boy the animal is arretado gel is turned at one point. The animal is a powerful male. The sensational cameras I was like that's not good, it shouldn't be cool, it must be cool, but I had no idea how cool it was to people the possibilities that we have this device here. I'll show you everything, but first I want to ask you who is watching this video that is not subscribed to the channel. Ok, son finger without pity pity on subscribing to I liked it on Tink, actually not if the first one on Tink activates the bell to receive all notifications and I don't like it too ready.

Did it catch boy phase, little boy, Good thing that there was nothing inside here and you who made it ready now? Yes, now we are interested in personal canvas. Hence, even Amoled 2 x and 120 rate remains update, which means that the blanket is extremely fast with hdr10 Plus support, 1500 liters of lighting, which means that it is an extremely shiny screen. So you can be under the sun that on fire, that you will still see a very large screen, 6.8 inches with a resolution there, basically two here, so it's ok, Vale do Full HD What's cool, has Corning Gorilla, Glass, glass protection and, of course, after using it go to the beach. It is not suitable for you to wet this device in salt water from the sea.

Ok, so it is, but I took some pictures like that, and you see very well even in the sun, without really seeing very well because a screen is very bright So. These are a lot of congratulations in terms of screen image, quality, right and now, something that caught my attention was its power, okay, no matter how much it has Snapdragon. Unfortunately, the Samsung doesn't bring to Brazil the version with which qualcomm processor, right and what comes to Brazil is the Samsungapps in the 2100. I also wanted to talk, but in general the experience I had was really good. So taking a picture using it right, you play very well and it runs very well super powerful people for the love of God is not a bum processor.

I made a ruler is really incredibly powerful and So Oh, and so folks, here in Brazil it has two versions: u a version with 256 GB of internal storage and 12 gb of RAM and also a version with 512 of half terabyte internal storage is not a small thing, So it's up to you if you want to spend a lot or if you want to spend a lot more, if you want the version with half a tera of storage, but what will change the most? Also that it's really internal memory, space in terms of performance, characteristics and other specifications doesn't change anything, and then the following people are super complete in several other aspects. They also connect only in terms of battery. It has five thousand miles per hour, which is OK, which is cool right for the device of this category.

The Arlei is not wireless charging and up to 15 watts, and he also has people I will even show you this and he has it as Samsung always likes to put more awards on its smartphones, o w ireless powershare that this gel here is the famous charging, the pacifier, the wireless pacifier that you can do in the salon on your other cell phone,. If it has wireless charging or your wife or a colleague's day, you can save or if you call, don't just look for the little place, then you've found it. Through wireless charging of 4.5 watts of power, it's slowly, it's slowly, it's almost stopping, but it's just that sun. That pacifier is connected in a good way for the love of God. He has the deck as much I trust as those without wire it has. You can connect a TV.

You can connect it to the notebook you don't like me. The animal is complete boy and what Samsung really has to offer at the moment it has wireless payment. Sound quality o And it's personal but I know you are saying Jesus loud is snarling too much. I don't want to know about these things. No, I'm connected bro that I'm already connected, I know that you will even leave a link in the description for us to see the complete information of this device. I took him with him for you to see there on the drive it's in good quality and everything, and it has all the videos even a link to buy if you are willing to buy with trust. There will be a link in the description for you, but let's do the following: I want to show you the quality of the cameras.

This device lets me start waiting for you still waiting showing you, the 108 Megapixel main camera, this camera people. What's cool about this bed, I'll show you the following: the [ __ ] is so big, it's so thick. It's super focused here an object right on the magic cube and back there super blurred a natural blur from the lens. We come here and select this one that has 12 megapixels of resolution, ok and a nice thing about it is that it has autofocus. Male zoom, that I discovered they are using as far as the eye can see, calm Gent and for the love of God. Ok, but here now he is using the jun camera of three times of approach without losing quality. He also has a camera of 10 times a guy.

So two periscope cameras, ok, I'll press here, I'll press 10, 10 10 times you see Of course it will depend a lot on the environment, right? It is not the maximum potential of this camera and maintaining a very good quality. It ends up losing a little bit of quality. It's not a very clear rule, right? Check it out here to see what he changed automatically because he understands that it's kinda dark I can't see. Well then he switches to another camera good and gives a digital zoom So. In your entire life, you will probably use this camera twice. If you buy a cell phone like this, People are no good without seeing if it says one is just for you to have fun with your friends.

It's going to be basically that, but I recommend that the most you use it is here ten times, depending on the situation, 30 it's still more or less usable right now. Without the love of God it loses a lot of quality de really loses a lot of quality And. The frontal jaziel is really tight. Yeah, it's a lot of Megapixels yeah And. One thing that I went from being sharp isn't it more me I'm going to show you some photos, ok, I show you some photos that I took and here in more expensive. That scheme that Apple keeps telling wow, the cell phone is now bad for the cinema in the city.

When I tell you that this has been going on for a long time, video portrait, video professional super slow motion that that super slow camera shows you now slow motion, time-lapse director's view. We are one here: let's break another Uai, Deadpool, then click. The possibilities that this device gives us in terms of video look at the quality. It can run people ué, 4K 60 by the company, 4K 30, full HD, full HD, full HD, and we also managed to check it out and there are 8 guys you want to record in 8k you can record in 8 guys I don't recommend it. I don't know bro, it's a very high resolution.

So it's a device that you can record in 8k after showing all this people I want to show you now in real I'm going to record to the screen I'm going to put it to record the screen here on this device and I want to show you some pictures that I took with it, I'm going to soon let you know that there's a photo here, boy, the animal served, it was say no boy a photo shoot was done But. This little boy starts here the front camera is the front camera of the red eye. Think look at Mirela there Note that yes, I am a liquid I, have a good quality right back there. It's the blur of the natural focus of the front, even if there is some there that was never blurred and such that I focused more here but I liked. It I liked this guy's Nike from the night and from this image But.

Let's now do the following people: Let's test all cameras starting here, the ultra laser is that camera that is more open notice that the sharpness was not that great, right? But so if you look here, if it went until it was cool José, the sky was pretty ugly. It was very cloudy, but then when we come to the main camera it gets better. You see that it gets a little better even with the sky over there, a little like this three-times camera zooming in, keeping there a very good quality, very cool, this three-times camera 10 times. Look at this people, quality very good guy, very, very good, but look I said natural focus Look at the natural blur, even a tip I give. You are burning photography, it's already on, right for those who don't know if you have a cell phone that has the zoom.

Sometimes you better take the picture with these, depending on the lighting you move away, but the subject of the person uses the zoom camera because automatically it has a natural blur greater than the main camera And. Then it gives this effect super cool that you are seeing here. Look at this one, totally blurred Look at this people totally blurry a very cool one, very nice people. My father is here my sister bro look at this picture here. Her face from Nicole It was really cool man, salt, water, hitting the eyes there and still water really moving still water, I'm really cool. Is this another here, look hey awesome too, this one was created to be less one too: ok notice the blur. Take it and throw Barra on the other Let's see but wait.

It was really good Look at it, there, look, you are seeing Barro there and such I liked this image here also look at this very cool one too, and there are a lot more photos here. Also, there is a photo sequence here that I took at the aquarium that you will be able to get an idea Look at this people, starting here by a Ultra camera uai, the most open camera can see and then I'm zooming in on the main camera.

You see, I've already taken a closer look at the cameras, one oh I've already given another close-up in keeping the quality or good quality, and then the camera, the one with one more I think there were 10 times a note that wakes up is cool, right? The liquidity on the skin on the fur of the pets is so cool, and here I tried to take another photo to see the issue of sharpness, and here I gave one more I believe that maybe here with 30, thirty or not I didn't have a password I think it has many times, and you see that the quality already drops, right? So up to ten is cool up to 10 to 30. Depending on the situation, you can even use more than that I think it's already pretty bad.

You can see here the main work jun plus one and a hundred times of numbers there and shits everything, and it's called until here: ok cool there, my God in heaven That's good, but not then it went to Beleleu, of course. I took the opportunity to do some video tests, right? Let's change the cameras during the video recording and then I'll leave it here. How you saw this video, also change the audio quality, right? He still captured the audio well and now I'm going to show you a video in super slow motion, right, super slow motion that this device can do. He knows he knows that here we are in fresh fashion, don't even take it, you saw it there. You watched the super camera. Samsung was right, too I know a lot of people could have more, which I agree with.

Samsung will change this strategy. There differentiated video card And then I don't know that only time will tell, right? Only time will tell how it will be in the next releases, but if you are talking to which I hope you come to Brazil and that's it, people I hope you enjoyed the video I'll stay here. A big hug bye..

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