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Welcome to... wait... that doesn't look right. Hello everyone, welcome to Galaxy A event: site! We use our smartphones every day in many meaningful ways: to learn, to create and explore, to communicate, more deeply, and to collaborate with each other. Samsung Galaxy innovations are designed to support everything that you do on your device, because we believe that people shouldn't be plugged into technology. The Galaxy A series always has been about enabling the users to experience Samsung's core technology. We are excited to introduce our latest product. Your phone can help you connect with the world around you and make creative progress. Let us see. Each has their own unique style.

This Galaxy A series is designed to meet your diverse needs! The new Ambient Edge will smoothly transition the Multi-camera module in the phone body for a smooth blending effect. The zels have become thinner for a more uniform appearance. Both phones are timeless black and white plus two new cool colors: Cool blue and Cool pink. These stylish devices will support those great things. We give you stunning screens to experience exciting moments: finding new games, tricks, trying new recipes or learning how to get the most from your smartphone camera. Samsung's high-resolution screen is constantly improving thanks to our constant innovation. On a large Full HD Super AMOLED display, you can explore your interests and discover new skills.

The Galaxy A53 has a 6.5-inch screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, while the Galaxy A33 has a 6.4-inch screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. Both offer a smooth and vivid viewing experience that allows you to concentrate full on content. We know that you use your phone a lot and don't want your eyestrain! The Galaxy A-Series reduces blue light so you can focus on your work while keeping your eyes comfortable. Visual effects are only part of the viewing experience. You also need to have amazing sound effects to match! Watch your favorite content,. Then you want to hear a loud and clear sound despite background noise. The Galaxy, A53 and Galaxy A33 are mono speakers that deliver great sound louder than ever before.

And with Dolby Atmos The sound becomes vivid and immersive! A breath of fresh air. It can be hard to see your screen. We've installed brighter screens with smart algorithms. So even when you are outside, the screen can be seen more clearly with less glare! This algorithm works just as well when watching darker video content. No matter how bright the sun is, no matter where you are we will give you the technology But you need to do really amazing. Things.... Let's give Daniel another round of applause. We use our smartphones to see content and to create content. We stand behind everything you create. The Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33 feature a versatile quad-camera system which helps you navigate different environments and lighting conditions to take photos and videos.

For those really complex creations you need more detail. The A53's main wide-angle camera has a 64MP pixel sensor that helps to take high-resolution photos and videos. The Galaxy A-Series puts high-quality technology at your fingertips. Because for your next creative project,. To help you need powerful creative tools. You realize your vision. When shooting portraits, The newly upgraded portrait mode of the Galaxy A series can render three-dimensional and capture silhouettes more accurately. It uses dual cameras and powerful artificial intelligence to keep the focus on the subject. Focusing on this sandwich. It is easy to add atmosphere to your photographs, by choosing from one of the many different portrait effects.

Also, before posting, you can add your creative touch to professional-looking photos! We know that your life isn't in stone and neither is content you post. With an innovative combination of powerful hardware and sophisticated software, the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33 capture dynamic moments when you are moving, helping you shoot: super-smooth, video. The optical image stabilization and the VDIS technology work in sync to counteract motion, while shooting, so that shocks or bumps may occur. Standing while walking are stabilized. The camera experience on Samsung Galaxy products is known for its low-light shooting quality... and we are bringing these features to the Galaxy A series.

With an improved night mode, The cameras on the Galaxy A53 and the Galaxy A33 are equipped with powerful artificial intelligence that can composite up to 12 frames at a time to capture stunning photos with less noise and blur. And when you're shooting video, These AI-powered cameras automatically adjust frame rate to bring the right light to create brighter, less noisy video. This intuitive experience stops your video from degrading... even if the lighting conditions change. But artificial intelligence isn't just for taking photos or videos. The Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33 now come with the Object Eraser, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze and identify objects in photos. So you can erase what you don't want and create a full capture.

A photo of the target The powerful AI of these devices is powered by advanced 5nm-based processors... with increased CPU, GPU and NPU performance. Power, RAM Plus allows you to create additional virtual memory using the internal memory of the phone, enabling you to get up and running faster than ever before. However, I know that your phone is not just for work. Sometimes it's for fun purposes. Alright, that is fun!! Such as your social posts, fun selfies, super long bursts and more! It's easy to show your friends how you feel with a camera created in partnership with Snap. Fun Mode now works with ultra wide lenses so that you can add fun shots to yourself and your friends...

at the same time! Whether you're doing it for fun or work, When you create something, it's easy to store and access! OneDrive can sync photo albums across your device, which means you can easily access your photos and videos from your tablet or PC. And the Link to Windows... You can connect your Samsung Galaxy phone with your Windows computer. This allows you to continue work without interrupting your flow. You want to share your creations with the world. Make sharing super easy.. The fast way is to transfer S between each other.. It lets you share files with people around you instantly,. Even if they don't have a Samsung, Galaxy device....or simply use Private Share It helps you set deadlines for sending content and disable screenshots and re-sharing....

So you can have more control over who sees your masterpiece. You really want to lock down, like passport copies or high school photos you don't want others to see, You can use Secure Folder, an encrypted storage space that is protected by Samsung Knox. It even has a biometric lock and a PIN for added security. The Samsung Galaxy Real-Time Sharing is the foundation of the technology. Open ecosystem This is how we introduce our great creations to the world. How we create amazing connections with others also. To learn more about the Galaxy A series, go here. Let's give the floor to Reeve again. We do a lot of work in the virtual world and rely on our devices to stay connected., chatter..., collaborating and brainstorming to help you do it all and more....

Like RCS in messages,. It lets you send and receive high-quality photographs and videos and share with a global message system. It also supports end-to-end encryption, allowing you and your friends to connect across borders and protect your privacy. Faster than ever in real-time - instant connections! How can you make your work and catch up with friends? We've increased your 5G capabilities, increased upload and download speeds and there are many projects to collaborate online at work or in school! You can share ideas and brainstorm in real time on Jamboard via Google Duo. We know that many of you enjoy working in different environments.

So feel productive, Galaxy Buds can reduce background noise! In real time, your video calling experience! And the Galaxy Buds work really well with the Galaxy A series... Because we bring you a connected experience across Galaxy devices. Like AutoSwitch, Galaxy Buds automatically switch between devices. What is the Galaxy Buds feature, that I love? How easy it is to share audio with friends. With sharing of music,. Your friends can quickly connect to your Bluetooth speakers without you having to disconnect! Both you and your friend have Galaxy Buds. You can even listen to the same audio from your Galaxy Buds. A series offers a full range of services to their customers. We look forward to seeing how you can live with it.

If you love exploring the city, I'm sure that you'll be walking around with your phone and capturing every moment of it. But sometimes accidents happen! Like losing your phone, spilling a drink or facing unexpected rain! That is, you don't have to worry! They are water and dust resistant, and have a sturdy frame that protects the phone from drops and scratches. I can travel with ease, more convenient! With Samsung Wallet, I can keep my ID, credit card and keys in my phone. It's SO much more convenient to buy ice cream to eat! Exploration never ends, right? You don't want to stop and charge your phone! The batteries of the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33 are built to last so you can go from an adventurous day to an exciting night.... Even if you forgot to charge your phone the night before.

What makes the battery so good? It automatically manages apps. You don't use the frequently and put them to sleep. When your battery finally runs out... you can charge it with the super fast charger for the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A33! The fun today. Now for some music... oh no I think I've lost my Galaxy Buds. There is no reason to be anxious!! I can bring up SmartThings Find on my Samsung Connect app and figure out where I have them. Of course in an ice cream parlor! We want to able to do better things longer using technology. You forget where you put your device, SmartThings Find Network can help you find lost, Galaxy, phones, watches and more.

It generates more than 2 billion data exchanges between the Find network and Samsung Galaxy products per week, helping to find lost items. On your phone you have most of your life's information..., so protecting your privacy is critical for your peace of mind. The Privacy Dashboard lets you view which apps are accessing your data, camera and microphone at a glance. So you can choose what can see. Because the power to protect your privacy should be in your hands! Our priority is to make our technology easier to use and to bring strong and enduring technical support to you. You will be able to enjoy One UI 4...a new version of the Samsung Galaxy user experience.

Upgraded extensions to ensure that you can access this One UI for longer...and The new technology we use, these update software, hardware and battery life are all part of our mission to sustain your device. Because the longer your smartphone lasts,. It also helps to protect the environment. A33 are products made of today’s innovative and recycled materials such as water, bottles, CD, cases, etc. Polycarbonate. We mix these old materials with new ones - to create your sim tray, side keys & more. They are produced in environmentally-friendly packaging, with less material. From extending product life to reducing packaging waste.... We will continue to innovate to build a greener future for our planet. Give you the core Samsung Galaxy technology that lets you do amazing things.

A high-performance screen helps you study. Even outdoors, a great camera can help inspire your creativity, day or night. Long-term battery life allows you to explore the world. Combined with IP67 dust and water resistance, You can continue to challenge yourself. The Galaxy A53 will go on sale on April 1 for 449 euros, and the A33 on April 22 for 369 euros. Pre-orders for the Galaxy A53 start tomorrow! If you pre-order, you'll be able to experience Galaxy Buds live with us... So go after your passion, get creative with your friends, and make a world of difference. So we made a phone that is just as amazing. We can't wait for you to experience..

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