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This is going to be an in-depth comparison, which means this is going to be a long video. Let's start by comparing the design and build of both phones. Both smartphones are made of plastic, but Samsung has set some boundaries between its premium mid-range and sub-flagship devices. For example, the Samsung a73 doesn't have a super soft finish at its back and it doesn't feel very luxurious in the hand. Samsung has used a plastic frame on this phone, which weighs approximately 181 grams slightly heavier than the fan edition. S21 fan edition has an aluminium frame and weighs about 177 grams. Both phones lack a headphone jack, but the a73 has this advantage of micro SD card slot to expand. The storage Samsung used the ip67 rating on the a73, while the s21 fe uses the ip68 rating.

The s21 fe follows the design language of the galaxy s21 lineup, while the 73 has the typical samsung mid-range design. Both phones look good but if I have to pick one for the overall build quality and the looks I'll probably go with the S21 fe, both phones have dual stereo speakers. I have thoroughly tested the speakers and I did not find any difference between the sound output of these phones. Brightness lights on both sides are 800 nits and both phones have a refresh rate of 120. Victus is used on the screen of the s21 fe a73 has slightly bigger bezels and the bottom chain compared to the s21 fv. This year, Bad samsung has improved the display much by cutting these bezels and the bottom chin of the A73.

The difference between these displays can't really be mapped out as you use them in your daily life. The dynamic of mullet on the s21f was supposed to have a variable refresh rate, but unfortunately the s21 fe doesn't have that. I am not sure why Samsung used the dynamic Amoled feature in this phone if it had to keep the variable refresh rate away, both screen support hdr 10 plus the overall color quality. The contrast saturation on both sides and outdoor visibility are also similar. Both phones have a fingerprint scanner underneath their screens and it does very well on both sides. On my samsung galaxy s21 fe I found it to be a little more responsive. Id too haptic feedback on both sides is one of my main concerns.

When I get my hands on a new Samsung Galaxy phone I was very impressed with the quality of haptic feedback on the x21 fe. It is clicky and responsive, but unfortunately the haptic feedback of a 73 is far from good. samsung needs to improve the haptic feedback of its mid-range devices. Both of these phones run on the android 12 as one Ui 4.1 out of the box. Apparently, the ui software features are the same on both sides, but once you dig deep you find that des21fu delivers a full flagship, one ui experience. Its camera app is rich in features like raw format for the photos, the ability to capture videos in 4k at 60 frames per second and more. It's really good to see samsung bring in a premium feature like the object razer to its midrange series this year.

Another great thing about both of these devices is the software upgrade lifecycle. The x21 fe is also clearly ahead in the software department in terms of performance and chipset. The i73 brings a mediocre snapdragon 778 g six nanometer chipset versus the flagship exynos 2100, five nanometer chipset of the s21 fe. On the i73 we get ufs 2.1 storage and lpddr4 ram versus ufs 3.1 storage and ddr5 ram of the x21 fe This is a huge difference now and this is going to reflect in the benchmark and speed test that I am about to show to you. Let's take a look first at the Antutu benchmark score here's the antutu benchmark storage test score on your screen.

The geekbench 5 scores are now on your screen and we have the 3dmark gaming benchmark score on the screen [Music]. No apps are running currently on these phones and I'm going to launch some stock applications starting from the phone app [Music] Life is [Music]. You guys can observe closely this test and add your own feedback in the comments. I would refrain from commenting on this part of the speed test because, personally, I do not find this app opening speed test very logical. I added to the videos for those specifically asking for this type of test to watch and enjoy this part and I'll catch you with the more logical part of the speed test in a while [music]. I first apply the same effects in the premiere rush application on both sides and then I will export.

Now I'll select the same clips on both sides and apply a same effect or filter again on both sides, this time I'll export it into a 720p clip and let's see which phone does it faster? The s21fe caught up in time and now I will edit the same 108 megapixel image in the lightroom application and apply the same autotune to both sides and save this image on the device. Lastly, I'll edit a similar image on both the phones in the Snapseed app by applying a new effect. Let's see which phone wins this one and this one also goes towards the s21 fan edition and that my friends our speed test. Let's now check the ram management as well. I'll reopen some of my recently launched apps one by one to see what happens, it looks like both phones have a similar ram management.

Both phones support 25 Watt fast charging, and none of them bring out a charger. I expect the Samsung galaxy a7s battery to last for a little over a day longer, while the x21f can give you a screen time of nearly 7 hours. I have planned a full battery rain test and that will come out soon, so make sure you guys subscribe and stay tuned to find out the results. Now on to the cameras, the a73 offers a main 108 megapixel Samsung Hm6 sensor, the rest of its camera details are on the screen. S21 fe brings the main samsung s5 k2l 12 MP sensor and its other camera details to your screen. As far as the camera apps are concerned, the s21 charges are miles ahead in terms of features like I said previously.

The s21 fe can record videos up to 4k at 60 frames per second from both its front and rear cameras. It can capture in Pro mode photos in raw format. The phone can capture 3x portraits because it has a telephoto lens. It also has the Portrait mode, video mode and the Dual recording mode and super slow-motion on the s21 fe can automatically detect and capture the motion. so this is a front camera comparison between the a7 s21 fan edition 5g uh. I find that there are 21 fan editions camera a little cropped in for the resolution. Contrast and other elements, you guys have to be the judge. I am walking in the face of the sun to give you guys a better idea about color composition and other aspects, especially the dynamic range in the front camera videos.

I strongly suggest you guys drop your detailed analysis of these front camera videos and also the voice. In the comment section below, I'll show you the 4k Uh Front Camera at 30 frames per second. Let's go ahead and look at that one now, okay this is 4k at 30 frames per second from the front camera of this phone. The s21 fan edition can also do 4k at 60 frames per second from its front camera, but I am not going to show you that in this video, because this comparison is all about common modes. But if you are interested in seeing the 4k at 60 frames per second front camera samples off there's 21 frame edition, you can check out my full camera review of this phone.

The s21 fan is and looks far ahead of the a73, but I would like to hear you out also: let's go ahead and take a look at the back camera samples of these phones. The ois in these midrange phones is a mere gimmick, so in the 60 fps mode you will find the stabilisation of the a7 getting awful while the s21 fe keeps it very sweet. I had these phones on the same tripod and I am walking through these videos to give you guys a better idea about the stabilization in 4k at 30 frames per second ultra white mode. The stabilization of the s21 fe is once again much quieter and the saturation on the s73 is high, especially if you look at the floor, you will find it kind of wet on the a73 while it is a little yellowish on the s21 fe.

The overall resolution of the video on both phones is pretty good, watch these clips and I'll catch them. The s21 fee image has a cool color tone and doesn't have too dark shadows. Details are much better on the s21 fb because the saturation is high in the image of the a73. This time has a pale image, but details on s21 are high. The sharpness on the a73 seems so high that its image also has a little bit of noise. On the s21 fe I have a very good original color, a73 does not look too bad You can see that the 108 megapixel mode of the hmd3 is not very practical, as it has blown the sky completely off. The dynamic range is too poor and shadows are too dark.

The purpose of showing this particular image is to prove that the 108-megapixel camera of the a73 does not have any advantage over the 12 megapixel camera of the s21 fe. Details on the s21 fe are also better, as they remain intact due to the soft overall touch edge protection is equally good on both sides. I would pick the image of the s21 fees for its overall better color composition and not a yellowish look. Here is a normal image and as we are moving towards a broad daylight the images of the s21 fe start to add some saturation, which looks quite good, and the a73 starts producing a warmer tone. Do I need to tell you guys that the s21fe is much ahead because it has a telephoto lens? Here's another set of ultra white and normal images in this ultraviolet image.

Again, I find that the saturation is high on the s21fe details in the ultrawide image of the s21fe. The telephoto camera s21 fee speaks for itself. A 10x image and again is the s21fe miles ahead. Here is another ultrawide image, the color of the grass here is clear difference on both sides and by the way the h73 looks better in this image, because the grass has to look greener. This is a normal image and I find it better in terms of detail on the s21fe ; the a73 takes good images but is certainly not as good as the s21fe. I am not sure what this phone has done but it was not supposed to take an image like this [music]. In all the images I'm going to show you I will find on the s21fe a better depth effect, the details and overall colors and contrast will also look better on the s21fe.

The a73 has also a nice depth effect and once again tries to add more saturation to the images at some instances, which makes its images at times pinkish. But if you want a more real and polished look in the images, I think the s21fe will be your choice. Something should improve the camera of the a7 to bridge uh, this much of the gap between the a73 and a sub flagship device. This is because a new 108 megapixel sensor performs in low light conditions good. I can't say outright that the camera in the a73 is bad. I find all these issues in its camera, because today I positioned it next to a very powerful flagship. Great camera and Samsung has to set some boundaries between a mid-range and a sub-flagship device.

U guys with the low light and night mode images in a while [Music] [Applause], [Music], [Applause], Galaxy a73 is the low, light and night mode. It remained the same level of saturation as in the previous images first of all. It tries to keep the details intact, but since the s21 fe has better image processing it manages to keep elements more detailed than the Samsung galaxy a73. The s21 fes night mode images have a warm tone and we get that slightly pinkish on the i73. The s21fe is definitely a superior device here, and I think the a73 gives it a tough competition [Music]. It should have added a little more saturation and increased the overall contrast, even if I zoom in I find the selfies of the a73 on a much better side.

I am happy that there is at least one department where the Samsung galaxy a73 beats the galaxy s21 fe, but when it comes to selfies it is more a subjective choice. Some users prefer a more natural look with no retouching, and some users like a little bit of purification in their selfies in these selfies. The beauty effect on both phones is at the same level and this is what you are supposed to get out of the box from both sides. I do find the background to be a little washed out in some images of the a73 and my shirt looks brighter constantly on the a73 but these effects have transformed the a73 images into images. Both phones take very nice night mode. This is the kind of conclusion where I wouldn't want to break it down into specific points.

In almost all aspects whether it was the display, performance, overall build quality and protection. In some countries, the price gap between the s21fe and the a73 is small. If you have the same price gap between these two devices in your country, close your eyes and go ahead and buy the Samsung galaxy s, 21 fe. If the price gap in your country is huge and the s21 fe is far away from your budget go ahead and buy the Galaxy A7. Moreover, you will not hate this device either. Let me know which device you like more in this comparison. You can also drop your feedback to this video. if you haven't already done this, with that being said, I will sign off and see you all in the next one..

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