GALAXY A72!! One of SAMSUNG's FAVORITE mobile phones from Brazilians... but DOES IT MAKE SENSE? - Galaxy User Guide

And there, hello my dear Galaxy, the 72, is in hand. Taking a while to play on the channel, but this device finally arrived here. It's not great news, but we had put our hand on it. There was already an Instagram Express Box in case You want to see it and follow it at this sign until they will take a little more detailed look at it now to show you the product show some photos. There is a notification coming from some other cell phone here too, when you have a problem but Joo I don't think it will get anything more. That is still active because it has battery because we take a lot of cell phones and test them And. Then they will survive as long as they have an active battery, you know, then they compete once in a while.

But let's get down to business talking about the galaxy 72, this device is costing at this moment about 2040 RE-230. For this price you don't do any more fair 52 To be just as fair on average, the same device with a screen, smaller, ok, so Samsung. The problem is not that, but it leaves us a little confused because they are very similar, especially the new line here comes out in em 2021, Talinha 52 and the 72 line have the same processors as the Dragon 720g screen. In great detail, let's take a look at the Galaxy, a 72 or any other product before we discuss the video. I will leave the link here in the description for you to search for the best price. You want to avoid paying less than our tool, so install it on your Google.

Chrome Firefox operates and we have it also available for your Android phone. We also have our group of offers on telegram, so don't save if you don't want and of course leave a like maroto if you liked the video activate the Tinkerbell to receive notifications. I was also interested in the peacock, Unboxing from a 72, a And then the shirt dear, as you didn't, send us here, the black model of the galaxy 72. Here is the handsome guy of the day, look at it and we have a 25 watt charger for fast charging, right super fast charging, and we also have the usb cable-c to USB C, which is already better updated.

The device the king of the party is there that we already have a quadruple camera that is 104 Megapixels and in the main 30 times tastes cool than a 32 Megapixel selfie. A 3.7-inch, 90-inch Hatch, Super AMOLED screen This is one of the novelties. Doesn't it have that fluidity, the greater the 5,000 milliampere battery out of 128gb of storage You need Ram and look at ip67 resistance to water and dust. We are here well cool, it can slip in the water and it doesn't spoil ok, it's not to keep playing, of course, but it has this resistance. So let's go with the pizza and look at the first thing that draws attention to the plastic rear. A lot in the footprint of the Galaxy 52 that we have seen it already here on the channel.

This is the Black model is a matte plastic, so doesn't leave a lot of handprints. We have an audio output USB type-c the input for your headphone That at the top also we have another audio output, so that it has stereo sound and the 32 megapixel camera. This screen from the back I didn't like one thing, I didn't feel and just like the Galaxy 52, but here people you can see the plastic fitting with the side of the device here. I don't remember the head, but it was blue so I know if perhaps it is because of the thing that annoys me a little, but it's something about which I wanted to tell you.

So look, for you to see it's Super AMOLED, this screen is, but it's not a screen that there is one of the extremely fast a's as we see in the more advanced models like an s21 s21 enters life there, it's within normal range. If you hold it with your finger, it recognizes it, but it goes on there for a while, I put it a little bit. If you want, also one of the highlights of this handsome person here is this beautiful screen. We have a 6.7-inch 90 Hertz Super AMOLED screen, so that's the flow rate Running news, right to use the device on a day-to-day basis. Basis, everything will run very smoothly so this is one of the main updates that Samsung I'm going to enter here on the screen.

Let's see if we already have a server and notice the message from the movement higher than 90 Hz or standard, which is 60 years to save a little more battery is good so we leave it at 90 here to be able to see this better in the video, but it is a very good screen. This is without doubt one of the highlights of the device because it has a very good brightness. The brightness of this screen is 800 liters and it can reach I have no idea if it has the peak of a thousand units, but 800 liters is a lot of brightness. I did a test already outside where I went, I took a picture of Joo and I, and his screen was very well done and they were dental extra sides. It was like 30 degrees and we even stopped because I had already done some tests on an iPhone 13 and it was brighter than that.

Liters I am not mistaken and it drew attention because the Galaxy is 72. So it draws attention because Samsung DT - technology dominates a lot and produces the screens it manufactures these screens. So it manages to put so good that this screen here even in the most intermediate devices, probably that it was some top of the line last year. So you should know some images, but it is also a very interesting screen in terms of brightness in terms of size because for people to consume content, 6.4-inch screen is pretty big, so we can give them the print they use here. It is one of the great highlights that we have here a screen that perfectly reflects those who are concerned about content and I am. In the preceding lines we had sou moro and it was pretty much the people.

I didn't like I said that in all videos of cell phones made from line, Ah I thought it was good, more or less Samara's color was warm and it was good And. It's a speaker here, you guys, and the other working chu and it's not the intermediaries. This shrillness a little raised and the only thing that annoyed me a little bit in the speaker, but in general there is a very interesting device for those who want red get a nice screen and a very interesting sound. Why you gave up is because here we have Snapdragon 720g, which is an intermediate processor that runs the games.

Will change the system, there is no problem, none has 16 giga of RAM? If you use the most demanding video editing to run extremely heavy games, you will be able to play all games not with maximal graphics, but applications that require a lot that are very heavy. We already have the 700 line with the chips that support 5g with more RAM. So I found my stress that I'm about to put the 720g here because we lived in some models like me61, for example, the dragon 730, then other models up to the 730g, which is a better processor. Next is a previous generation that should come from previous lines like the M line which is more basic and has a better processor there from last year, so that it did not make much sense.

I think that Samsung saves to be able to bring in other things is a competent teacher, but it seems to get a little lagged in relation to the new ones coming. Ok, but you will not have big problems with use or anything like that, but I think she got a little bit of it because a 52 came to 720g and the a 72 too. If the big screen makes no difference to you, the air 52 I promised you will suit perfectly. It has a screen a little less than 90 straight and it has the same processor as the original Chipset Okay. We have a cell phone here that is very interesting for its footprint for games because the screen is very good.

It is just the following with this woman, who in that sense helps quite a bit and the fact that it's a big screen- it's a screen here, it's big, but it's a slightly more Guinho format. So even with a big hand it is good to play because this type of device format helps us mostly to play shooting games, shooting shots, because you can have more space to play right. It's already big screen but it's more elongated. Everything is very well going very beautiful, right, Very, very pleasant to play and the speaker doesn't get in the way, good that I told you he stays here and the other one comes back here to the front. So it's a very nice cell phone and his hardware, what I told you is that he can handle it there just mentioned he died.

He can handle it well but is already beginning to get outdated so it's not a top-of-the-line or anything like that, but it runs all the games. It has a complete package of Chipset, that will start to suffer more ok with time, but the cell phone in general is very interesting. And if there is a battery but dear and dear, 5000 milliamps hour with 25 watts of fast charging, as it shows you is already an above average charging So. Probably everyone will have a cell phone for a day if your eyes are heavier and 2G arrives. If you are a regular intermediate user, you do not need to worry about battery here.

We have a camera that is laid out and a macro camera that is 5 Megapixels which is a very interesting resolution for you to take pictures of small things up close so that the cell phone is very flexible. The results of photos It is very interesting for us to take some pictures here. During the day it was a cracking sun and it did very well HDR - Good, good sharpness - You have the zombies up to 30 times that I will show you here - but you are already seeing some examples here. As we make the video but the result was very interesting. Come here, Joo come on guys, only the application working all your guys. Just for you to understand a little bit, I am talking about how to become flexible.

Here, even Samsung manages to use this technology here to increase it from old cell phones from its old ones, between "it's not twenty uses, and all else and brought here is a reasonable result. It's not the best thing in the world but there is a lot of flexibility in focal length here of course, with cameras, You can then take pictures of things 3 to 5 cm away from the object and have an interesting result. Also 5 Megapixels, never very better resolution for you to take a picture of the map. So we see that it is really a more complete setup that we tell here it's good some photos that we took here that you'll see just a little bit more HDR good things are well saturated, right, a lot of people like this saturation that goes, this kind of interpretation of color.

What do you put me on? the most saturated and everything so the cameras are very good. The 32 - megapixel front camera also does a good job, and the night mode of it comes out very clear that the main camera will be 14. The Megapixels is the highlight for night mode but Samsung is given the option of using Ultra Wide Night mode. On the other cameras, it won't be wonderful, but I think it's cool that Samsung also put this option like it puts the option of night mode for the front camera. If your focus is photography then you will be well attended and we will place some photos taken there for you to see and also a video test The main camera of the 72 is taking in 4K at 30 frames per second and I saw it and the 60 we record here but we scaled it up to four.

Ok, so you can see the main camera sitting in Super stabilization mode. So we can see how the camera changes and Joo is walking, he's holding the cell phone here in his hand so you can see a little of stabilization. How does she do Beauty the Autofocus I can't see from here, but let's do a quick test here and put the hand back to me, and then how is Joo quickly doing beauty, so I'll send a little home come you can come home, walking fast for the normal crowd. We see stabilization, how it looks or go back to the shade now Wonderful guys, so you guys have an idea more or less so places open, very noisy There's work going on and then the audio from your cell phone, really. I think they are very competent cameras that are very similar to what we already had in the previous generation.

The result was already kind of expected right, the more or less we see in the 71, which was already very good in relation to the operating system,. We have here a one-way from Samsung, which already runs version 3.0 that we here find fresh cheese to show the guys a little bit of the system. On the 72nd, we are telling you to get into the about here, and we already have Android 11 version of human go 3.1, which is very tight. Samsung has a very good mandate in the operating system that we already know with L ogos use colors a little bit bigger, but we have all the Samsung services integrated here, a very interesting customization, right? So with the split screen that comes with the solution I think it is very easy to select it.

Here you can even choose which application you want in short, it's a very straight system. Don't forget about the devices in the long run, and we have it here at a 72 that old option of having the little application drawer here in the corner where you can even edit more applications that you want is an extra function for you to be able to facilitate your daily use. My dears in the work is an extremely balanced device, competent in almost everything it does. Samsung had already done the formula bringing a device with a finish a little simpler, giving up some things but putting what makes sense right a little on the chipset or a good screen. 90 hertz of ip57 protection we don't see in this category of a device.

A very good super AMOLED screen competent cameras, good battery life, 25 watt charger, so Samsung has no way for us to say that she is Russia and nothing here. She made some options to be able to save some points, but it remains a very interesting device. I think that two thousand something is a little too much cell phones in recent times are a bit expensive.

It is not extremely cheap but is fair for what it delivers here in general, If you liked the video, leave a like Maroto I will leave them here in the description for you to have a video of the Air 52 here Also after the back comparative this device with other Samsung devices if you want and don't forget like if you liked it and follow us on Instagram, also install our tools that are here in the description, beauty I know he until next time, thanks and bye, guys is..

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