Welcome to another video of your technological corner here, welcome to another video of power tests, today it is the turn of this at 52 cc for half an hour playing and testing the power of this device. To tell you at the end of the account how much train in this half hour and a half a simple rule of three more or less would give us how many hours of screen time this would give at 52s. The phone is loaded with a closed number that if you see it is at 70%, of course, yes to from there, we are going to see how much the battery drains well at once. Let's start with the timing, 30 minutes from now, and the first thing I am going to show you is Anto's score that he gave us, which is 456 thousand points, is a score quite good.

In fact, as you know this mobile has the snapdragon 778 g and we will see more or less in the ranking, in which version the version is 8 gigabytes of RAM memory with 128 storage. It is very careful because this had the 845 if wrong, I am not in my 8 the galaxy s 9 plus there. We are going to start with this nba 2k that already configures it the same in high graphics, because it would make the game restart in the end. It's because I don't like the bar I don't know but I know it looks pretty good I think the rom and team what happened, but you can't go back. No, the truth is that I don't know the rules of basketball, so they will forgive me if in any case and it broke, but it goes quite fluidly. In fact, and I'm surprised, you have good graphics.

The truth is that we are already losing leaves point. The truth is that I see it very good graphics, as you say, and it entered and new young people we have in minutes more. We are going to play and we see what wave b devout no way, but the truth is that it is very fluid. Yes, what a kick, gentlemen, good point and that's it we're going to stop playing and we're already four minutes. Let's take it off because that guy doesn't do it [Applause] and then all ready. The truth is that I was already liking it and the truth is that it runs quite smoothly without any kind of problem without any kind of warm-up.

The truth is that at the moment we have no type of problem, yes, free fire max right now is already entering and from inside I show the graphic configurations that we can reach with this at 52s. Ok e we're in settings the display theme we give it can we go to ultra yes in high resolution on high we're going to give those vivid graphics fps? So now we check it again if it's everything there with the graphics on high to the maximum, as you are seeing and ready, let's start a game to see what is up with garena free fire max ready, we are already falling here on the garena map. Yes, I must admit it and there is a fluidity issue. You feel a little more warming up, nothing exaggerated at the moment.

But if we remember that this mobile has stereo sound, so there are not many weapons is an advantage in terms of how it sounds on this device. Please I want a beard because oh my gosh, yesterday we went here I think there are weapons, be careful, someone m and kill and go at least one shotgun, although it is not. My favorite I always prefer long-range weapons and it turns out that there is nothing good, at least not under almost anyone for the family over there they are giving the [ _ ] hell blah. Gosh I need a weapon, please a mt 46 now, yes, and that it be long now. If you play a lot, I was max. Ten minutes, in fact yes, I think there are people to see so come on, come on, come I need, kill people, we don't just kill one. It gives me ah and a half this protest, but I didn't see it.

The truth is that I take half my life with this back so saw s. Attack is already done. We went free, fainé max, but you guys saw how it runs. Now we go with mobile leggings, so right now I show you from within the graphic configuration well here we are. We give it shadows and graphics only on high, because I think that in ultra it has to determine whether to download, but it is super heavy. This part of the tests that I do is obviously to see the performance of the battery also. The truth is not that much, but I don't know how much it will drain in this half hour.

I would hardly worry about it for a long time, Here it goes even seriously in a shooter, it's complicated, we're going to try to release there in the line of experience, any good way it would have turned and there it already killed him, but patience now. It almost killed me, like hell. I couldn't kill it if it was already turning well. We're going to have to go back to the human base, there's no more left to try to go as fast as possible. The truth is that it is very fluid as you see without any problems in the chs and may be 60 frames per second there according to what I see. They killed this aurora improvement. Yes, it occurred to him to pass a motorcycle here by my house. Sorry, the noise is going to kill that aurora.

The truth is that without any kind of problem, and now if we have to try another game, we are ready. We are going to go with this if we kill it well, if not also ready how it regenerates. We get out of mobile leggings and now it's our turn. We are inside the call of duty configuration, they are children, graphics, look! It comes in graphic quality by default very high, which I have done quite well because we are dealing with a mid-high range processor, but I. Imagine that if we give it clear frames at maximum it will only be s goes to high, but we are going to leave it there in frames per second to maximum and in high graphic quality. Yes, so we are going to start a ranked game and right now you are going to see the graphics to which we can run Call of Duty.

Ok, here we are about to start the game: let's go where we catch so that the [ __ ], [, __ ] are armed. The truth is that the graphics are very good carlos. They don't increase for a second and I'm already dead. For me, taste call of duty is one of the best games optimized for mobiles. They told me how great its graphics are very well achieved. They are very well developed and optimized for what is mobile devices and not to be changing weapons. Here is a landlady who came up with the idea to offer corn, I think or I. It is a sign that it is selling fruit, lele, water and I'm not going to cut it. Ma'am sells the fast pass anyway. The 3 who is giving me is fine, perfect, and there is another [Applause] well.

It was well assisted that I think that when we are in 20 minutes I'll stop it, but the truth is that I like the performance of duty he's 52. Now, ah, my voice is already there I think we're going to leave it here. The truth is that everything is very fine, but if it feels hotter it is already hot, that's true. If not, we won't be able to try the other games now we'll ca, puch mobile and lastly it is game in impact which, for me, as I always say, is the most demanding graphically here we are inside the game, graphic configuration: where is it here? Only h of r at most and in the beltrán frame rate is very realistic and I think that we are going to put the brightest part equal to the maximum and that's it.

It has been applied, yes, perfect if I want that from a single person, so we select it and a single person and that's it and we start a game and with this inside the game, we come back well here we are already falling on the put mobile map and the truth is that it looks good. If I don't know why barbara someone who teaches me to play I put there because really I don't like it, I promise, you, that's how it fell in the middle of nowhere and no I never pick up a weapon and waste time. In fact, right now we have only two minutes to play and well to a kingdom on that motorcycle anyway. In fact, we only have to play until minute 26.

Why and she has to play game in and the truth is that the graphics are very good everything very fluid as you They are seeing if they are fans because [ __ ] mobile, if they buy this at 52 s, it will perform well today without any problems in which good graphics. Here we are going to download it to see if there is a drawing that almost killed me if it was not so ugly way out, come that with a third of a quarter of my life, what a barbarity anyway, I don't think they catch the link. This area looks certain, but let's try, let's cure something, because my life is worth it today. Yes, yes, yes, they are having a hard time over there, but on the hill where I go I don't see anything! I can hear it closer to the shots. There is the guy pointed out villa there.

I can imagine why it is very easy to kill. Well, at least now we kill two, last game and game in impact and well before the end of the 30 minute test ready. Here we were, we have one minute and 10 left to continue playing game and linpack. Now we are going to check where extras are made until crepes are made. So let's see now that they suffer that they suffer the truth that the graphics I do not see that they have changed much, but well, there is a campfire, they always know to see monkeys, we all have 30 seconds. We are going to see the issue of fighting with them marieta so that you can flow without problems. Zero problems signs very well and here is a perfect coffee ready. Gentlemen tests finished the bouquets by the way this mobile has support for wifi.

6 up there you can see in the wifi is the little number 6, because it has support for wifi 6 and here we have the Huawei router that has to boot wifi, 6, so very, very well name, no 9 % very careful right now we are going to take out the rule of three simple for what and you realize how we get. It would give us 333 minutes / 65 and a half hours of screen time. Nothing else would give us with the phone at full capacity playing this at 52s. Remember that yesterday with the tester it did not give about 7 hours and its peak 7 hours, 15 minutes in this case only 5 and a half hours of blue screen with this at 52. 60 percent It seems a bit high to me if the percentage that has spent the truth is yes but well.

Thousands and it is a survey where this fluidity in movement was high. It was the 120 er, so yes, that is why it also spent more battery. If you want to save more, they would have to deactivate the 120 and only leave it at 60. Let me know in the comments that the phone has heated up. If you buy this phone and it heats up just the same feel hot. My name is Alejandro felipe, see you in a next video bye..

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