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Hey guys, okay, today you will meet the galaxy 52s which is very similar to n52e. You asked a lot here in particular for this model and in fact it will have a lot of good things to say so, let's go ahead, and now they started green so that they will not waste anyone's time, [Music] that the Samsung Galaxy standard only with some modifications because here behind the rear, one that I really liked. That looks like a unique piece, I don't know if it's the one I use next time with the ace division group, but there's a really cool thing going on here. You only have a spindle, but because there is this space in the box which could at least be this space here smaller and even help the environment because you are going to take it out, do something different here.

You are happy that they are subjective cell phone protection cover. You don't think that someone would like the same thing right, because I found it very interesting. Despite being a simple man, he doesn't have a caller to I'm leaving from the Galaxy S line. It has ip67 waterproof resistance, proof that you are actually covered so I won't use your eye in the rain in December even more because I don't even think that I'll get my cell phone and I acted to solve that WhatsApp, sure you won't be able to do that, because when water falls on your screen, you have an effect here. If intermediate models are already bringing stereo sound I think it is time for everyone.

All Top of the Lines has already started by default to adopt and peculiarly due to the complete lack of logic in the current market. There is no right logic for which segment, what category of device that bring or not remembering that something that I think should be more of the video I made about things that no one noticed or headphone jack, one of the things that I made sure to have when I buy, but I have not used it once it has a USB Type c connector Obviously, because we are in two 21 and the other time Kindle even nowadays has SBC I. The other, I'll talk about its construction I think Samsung tried to bring the leisure 32722 32 here, because honestly a 32 is the cutest model I found of this generation because it's smooth here is a thing of Excessive bench.

I think I have seen a trend here more and top of the line models, the fashion is already sort of passing. It even facilitates the cover and even the protection of cameras. The woman off duty right then get Samsung's technology that are practically perfect images with the fire. It's extended that has a frame more here on the same line plus that body beauty. We have the Gorilla Glass 5 protection that is, it's a screen that can not put a defect. And amazing as it seems the technology that screen goes as far as today, very grateful technology right. The intermediate model from the author on the inside only that I play money with a Super AMOLED full HD screen with 120 Hertz that comes close to it.

In addition to having a frequency bigger than iPhone 3 m and 3 normal So it's not a screen you can discard. Besides having that thing Pedrinho likes here that he has the camera in the middle here that it doesn't bother anyone and you can see the c circle. No configuration is also a very positive point of it because it has my Dragon 778 1 g that it solves. The performance issue of the 720g from the previous generation here also supports 5g, but the speed of one is these things. Let's agree that he is not slow, but you can't say he is exactly fast.

If I'm not mistaken, I could be wrong if I'm wrong, I will make sure the editor puts some warning that the loser of buyer but I think it's the same configuration that you answer used in a 52 and there is no 70, and what has this one been doing here for 50 years, powerful than all 4G models of the same generation because it went to sleep from Samsung. If you want unemployment then, you don't need the Snapdragon 800, then master 1200. If you compare with cell 8558 65888, you can see that reading slowly, but e. It goes slow.

In fact, here it also does not have the performance of a touch of a Premium intermediary to meet so performed that doesn't even lack more internal memory with 128 GB and whatever it is doing is the perfect definition of the Premium intermediary because it will give a greater longevity for you that stays with your side for many years. In addition to having I know that today it is native so much that it is the official name of the Snapdragon 778 G5g chip exactly to make it clear that they boot like this.

That is if you buy the model to stay a long time with up-to-date technologies and configuration It's also native support for the second and that it supports a Micro SD card from that drawer well- and thank you there is that thing that is a little harder to smell because as it is waterproof it has. We have the Android 11 when will 3.11 Samsung Galaxy Standard Kit leave the factory right away with this and I think that this is Samsung made a public commitment and then obviously met to update it to version 12 which, in ai 4.0 I, think it is very difficult to find one intermediary in Brazil made, all that, considering its devaluation over time, even more so, it's screen configuration and construction at this point.

We haven't seen a big problem right, here changing cameras already to you, yet you will see that the galaxy family I think it will take a while to get rid of that stigma of bringing a lot of cameras that only half of them a third of them serve for something. Even here we have already a big difference in relation to the family, There are only three and basically you lose the depth sensor here and u will not appear on the screen. We have a main rise Megapixels here which is a very good end of the family criterion that this camera you take. Your Pictures do not have, nothing impressive, my God that is just magnificent naturally, you just took the picture.

Everyone loves to put top of the line there, not like the good camera, but when knitting Look at the basic and intermediate model there things don't turn out nice and the What is nicer at this point right, because she can make Model 22 diaries with good cameras. Another hour of 12 megapixels here, a pro sensor depth as well as people who help so much more with this thing. I want to blur the background which has a sensor that his only job is to know that it is really here that the camera in a year in his would be behind. It is your FD model that doesn't have the money to have Wi-Fi. Doesn 't have this one, we are not going to put yours very expensive, and in principle a 5 Megapixel camera, I think it is really good.

The problem is that the macro camera has to zoom in a lot, You have to get very close to the object and that's why companies like finding the way, for example I will start putting Telemaco that you and check who you stay with. You will do this here good morning. The shadow itself, your home, will interfere with your picture appearance anyway. If you can get rid of this one by the shadows, the photos turned out very good, as you will see something else that I really liked this model here, the main camera to know how many mega you have already to use there in the absence of 16 right And it has optical stabilization. If you have right that that problem that all the world thinks it can 't be moved but when you film something with you, you will see that the thing is not so cool.

Here they are good mother, also maybe they do it live, and this official image a 30 fps mat of Galaxy A5 2015 day my God a week, and you can see that the quality is what, within the price level that it proposes to deliver right. Basically it is not this quality because if you buy this image here with this image from the professional camera, it costs literally 10 times but you will see that it takes. You can make videos in big problems, but like all intermediaries this quality you see is that can even shake your money.

When you're going to make the big one at night, I go from the intermediate segment to the big dividers there, official from the intermediate model to the top of the line model that I'm asking is it can handle in much better situations now, right? The intermediate model has been made for you to record with good lighting during the day. In the same way, this one capturing here with the front camera that has 32 megapixels, you free full HD right and you take a photo of 32 megapixels, which turns into eight. So take the time to post things for everyone. You will have a quality above average and everyone because for everyone who records it, I don't have to continue to be a teacher.

He is the model for those who want advanced technologies, spring technologies to stay a long time, because in addition to all that, we see, it has naturally five ways that it had a name, right? I think it will take a few years for companies to speak and remove this name. This differential of four days for surgery it supports Wi-Fi at six. It will help and believe me it makes a difference when you use your equipment. You realise that it would not be much nicer to have a conversation with a lot of people.

It supports with maximum quality and it's all nice to have- and he has you for those who want to use the Payment service with something else that doesn't want to go out with the chair thing that you get used to never again and with Carneiro drawing the nicest thing in the world, you have a free pockets. All of this battery life is available by Android standards,. As Samsung and Motorola shell get me to adopt five thousand upwards and a lot of models just that. He should remember that it is a broader capacity than any iPhone which has ever been released in the history So. You can stay out of the socket all day and even more with the 25 watt charger which carries a little weeds of the slightly smaller battery.

It is just a matter of perspective, right, because the line itself emits models with six 7.1 Sunday. It has 14 wind, it seems little, but a lot more, considering that the model won't have everything at max, and so on. In this sense, we can not finish it. Take that this wonder that companies finally offered us reminds of that brick cell phone for a week 10 days off I want this to come back. I think it was falling down a day or so the case, some models there that have 1821 and don't waste time. The ten plaster does zer a hashtag campaign on the cell phone ten days because the bag is loaded there and, having said all that, let's go into confusion.

I ask you to enter the channel until as models like these, the Galaxy line in general is a very competitive model. When a promotion appears, then I typed, several also right, just from do 50 51 52 52 so there's a lot of models, then you'll show up for a more interesting price. This model is here, as I've already heard, with no money from discounts for more or less than 800 850. This one that we are going to combine here by the resources it offers is a very competitive price of these models that are to talk, and especially here, cute, so I think it's very complicated another model to compete with him, I'm not saying that he's always the best in everything and such.

But the competition is more sweaty here to be the second, because I think he is a very, very tidy package of the era. It has a screen to give you more or less from the Avenida. It is only that it has a much more powerful processor, but it charges roughly more. So, the version of her grandson is not so it. I actually don't think there is any competition. If you want to upgrade or big Moto secret you can go through S20 F and that you take a few small things. The lowest is now all proportional for me, I had cereal, and even less than that, you get part of the promotion.

They use it, but this white one here even more because it does not have that thing that looks like it's going to start getting a little yellow with time, right? It will also help, because guys, I think that this white one is very good. The steps are difficult to do, don't like this model and you know that if you have something to criticize it's something I enjoy a physical thing that I like to do, and here there's not much to work on this and even a problem it is a good deal. The current market price of the do will start today. If the difference is the Galaxy, the seed makes sense for the resources you get.

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