GALAXY A32 vs REDMI NOTE 11S - Galaxy User Guide

We are going to be a comparison between the Rioz minute, 11s and the Galaxy 32, two phones that were quite successful in the channel, but just that they have different brands and similar characteristics. They are marked quite easy because I always insist on that, and you will say, but well, and what matters for me is my name, not why I say it and repeat it and such and such maybe one day, because the brands will see me and say if I really have to do something. That is not like that because, since I do something a little bit like that, a pretty cell phone is going to stop being pretty if it's full of fingers and says new, the cape and maybe the same for the cape, well,.

Let's now move onto the next segment of this part that would be the camera module I'm going to have to excuse myself, I'm not a fanboy of Samsung and nothing but style but I'm in love with the format of the Galaxy 32 I already had it mentioned in his in the review at the time. You don't see that he changed his shirt from the first moment exactly the same. Urama reminds me a little bit badly of wanting well to have something I have to say because first you are basile the Galaxy 32 model, Well, some colors as well as pastel pastel shades, okay. They would end up opting for the fact that one is more beautiful than the other. Ok, in case of the galaxy 32 we have this which would be blue, and then we also have black white and violet.

The phones are almost the same as what you can see, maybe a little more wide EDWIN, auto 11-s. They are 180 grams and both have a jack for headphones and the nfc, but the only thing that has an infrared sensor as can be common in the xiaomi brand is the web. Me note 11-s and in case you don't know what you can use it for, because I already have a phone of the brand or I have it configured and all the things like air conditioning television, everything I pick up the phone I don't know where the control is. It's super practical change, the channel and more or the same.

If you want to be a joke, I don't know you are in a restaurant, and perhaps you take it anyways, you configure it, It starts to change the Click channel as you know it Also a soccer game, whatever that's all, I'm not going to get involved. Imagine that there will be already a tie in design and construction of these two phones, big, yes. We are going to see now, multimedia display exactly, you have guessed it, web, I had not done it before, but today I will take advantage of it, I say now, because the Galaxy a 32 has the sensor of fingerprints on the screen and I. Okay with this technology, it is more modern and whatever you want sensor to be in front of the display and whatever you want but look in the case of the renaut 11-S we have on the sides.

Look looks much faster, you know, I prefer the good known as the bad to be known in the end proportion of screen. 32 is from 2021 and has this format a bit more outdated and I don't know that one... Well,? Here, in the form of a droplet we see the night, in short. It is that, obviously the front part, because you want it to be all screen no, but little by little, because they are expanding, and here is a clear example of what we have between these two periods, but both in general. It is also, although minute 11 has a better part of screen. I can still teach you to use this to show you something good in this one.

It seems to me if I have it configured so that it does not appear, but in a standard way you get advertisements already and it equals to leave the phone like that with the fight blocked and activate it. If a platinum advertisement appears there, then you asked for it. You know in his ├ęp oca the phones of the already Omnia brand, I still think this is cheaper. If maybe ok they have good quality price and such, but December is one and always made it clear, and that is look, I make it cheaper for us, but of course I need to have people who put your money, sponsors and such, and for that they put the advertising, but today truely, no. This doesn't make much sense to me anyway, although I'm going to another topic, let's go to the screen.

We have high or standard, in some cases 90 hertz,. As we always do our standard test, you will see some images going on both screens and the truth is that the screen quality of the two phones is very similar, and just as good, and that is a positive point for the Renaut 11-s, because I already expected it from Samsung. The only subtle difference I can see is that the colors on the Samsung panel are more real and vivid, but it's kind of like you have to look at it like this. As you know very carefully, congratulations to me for the 9/11 screen [Music] The only thing is that this minute: eleven s stereo sound and has a galaxy. Let's start with galaxy 32 [music], the mono sound.

I would say that even better volume has than the stereo sound the red minute 11 s has, and the truth is that it is balanced. Okay, but I think that when put up the maximum it distorts more than the minute 11 s in short I prefer to see 11 s for those questions, but let's say it has some sounds but another one. Let's say that it is not a determining point here to define or talk about the sound of the two phones well, dengue channel. Here we have two mid-range cell phones with a good multimedia system and are very similar. The sound because generally in these price ranges, it seems that the companies end up forgetting and they are very similar to each other.

Then a tie for both display and multimedia effectively earn that the time has come to talk about the performance of these phones. Both come with Android 11 from the factory notice that I am not lying to you. I was expecting it because it was last year, but lasted for 11 s. Well they could have in android 12 since the galaxy. Both cell phones come with a Mediatek processor brand. It is assumed by nomenclature that the 10-second processor is something more powerful, and the truth is that I did notice it a little more fluid. Look good, really sure that you will not notice it much better, but yes, I know note a little more fluid in the case of the web. Notable 11s, but we are now going to see some benchmark tests so that you have a slightly better reference.

Also tell you that the phone of samsung is quite optimized. Ok, so maybe kisses the processor a little better and such, but in the end in practice the two are very similar because samsung always not only have we the issue, but the optimization of water I have several factors. My goodness, another thing dances that you do not see this one, not so much, but this one has what is the camera module quite jumpy as an appreciation that I have had now that I'm managing it like this, well look for example in a single score? Sometimes when I do geekbench and such between some cell phones sometimes, for example simple colors, it is not very different and then many of us cut to very big defense.

The performance that I have to expect from a mid-range, neither more nor less, a very good channel and now I show you on the screen, the options of each cell phone and [Music]. Well, they travel to have the performance of neighbor car 11-s is better, but I insist in practice. So in part despite the benchmark, score and others I am going to give to you at this point as it would already be the third tie and we are going to talk about the cameras on the screen that you will see now.

The camera system of the phones and the recipe in both phones is the same, main camera, ultra-white macro, and they are deeply translated into Spanish because the common recipe of a mid-range phone, the main camera of minute 11 s- has many more pixels but they also have a different processor, so c, As I always say, It is a photo in an extreme situation, to evaluate the quality of the cameras and how you can observe the blue of the sky of the galaxy. 32 is more real, although more details were obtained at minute 11 from the lower part of the image that appears in the shadow in case 32. It is a more beautiful photo in terms of camera.

In case 32 we have more nuances, look at the sky, the red ones, the green ones we continue and really there is nothing to do the galaxy 32 web minute, 11 s. What was expected in the photo? To sum up the photo of ga headquarters in everything here is now well, under normal conditions. The rear camera of the two gives quite similar results. I just wanted to comment that the galaxy 32 tends in general more to warmer tone than the Sao cell phone. It can be changed, but good, although you need to take into account how each brand works in a different way and that the two brands Samsung and Jaume are oriental, well.

The results with the main camera are also just as bad, that is to say what we are used to in the mid-range and this goes to change and I then show you the results of the cameras. The end at night that again the frontal photo at night is surprised and the best results that I have the thin one I have mentioned in several videos but I really like how this camera works at night, bigger than that in terms of photos and now in videos. Well, generally Samsung always invests a lot in videos and in the galaxy 32 we don't have that for several reasons. The first factor is here we go to the videos with the normal rear camera. I had criticized many xiaomi for this issue, and I see that samsung did not even remember the Galaxy 32 and I. A.

Okay, then look at 1080 720 at 30 and on top of that, I have made some videos just to test if it was really worth showing him and that it stops here having stabilization. Yes - certainly not because it is not even this decision that I like so much that I am always there praising samsung, and maybe we don't have the Gala 72 lack that is Regardless of that. The Galaxy 32 is much better in the photo, now or me, because it is to this day, no, no and in the middle-range, a phone that ends up winning practically any Samsung brand phone, even cheaper than not even in photography. I didn't know what the difference was but well nate at 72 point in the photo. Stay until the end because there we will have the conclusion that you will have much better compilation of things in terms of battery.

The two phones have five thousand tank members. The truth is that anyway, better than many high-end people out there, is the problem screen processor very similar? Basically already alb car 11-s has support to charge. Suppose, as I normally say, ''that just costs to evaluate the battery already talks about energy autonomy, '' How long does the phone last without having to recharge in all aspects? I leave charging in the background, but when you put Samsung on that question of giving me a fast charge in five and you give me a charger out of 10, it's worth it that you're going to take it.

But on top of that it is almost twice as much so then you can't yes what a point for the minute 11 s in battery and the price of the canal phones you love, because the truth is that today the galaxy cost almost the same at 32 about 250 dollars and the web minute 11 s also-and the truth is that the two phones have a good price and without further delay. These two phones are the best we have in the mid-range and at a very good price. The first thing you should do is to ask: which brand you like the most due to the interface that each has and also which one you trust the most,? Personally, I don't like the amount of advertising at all as I had commented that they usually put this on their phones: there I'm not going to opt for one or the other, but I don't know if you like advertising well.

If you want to know which of the two I would buy I even put that I'm going to call me a fanboy and just like that, I would stay with him galaxy 32, basically because of the cameras so that I'm merely basing myself on facts; I'm arguing the other things like the design I had commented on. You take and you prefer the new car and not the 11-s car, but in reality the galaxy 32 ends up being because I don't know if you go into the market and you have those two and you like it. You like both virtually design and brand you trust in both and maybe in the end decide to get 32, because the photos are better, so nothing else about character.

Want to tell me what you thought of this video, if you have one of the two phones, tell me if you agree and I would also like to hear from you what other comparisons you would like me to do or other types of videos, ok, I am here to serve you without further ado Here we are going to win and know if Alejandro and I have the next bye, 2 [music]..

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