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Channel t that hergé, as we were a long time ago, I published a few videos about the galaxy 31, and recently I realized that there are still quite a few people who are interested in this cell phone. Probably this is because the Galaxy 31 is one of the few that are actually affordable in price and they provide an interesting experience anyway. So I wanted it to reach the Galaxy 32 for you So nothing, I've been testing the cell phone for a few days and now I bring you the detailed analysis. It is possible that he still's not taking tec out on social media,. In order for Follow us and Instagram and Twitter with the drug channel,. Take it as it appears on the screen and you'll be able to see much more interesting content and lots of curiosities that he pedrana suitor good Teken channel.

This phone took a little while to arrive at the channel, so I decided to put it there to handle it, to try it and others to launch the review. I do not know what happens when the driest cell phones, well if you do not want to reduce costs, the cheapest mobile phones have some boxes which seem in any way made, At least it seems to make these videos so that nothing we have here, because I'll show you the usual. As for that, the only thing that could have very well put samsung very well here, but it does not put the basic and ximo basic and be thankful that it has loaded. It would probably be a lot if it didn't come with the key for the sim and expanded the memory we have here.

I know we have a usb cable type and here we put the charger an eternity later and the 10 watt chargers a charger Well, quite simple and you know that it will not charge everything that the phone can hold because the phone comes with support to charge the 15 watt life. It seems to me that it will not, but well, all things in the box and we continue well, nothing care channel. We are going to start talking about its design and construction and I must tell you that I have loved the phone I like it. One thing that has caught my attention is that and it seems to me to be quite a novelty and I think everyone should implement it. That would be the Samsung brand here in a little bit below color I.

It gives the sensation as if it were plasticine or at least that is the impression that it gave me, I sincerely liked it, and despite the fact that it has a little surface, more polished and shiny, they don't stay overly marked fingers this way because all finishes and glosses end up staying, but not as much as, for example, on a motorcycle rola. Another little thing he inherited little from his brother, the galaxy 52, is that it seems you can realize that on the side that the cell phone is divided in three we would have the back in light blue color in turn East I think later also the side is still plastic.

It's all right, it's plastic, but the side seems to go as if it were from another here, I notice, as if there were really three modules in agreement, and it has a color that also makes a difference is also blue. Let's say it's a little darker, and then you see a third layer here that would refer to the screen. What else can I tell you that I love in this type of phone I? The only thing that suddenly lacks material to make sure better, maybe I don't know if it is the finish and maybe a little water, but I'm going to be fish kilos or what the proportions are. It is what I'm looking for in a phone. You repeat it again, so you like it bigger and such, but it seems practical to me because it's very easy to use with one hand and I like it.

I don't like to see something with like a brick to me more delicate, something that was the impression. It is mid-range but gives the impression of something higher quality and that is what he has found that he is looking for and then I am going to ask you if exactly do not put that astonished face on you who come to the channel for the first time so that you subscribe and activate the bell so that you are the first to see the new videos that I am going to publish. That is the first to see them and in case you think of buying ce Lular I? Leave some links in the description of this video with the best prices of the moment. It gives me a feeling that... the cleanliness was mysticism but that's spend. Many people will agree with me that this is a nice phone.

Let's do a quick look here of what on the sides on and off button increase and decrease the volume of the microphone to capture ambient sound, mainly used for videos. Now we have compartment for dual sim and expand memory at the same time, well, things in the same time for input jack type for headphones. samsung is encouraged to keep this input, at least in its gam The average. The microphone for calls is the microphone that picks up your voice, usb - Type c - input and a single speaker, well channel t. We are going to talk about the multimedia section and we are going to pay particular attention to the screen because it would be the biggest highlight of this phone and nothing less that I have to tell you.

As always it is a somewhat slow sensor and also the animation does not help. It seems to me that it takes longer than I should think it will. I think that we are not able to do anything in the competition effective. That's why I tell you to taker the channel with respect to canelo, then we have super-amoled technology, which is very good for what the phone costs then full hd+ resolution which is more than good because it is a 6.4 mm screen. A bit big for small I would have liked but well. Even the brightness is much higher but, for what this phone honestly costs, it is one of the best I have seen out there. Of course, it is not the same quality as the galaxy 52 panel For example, with the gain of 2.

It is better and also has better brightness, but for what the cell phone is for what it costs. It provides more little things despite the fact that it comes with a very small night in the form of a boot and what is the upper frame and the sides becomes also a little big. The proportion is 20 by 9, as is used in most smartphones that are launched today, but well. The biggest difference is the technology used in the panel that guarantees very good viewing angles. ... You move it and it loses hardly its brightness quality etcetera. A good amortized screen is not one of the best, but it is a good screen for what the phone does without a doubt, and as if that were not enough, we have another little thing in this I.

You will be imagining that this phone comes with a higher refresh rate, right now I think I have it at 90. Let me see the fluidity of movements and it is high agreement. It does not have the automatic option in which the phone decides by artificial intelligence if it is better to use a frame rate or not but you know that it has a frame rate of 90 traces per second in the system. Also, from my point of view, you will not take much advantage of this house. I think it would have been better to have made a more powerful processor. You have forgotten a bit, I remove the issue of the frame rate per second a little higher, because quality which is the most important is super amoled technology, already very good,.

In this regard I think it would have been better balanced, Samsung would have reasons for it, but I was a user. It's the step that would be on the panel, but to finish with the multimedia section, let’s see how it goes. That is to say you normally will not have that surround feeling with the speakers but come on and put what really matters I put it and leave it at the maximum [Music] [Music] I. If it had had a slightly higher volume I would have given it a very good grade, but it ends up being a little low. Probably Samsung said that I'm not going to read it anymore, because if I raised it it would start to distort and our user would say that it is not good quality, so I left it there.

It did not give it that volume a little higher than needed, and I would say that this way is good because they are not going to criticize it in terms of quality, but I have been trying it and others. I can be very fussy because it ends up being average, but I realize it lacks a little volume. Although i can't say that the sound quality is now a bad turn to talk about what's inside this terminal, to talk about hardware, software power and performance in general, and the truth is that this is one of the points that have disappointed me. A ta, nt slow is nothing to write about but on certain occasions.

You will have available versions of four six or eight gigabytes of ram, in the sense that it has a lot of versatility and 64 or 128 gb of internal memory, so high that I wanted to show you how it is the performance of this phone in applications such as when you are going to publish a story on Instagram and so you can see how fluid it is. That seems to take a little longer but the truth is that it works quite well for the type of little things that we like both of us for example in the case of using filters and Instagram et al. But the truth is, despite the fact that it is not a very fluid experience, you will be able to play. The main one is 4 megapixels and has a lot of reduction and aperture of efe 1.8 is very bright.

Then it has a second ultra cool 8, megapixel camera and two more sensors that would accompany. Well at least 5 arrive & then a dedicated depth sensor. The results in good condition with the main camera is about light. It has enough resolution the only thing that the phone has as a post thought that it makes as a kind of gives the impression that the image is like one I know in the same way to what it would be, a painting to oil that an image does not give you that can see that post thought that also works You can't claim that there is no benefit for what the phone costs another thing is that it comes with autofocus.

It is because of the processor, no fault of the focus, and another thing is that in this case I commented that it comes with two sensors so we are going to be fined and such and the truth is that I tried. Also like it quite clearly that when you take the photo, it seems the color thing is worth a little more variety but well as I had thought that the colors were more vivid when you take the ultra wild, as I know that they remain more natural I. It also has the night mode in case you want to remove the image and another thing that caught my attention. That does not happen on all phones is that you have the option of night mode, also with the camera to another white and this will again take into account how dark the camera is.

Let's make the things clear when the videos, the truth, is that it disappoints me in the sense that it only reaches 1080 36 per second and actually 60. Ok, it lacks 60 frames per second, most phones today come with this option and in fact, when you make a video with that rate it feels more fluid and I don't know I practically all. These would be the results with the rear camera in full hd at 30 frames per second, it does not reach 60 and well, The result is such that a good channel cares for nothing for you, nothing more. These are the results with the front camera of the Galaxy 32, It also manages to record in full HD 30 times per second and it is more or less what we have with the rear camera.

Ok now let's talk about the battery of this phone and it's not bad either, it has a 5000 tank. They come perez now but samsung sinning again with support for fast charging. It seems that it forgets so it put us an insufficient 10-watt charger first, because the phone has support for fast charging and you will say well thinking about some cases that don't put you in chargers, it is not worth it because most phones are selling chargers. If you want a worthy rival, you should do it anyway or better and the price because at the date of the video creation we could find the Galaxy A 32 leaving for about 250 dollars, the version with 4 gigabytes of ram and 64 of internal memory. If you are a fan of Samsung, it naturally has its own differences.

It's fine, it's fine now, if you're not a fan of the brand you're willing to see the options, minimally I was recently with the Moto G60 and it has the same price and the truth is it ends up better in practice. We have then left the end of the deep analysis of the galaxy 32 here. If you have any questions, leave me a comment and remember that I will answer you for sure. The first hour after publishing the video and remember leave this is the woe that helps us so much to continue. Publishing quality content like this I just say goodbye for today and see you next time..

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