[Music] Kyuhyun Webstore, beautiful, [Music], This brand hair soft lens is the best offer of Samsung in 2021. Samsung has released two new portable devices in 2021, namely the Galvi Flip Free Sharma, Galaxy J, Putri, Fauziah.

This is a device that cannot be matched to other flagship smartphones because the form factor is different, What if the clip might be more compact because it's used like that, if this type of food is specifically for productivity or draining King, I had time to try the default confusion, Wow, just take a shower and borrow it like that? I used this daughter as a driver for about a week and a few days, So I can only feel what it is like to use the best folding from Samsung and does it actually support my daily productivity, more or less I can say that experience, though it is very different from Evelyn, but with bandrol the price is 25 million, If fast ends with this channel, don't forget to subscribe and turn off the notification.

Bell, so that you get more recent invitations from gizmology, If you do so here is the point, important point: you need to know about Galaxy Z Putri fight, [Applause], KYT, hi jism for [Music] Okay Normally. When we talk about foldable nutmeg like this, what worries us is its durability or maybe it's fragile or not. For example, Samsung makes everything safer. This border or friend is now using aluminum armor. This is the world's first foldable smartphone with ipx8 certification. What is the effect of 88 II, to three to a depth of a very red color in 30 minutes. Not for dustproof certification, but if X does. If it's dirty it can still reach if it's strewn by water Well it's not just waterproof, it's also protected by Gorilla glass on the back.

This is without a Keis every day, because Samsung doesn't provide sales, safety, and I use it normally, not too careful, not too careless. So I put my cellphone in my pocket and promise each other. Our cafe buy iced coffee and water from the glass. Sometimes it goes like that. Darn I put the table on this device until it hit the games and then I used it at raining. It wasn't really raining, but it was like raining in the mud, I used the phone. Everything was safe, and I also didn 't have any scratches on this phone. It is like I accidentally push it at the most corners of the screen. The cables have a special coating so they are safe, even though they are exposed to water when they are held like this it looks like there is a game.

This goes to the info above and below, but the outside screen game is the same as inside the water. Both have waterproof parts and the smartphone is now slightly smaller and thinner and the current weight is 270 G, which is still relatively heavier than other flash smartphones, but from the previous series it is lighter than the design. Of course we can move on to the Layer section where This Galaxy Putri has two screens.

Screen, the dimensions are 6.2 NC, it looks big, but in fact the ratio is high and what is the effect of the high ratio? If for example Bima fans are used to typing on the iPhone six screen, or maybe Android with a lame screen otherwise, if you go to free, it will feel a bit grand or like a keyboard ticket because the screen ratio is narrow, so invite it wide, aka small lips, like that. The effect needs adjustment unless you move from iPhone 4 or the effect goes here, but it looks like a dance like this, so need some habituation, or maybe you can do a lot of Sweep gestures to type it better. Yaman Actually, there is a lot you can do from the cover screen on the Carrefour PVJ, This makes you don't need to often access the inside screen, because this colour water is pretty good.

This is the main screen, which has a very large dimension. If it's just the outside the inside has also a 120hz refresh rate and because this is a flexible screen, Samsung made this with ultrathin glass and the latest screen protector. For example, if the previous series used a different material this one uses PVC. If translated this screen will be stronger and the touch response will be more natural with him, a little less used in the large. There are two special promo points, know about the inside screen of the zipdrive.

It turns out that now it's only for those of you who might have had a previous spin-off series, or obviously the fa-50 Trump stylus is special, so it has an essence of World Edition, That's for this same expansion of Pro Collection product dimensions are a little more The. Edition is a big hassle so that it can be connected to multiple devices or multiple devices at once and just like SWT Ultra, it doesn't have storage.

Is that because Ussy Putri is spent Expendables this phase is specially designed so that the tip can automatically pull off a little when we press on the screen so that it does not damage the flexible screen of this Princess Galaxy and the second special thing is that it is active? Really there was new so the camera quality will definitely not be as good as here, because the armature and also the pixels are still not too hidden aka. If it's dark, we put the camera glue in and if we look close, it's true Looks like it is pixelated but this was chosen by Samsung so that when we play games or watch holiday content we won't be given the front camera which is no longer used in Indonesia [music] [music]. Now it uses the camera from the display cover Township Putri.

The screen is the outside, huh? This is an armchair camera. Hopefully the pixel diaphragm 2.2 is, and the total is carried by this Princess, There are five sensors, so the other one that I see is Pacul camera on the inside screen. If you have a new type of blade, the same on the back of the body There are three 12 megapixel sensors that I can immediately move from the front camera as usual, Samsung flagship. It has an audio feature, so the microphone should follow the content being carried, This is a 4 episode, camera registration, outfit from the Samsung Galaxy Putri, which is real on the inside screen, yes or with the softlens, see here is the drop a bit,.

The details are also lacking and here again the light conditions actually fit in front of me if he is good like oh, so it's like that, so you immediately see the Watch out style of the phone camera glass. But if the conditions are optimal like this, this is the result of style Here. The maximum result of the display camera of the daughter. But if you make content, it seems better to use the front camera on the cover screen or three, and especially on the rear, camera Hi, hi Hi and just like Samsung flagships in general. There is a front camera that shows me here for a long time. Camera, it is like I am with Opera white. Yes, I can move it, I can even change the vc screen, but I can't record right now.

There are so many blur effects to choose from even though I can change the intensity when recording is exciting but they don't give this feature as an advantage. Video does not lock the viewfinder. My hands are wide enough I don't need to rotate It's really playing and Hai Pancar keeps the features. For me I use the back camera Galaxy Kopri, but use the selfie module from the Cover Scream. The bottom of the screen is from the brake, pad. It uses the Opera white sensor without activating the stabilization mode, DM is anti waiting for the train for what you use the default stabilization for and it's late in the afternoon.

This problem, I, can also have a sensor and if I need it, I can teleport if for example, what quality? If you believe this is trending enough, there is a photo editor for hosts so that it keeps it stable because the zoom lens usually vibrates easily if there is no toilet. If you want to still use aurawhite Nah no You, don't have to keep your hands away but for content creators this is not for productivity only. Camera figure is also capable in a number of lighting conditions. Try Hi, Hi, Juushinki Softlens, curious about the results of your camera display, If they are like this in the evening, I guess I spoke in this camera review article. If it is exposed to light, it looks like condensed glass or T-shirt, The quality is OK only ; make a video call.

A moment like that is a bit cheaper, it's better to use an external camera I haven't received yet. The display of this princess is just modified It's a normal photo, video mode, there is no portrait mode and selling videos or anything else. Jumi Ting camera is only suitable for Jumi Ting. The big screen is only an enlarged smartphone version of NTT. It's like not taking advantage of the other dimensions of the size, but when they point at the Putri Gallery it really makes the experience for multitasking very enjoyable, especially on the inside screen as you can run 34 or a lot of applications that is shared with flexmove or multitasking mode in Bigfoot Reva. There is a shortcut at the end of the layer where you can drag and drop the application.

You can share the screen like this direct, and this can be 3 layers to divide 1-2-3, or the fourth application will appear as floating or of windows. So a Samsung looks like the building of choice of mouth really effective. If for example, application access, soft lenses such as nuts from the player's hill or can be pressed, can be bent like this and the bottom of the keyboard cable is then At the top. The content you want to write can be like a minicomputer, even though the typing experience isn't really that fun.

So today's flag mood in the Galaxy Folder really takes advantage of the flexible folding screen mechanism, so you can rotate the screen 90° or less, and he will immediately go straight like that, so like this this is suitable for Zoom calls or, for example, Google.duo so later calls from others will not appear on the top screen and watch YouTube, The screen above shows a YouTube video below it, as well as the comment columns. Your camera in Bismillah is not good however. If there is a first lightning, it can be fresher with additional lighting from behind. The camera is a bit biased. The effect is something that I think Bisma fans must know before they use this Android camera trick in Ciputra for video calls.

What I initially doubted about this princess was her performance because this is a different vector and she explained the features. I was afraid that the application would run a bit Lex, but it didn't because it was already using Snapdragon, triplex chipset and also RAM 12 3 and internal storage, It was live streamed online, the capacity was 256 or 5 12 3 b, everything was smooth, if benchmarks, the clothes closed were not as loud as other plywood, so that everything is really plus-plus, now related to heat, it's more engineered, because this year it is definitely hot when it is used for browsing or children or when a car is used, for example the hot spot turns off.

This is another control, and maybe that is the reason why the Scorpion market isn't too high, It is smooth and warm, it's not too hot, it's rare, but it's also not cold, something that biofresh might need to know and what I think is a bit annoying from this Fauzi type. The battery has a capacity of 4400 milliamps to watch the big screen outside and the 7.6-inch internal screen is 4400 milliamps a day but if you move it, turn on a lot of features, such as the high divre, not too much access, the inner layer of eyebrows using clear outer than is actually possible. The only point is that we bought the default revision, We want to do everything quickly and Musni is done from the inside screen, Before night, perhaps around 08.50, with screen on time, Sir clock.

So that's the drawback for Vector, as it usually uses two batteries. It's also a bit of a trick to insert a large battery into this type of device. When and the battery runs out now is not also the fast charging connection in its class. So it supports super fast charging, but 25wp, where many other Androids have even reached 65w, and that is for Prince's sake. This motivation is explored if it can reach around 40 an hour, while fully charging it takes approximately ninety minutes. Aka kaka fast One and a Half Hours he can. Unless, for example, buton.ac WAS just put it in your back, okay, in conclusion, this Putri Fauzi zip can't be compared with other flashes.

The price is also a variant that is almost equivalent to the spotify cd20 million, he's with software like that. If you take a photo of Ivan here, he likes it outside and it's really different, and he really prioritizes activities. If for example, Friends want to buy a smartphone, it is cheaper, about 10 million, so it is not compatible with Flying, and also this,. What is the difference when the game fans finish to interact with the internal screen and it closes like that, it seems like the task is finished, I don't know I'm more polite, maybe not mi xensia, but that's what I feel when I use this smartphone, unfortunately, with the cheapest price of 25000000.

It is actually much cheaper than the previous series, which was up to 3400000, but with us spending that much budget, we hope to have a smartphone which is often famous,. Everything is perfect, the camera and everything is actually good due to the verdict, but not the best in its class. The performance is also okay, but sometimes it is still quite hot when used for Zoom meetings or defecting. The battery spot is also not the most economical and charging is also the fastest. Even though it has a lot improved recently, it is stronger and more water resistant and has pushed Jennifer Lopez to grow her galaxy note without any need. If she needs only one device, that is fine and if there is a clown, I don't think so. For example, I want to buy a full Galaxy Z file.

How much is this smartphone, Jokowi below or can I play on Instagram?.

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