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On this occasion the boys girls did the title of the video as I do. The Google account of the Samsung Galaxy A 32. Then it does not say that to do this procedure to meditate on the description of the video and to discard the program that they are also allowing to continue at the foot of the deadlines that I show in this video. To be able to remove the Google account from this device. It should be emphasized that this device has Android 11 and its latest security contribution,.

So we must as always be Wi-Fi connecting to our network, preferably a Wi-Fi network with the internet, will be quite good because it ends up with complications with Wi-Fi networks, It is also clear that they need to have a Samsung com account created to be able to carry out this process as it comes, that is asking us to verify our identity from the introduction of the dog or what is the Google account for that? We are going to go back to the beginning and we are going to go to what is the program that I will be in the description of the video in this section of the program where it says, android to live where it says, bypass can be broken and in this option we give it stubborn, auto bypass for endorsement. We wait for the program to work while I repeat the process again to do that.

If you don't know, it santonja sells with well, they can investigate or finish it. It also left a video on how to create a samsung com account. It should also be clarified that we will need the Alliance Application and x, and also that we will create an account in this Alliance Shield x application so that we do not miss any details. I repeat the process as I show the video later In. This video will also show briefly how to create it because of the lack of the alliance application. If you x gives you the Steiner g and we click next and we can create where it says. Well, in what is the search bar we are going to put this beggar. What smn I am going to show you what is 32 with the version of Andrés you can see.

You can also see what the security patch of google plate is well said. This we return to this section of the browser again as you see that the truth wants to give it the padlock does not take it out. It is very simple, but as I tell you in the video in the whole process, well said: we go here where it says, accounts and signed. It sends us a verification code. And a, thankfully, I already have this account linked to my personal device so it arrives there, what is the code we enter. It should be noted that this code is unique. It is then for single use, but we continue if we have already known with this device what our Samsung account is to do. In the meantime, I will explain to allianz a reference to the application you say X.

It is the one you must have downloaded on another device and also installed on another device, because from here you have to make the backup copy you download on the Samsung with 32 to be able to remove the account then on another device such as a for your own use. We mark here and we give support now o ce. Now all your applications that you have installed on the samsug for personal use will be backed up by Frenc truth once you have dtd to the backup in your samsung,. They return the Samsung they want to remove from the account, which is 32 in this case, and they subtract it from urar, then they give you select the device that you made. You have created your restoration, also select the applications.

Only the applications mark everything and selection of applications in the little arrow enters the neighborhood heart is this menu as it is also yours and select all the application, no more than allianz and seal x now. This is to download the launcher from Samsung 19 and let us do the next step here. We wait for the download to be done and the installation will also throw a small ion error here. They click continue, leave things as they are mayor, accept. There is the Alliance Application and we open it for it and here we are going to give it where it says at the bottom, but as I say, to use this application, yes or yes, you need to create an account and they create that account on the other device on the Samsung device for your personal use.

So, as you can see here, it asks for a username and a password to which you can upload here from this device. They also say, Register wait for it to open what is the browser [music] and then hit it at the bottom and hit it where it says and add the part, let's see in a second what real is now let's register for the job. The part d accept must be here and add again. This is the part of the face on the left side. We give it a touch, but although it loads them and you can see, it already asks you what it is: an email there. In case you receive a notification to validate the email.

Remember that if you know already the process of how to create your account in this application then you can advance the video to see the process, and if you do not know, then continue to watch once you have posted what is ac mail below? It gives us where to create a password and that payment is confirmed, so that you put a password there that you do not forget or that the Motte then reveals the ones they tell you. Nothing more and objectives are not understanding how to create the account here because they match them in the description of the video I will leave a link to how to correctly create an account for this application. This would be all true, and this would then be with the email you linked and the password you entered.

Then you receive a notification to your email and you have only to validate something else and that is when you generate your username and password that you entered, so that said, I hope it is a bit of course with you. The video is a bit long, but I want to be the most specific about the things in explaining. As a user we know what the username is, and for security reasons we are going to place what the password is.

Well, so once you have entered your username and password, you also specify where to register? Is this part of the game to take this little error red, but it is because I have already used many times what my username and password are on different devices since I, actually remove the account from different phones, I have already deleted this phone accounts linked to my account then the next one in this section. We give it next and here where it says canucks they activate it and this they select and that they have read the policies and we confirm well. Then we give the pr next and again in criminal and we wait but we still have in this section. They must wait until yes or yes the canon and device administrator turn green here.

The administrator and the Canucks turned green. That means the process has been done correctly so now that each sale is done, we will select it at the top. Here we select the second that I did mtpe to dv. They have to turn green when we select again and let's go back to open this part in this section here, as you can see it has not been selected. Well, the part we created was the error. The USB cable then when failures in your cable disconnect and down again, they give you where it says to open sorry because they show you where it opens and since it doesn't exist well so they appear green then all that remains is to click.

Ok and as you can see it says that it is a war, all the changes are magnificent, so many cards, and you can now reconnect what your usb cable is and we go to what the computer is,. They always tell you that your external cables are well connected to be able to do this procedure to avoid any failure or inconvenience that the well-said cable may create. We continue this as the video I repeat again, I remind you that this process is a bit long. But if you follow the steps to the letter as you demonstrate in the V Deo, yes or yes, then they are going to be able to remove the account from their device.

So well as I say then, once we are here in what is the pc, we go to the Android tool, tab where it says bypass efe rp but now we select where it says service and we give it efe rp in the adv option as far as it says. We are attentive because it will ask a permission on the phone. We cancel, we mark and accept. As you can see there, it is asking us to accept more as a sixth today, since the program to detect-and it is going to start to do what is the process of deleting Google accounts there. Parents, give you a few seconds, as you can see already in what is detected in the program, the device you can see there. If you can see, then it says that I already prescribed the device, as you can see, and right now it is going to start the phone if he turns it on.

Then we even wait for the device to start, and we continue with the explanation. If the device has started, as you see it is like average working then we are going to do a format directly from the eyes, but here we select destruction and we always wait for the device to now all its applications to be able to enter what the settings are and from there create the form of the device so do not make these inconveniences. Ok, we end up in rastan de salvadores for certain we wait. It will ask us with what password of our samsung account we write it.

0 If we give it to accept then the device will start the restart and formatting process, as you see with cesc, and it only remains to wait for the device to be turned on again to configure it, and as you can see that already it is turning on here we are going to configure the other time again. You already know how to make this tricky process with this. It would be all we give it in ending and stardom with this, because your device would be free of passwords, also free of what is the google account and ready to use. Remember that without this service, this video do not forget to subscribe, share, activate the online fax bell, greetings guys..

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