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Now I want to talk about Votre vol3 again, Samsung, Galaxy, Z, vol, 3 now since I bought this. For the first time, I've actually been curious about gaming capabilities. Is it because Zippo three already uses tryptophan chipset He said the highest for 2021 then used an under display camera for the inside screen, and the interior screen is also quite large. The screen refresh rate is also j120az. Then the chipset huh Even though we all know that Snapdragon triple 8 has a problem on the men's table, The heat is said to be quite hot, but yes, whatever it is now, the Snapdragon 800 is one of the worst. If you do not want to say it, high is one of the chipsets with the highest capabilities compared to others. One is because already there is Google, Tensor and others.

Now the chipset is high and the screen is big. What is, in my opinion, the name of the under display of this camera? Put it because it gives full express layer which cannot be obtained on other Androids and other Androids make sure there are hops on it or there are notes or other things here, in my opinion, this Galaxy Z Vol 3 should be ideal for gaming, but there is something missing, namely the controller, so control can be used with an Xbox stick, but can't it? This is a universal gaming controller for Android, with a USB connector. The sustenance makes a reader clear. The problem is that this Zenfone 3 is big, so it is not fit to be used in sustenance to install sustenance, C.

Now I happen to have a right which we discussed in this video, OK, but before continuing do not forget to subscribe to The Great because on this channel we will talk a lot about gadgets, design and technology in everyday life and also for sure we will have a new video every week. Now let's continue with the video about gaming on Galaxy Z, vol. 3 Okay. Let's go back to the vol3 and this Chinese sustenance to discover how to get around it, because the size clearly fits Well, at that time I was looking for it, I saw it in a video on YouTube. How do I get this fuel to be used on the Galaxy SII Votre? This is the extension, we will try to install it later, The Tridina Link Printing Group I'll give the file in the description, I'll see it right.

There I have a link to get the file from the print strategy for this Galaxy folder extension. Let us just install it, let us talk good, but this is the time that it is. Also a bit necessary, we don't need a few bolts, we can install it right away. Hey, post about so that it doesn't fit because if you don't take it, then you can't hold it. What is the name of a3d print It is going to fall out, so bring the sub. Hi, I've installed the bolts. There is a cable to connect to the folder up and down Hey, the release is also pretty good. It looks like it could match the label, If I want it to be better looking for a USB cable, namely a USB extension, whose contents are l. What is then bent and falling, but I can't find it.

So I use the usual cable Now all the feature is working, Let's try to make it play the game. The first is the genetif Android which can be downloaded like Asphalt 9, cdm Kian in the Playstore. I will try it later Xbox game PES, then the third is the emulator. Emulator itself are games that are actually not officially for the Android platform but are emulated so that they can run on Android and most of them are games on consoles that have been out for a long time, for example, Super Nintendo, then Sega Then there is the Sega Dreamcast Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo, Wii U, Hello, Nintendo, DS and stuff.

Now these are the games that the previous version was really old school, but you could say the retro version that can already be emulsified on a smartphone, we'll try it later but for information, this is actually the emulator that I'm going for for the purpose of only showing fans on the motorcycle, because I want to show that this Galaxy J putri smartphone is capable of running emulator on the motorbike, but I won't recommend how to play the emulator or find the rom where I won't I have it for a long time, so I'm using it for a long time, but actually it is. I still use another controller that is Gemstore, but rather than getting it again I'd rather try using this, okay the game, our domain, try Asphalt 9. It runs smoothly in the police in Asphalt 9, using the extension shelter.

I want to now try it on Call of Duty Mobile. This is unique in a Car Duty boarding house because Call of Duty here actually does not support using sustenance. Weird, Israel has rights, you can see it in the menu, it doesn't. Now let's look at the settings, hi hi, controller, hi body, hi hi hi hi, etc. This is funny because in this sustenance it does not support cwdm but support for Sorry support Xbox controllers and rights,. Let's go Phoneky, new Xbox, controller, hey it is okay, h, lots of lives, dad has already got planets. Hey I'm good at Baduy. Just play with your heart. Well, it is working well, no issues. Esbox then stadia there is moonlight, but we will try here. It looks like I will YBS box cmp just for the considerations of internet connection now.

If to use the slime base, we must turn VPN on first - okay. We've entered the application X Box Game, PES [Music] Hey,. The code is Horizon 5, which is busy right now. Try it with Excel or the names of the streaming services are Xbox Excel, but Scott is input on Xbox. This game is definitely an exclusive game, Xbox games, it's a service from Xbox for us. How can we rent games from Xbox each month with a subscription? We can then rent it and inside the expert reads: there is a new feature called extract. This was released not long ago for streaming Xbox games on the server, Xbox Annanah. Let us sync first because I was whispering that it was synchronous for Forza Horizon 5 data on PC.

I surprisingly, here is pretty smooth, not too broken, but later when I enter the game because I tried it myself. The house is broken really. Using FirstMedia, I use Bayu a lot, Now I use the story of Deh in the game but this has already appeared. Eh, it's smooth. PES - Game should be running okay. It's running pretty smoothly, more smoothly than I use it at home.. You can only see if there is streaming bro, it looks like the Jeepees are a bit broken. Overall, it is pretty good, '' It's still hot like before, because I play the real place in different games when the internet is ready, maybe later It's really fast and maybe this will be.

You do not need a game console, you don't need a whisper, but it's useless to need a smartphone or something like a receiver, for example FTV or Android TV. So plug in a TV with a fast internet connection and the wheels can play all kinds of games. There's a girl, Slime, yes, that's the continuation version, but the name is now left behind. Hey, girls, 5 Is it going to be smooth or the facts are like Forza, Horizon, hi hi Let's go for a walk, Hi Adley, but Hi. You can only play it Hi if the conditions are yes. It is already absolute for me. If streaming is a condition, the internet connection must be as smooth as possible. Do you have a Dofin simulator game? Try Legend Of Zelda. hey, it's the year and BBM 2016-2017 4A used the AC - CD wiu, but I have never played the ima gen.

Hi Safar is running smoothly and Sustenance is also running smoothly. Let's try the Sega Dreamcast emulator application, , jet set radio or jetdrink Dio cassius [Music] The clothes, What are we, the cold inline skater gang, Escape, who likes to vandalize the city and then we fight other gangs like that and it's going to be safe here. Hey, try the PlayStation, Portable emulator Oh yeah. Let's try to use the path, luck is that I have a ROM, namely Tekken 6, I. Think it is on this emulator because I think the resolution is already that high especially since GSP was a hand hold consul in the past, But when I enter the emulator there appears to be a feature for it, What's frightening, you can also blend it to smooth it out.

It is more textured, especially if you see Rashid, yes, it's fair to speak. Hey Keh, PSP is smooth - I. Hope it's for emulators like we'll just try those three, bro. Just try Dreamquest and then PSP emulator. Now it's available for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, and then PS1. Then after a while the Super Nintendo Gameboy Advance. Actually, all of them invited another Game Boy Color Diego, that is all, I tried! Some graphics are perhaps quite high. I want to show you that Side Vol3 can emulsify games quite smoothly with fairly heavy graphics. So my hands don't get hot because I'm holding it. The body of the cellphone using the controller is holding directly, so that you don't feel the morning directly Then.

What agency we discussed from gaming, yes, literally, Zippo Tiga is capable of negative gaming in the Playstore,. And finally, emulator emulator-emulation is the emotion of the old games that I've been trying to run smoothly. Dj vol + sustenance : okay, so that's all! This video is an experimental video, we'll try it again later - videos this hour don't forget to subscribe to The Great like channel If. You really like the video, I will make it later. If there are a lot of fans, we'll make more videos of various experiments like this, then follow our Instagram at The, Great, Oke Negeri cannot bye..

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