Emulator Test (Samsung Galaxy A20) - Galaxy User Guide

Or the one that, like this, is also coming here testing emulators because I can and because I feel like I have all these three repeated drafts of texts all these emulators here. According to me I don't know if my biggest project goes together with snes contracts. Also don't look for it. I don't know [music] well. I don't know how changing the game is what we are going to close in a mold or two and we can open it again. We can't play, for example, with lots from interesting where they don't have electronic [music].

Yes e [Laughter, ], [Applause,] [ Music] and I'm, terrible at this game and so let's go with the next efe I have to check this well, so we will open the direct again, but well I have to do it, I'm terrible! Next look sanidade yoga Well, no : can i meet Optio ns everyone but they are about to not see them enough and well. Let us save in case something works well for the game. For example, this and also to bonetto at 6 am am not in a better mario game. Well, as you can see, the regulator runs perfectly without any problem and so does [Music] the program to direct, and also [Music].

Let's see that the program is working perfectly here what else would'Super Mario's look like? What is my old boy in our tango little game? For example, I have the dragon quest that are pretty. The amazing world my mind and goodbye. They didn't know this verse, because I made it even cuter tenth, because I think a big block only had homework that exists in the region, 3 special that with acquaintances I want for myself. I walk one called idol ronaldo here with frequency and the heart a little I. Although I know that I am, not lying, I mean it always rises back between the islands and the present, where I never have a history, [Applause] d [Music].

What do I have with a crystal pokémon that in English in a hub? We also put a random crystal in red I: Do not have the yellow one people and as you can see the emulator works perfectly on this cell phone which is 20 as it is, because it's in the title. Yes, I have fed up with disney's gobi soft hercules because we are not in it because I don't like moving a lot and mario one year. I don't know how to pass anything [music] I'm looking forward to it, but taurus 3 for now.

For now, until I have it reenacted, I care hardly who it is [Music] Ah, the king is going to be seen as if he detects the spa in expansion [ Music ] insurance, when we playstation the cell phone I'm going to show that it is not my cell phone to see mario, also in spanish but correctly, what [Applause ] It's not like it is one of the most powerful games in the world, but banjo kazooie in Spanish is also very cheap but playing [ Music ] is very good, The intro is also very good inside, At his stand I already had the sound I replaced. It is very good by what [music] and the attraction of this level. A is the emulator that won't open it [applause]. Ours is a place, factor they are ruled by evil.

Efe [Applause] [Music] but not [Music] [Applause] one without running two well in hand, runs great for me because that 4, once a d compatibility problems, I think I'll have to unload another bunch to play whatever I am lazy. The train never tried it f. It will work just as well as [Music] [Applause] [Music] in Spanish in case you didn't know. Ah it is much more powerful I have game here. I have another solid metal gear', but it's so the point it still goes I. Don't know why the buttons are so small in terms of control over him, it's tactile. It is customized, custom, design, position, size, etc. We have the position, not that, nor does it move black. The size is the same, but well.

As long as it is not called that in our hearts? 111 I don't know what is installing when I start because so much [Applause], ah, but so I don't have pps active. No, no more [ Applause ] give me the writings [ Applause ] 132 to play better in madrid, 4 x I needed to show people freedom for some reason: the 3 and now there is no schedule. There are also the shepherds that this and the one that goes player say it like that I don't know why I don't play convictions, [Applause], [Music], [Music], [Applause], [Applause], on an aesthetic side I go [Music], [Applause] [Music], at least a side. I am fine and I have been going for an hour so long. It happens to me to remind myself that through time we move onto the next that is drastic.

Then we left because now we need to run drastic, and here comes the hard part because these things don't even come to blows. They entered toast together and now comes the wii One that the truth in the menu is correct s 50 32 points [Music ], it's not surprising and I like that. Just as well I, don't know, I, don't know if it's good or bad that I [ __ ] [ music ], ah he gets with a little more stable 25 after a while. He talks why I would not have them a woman with hair when if you look [Applause] [Music], but hey that's dolphin and let's leave the rich ones if last because the one that goes is the most I'm not going to play it completely.

But I want to show you that through 10 minutes they try to start this hard thing and in minutes we are over what blacks suppose, but that is a cycle. And now we go to magazines that show lit to stagnate. Ah, it is the saddest thing I am going to have to say in the votes of the effort. I remember later with [Music] I don't even know where [Applause] is. Having to vote or show weight, I don't know what happened to it with everyone else. No control of general and I only had a hundred just in case. We didn’t meet the goal..

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