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You want to take advantage of your 120 hertz screen refresh because it is one of the most attractive things in these latest samsung models but the battery dries up- you don't want to run out of battery in a matter of three or four hours of use. Factory equipment comes with a lot of settings and the activated that definitely don't help what it does. Saving I want to use it in 120 H. I know that everyone who has it wants to use it in 120 H. It shows us what it is at the time of the week, because it is going to have what are notifications, and that is very nice. Who would not want to look at the view and all information about what is happening on your phone on your screen but this kills the battery.

My recommendation is to put it where your show says and basically for conti goes back and turns off. If you give it a touch there, it appears and shows to you notifications and what you have on the screen. If you like this whitepaper l or you are going to download the application called WALI and we are now working on the application in a moment but following recommendations we are talking about, what is the wallpaper is definitely the wallpaper, because this wallpaper looks beautiful, very beautiful. It draws a lot of attention but kills battery and any oled thing there is. So my recommendation is to put a wallpaper on the screen that is black or dark gray or that has very few colors and you are going to see how it is going to save matter.

You go to the search bar, write black and a lot of options will appear here. Some are entirely black and others have a touch of color and I understand that nobody wants to have at I on their screen. Will everything absolutely black, but look at this, I go here and I don't know that this design looks like a person, but we put it as a wallpaper, and this is definitely going to help me save energy because there are fewer colors on the screen that the pixels have to illuminate the screen resolution. It is the people, the friend of the Perony genre, and there they are commented on. We are talking about now but if you have it activated the maximum, that would be good.

If you want to lower resolution to 1080 or 720 to save battery, then you do it, make the change here and that will definitely give you a better battery result and even another recommendation that we could make is that you don't necessarily need to constantly use the phone in 1080 or 720, but we are going to assume that you are not going to be near a load or not having a power man that changes the resolution, even if I change it for an average of two or three hours, It will consume less batteries during this time and when you leave the place where you are and have access to something else, a loader or whatever is good.

Put your resolution back where you like it and then the next thing we're going to talk about then what are hits because of course it's one of the most attractive phones of this era. The 120 hertz hurts which make the phone in an incredible way. The experience is certainly extremely satisfying because there is a visual thing in the background. If you really want to save battery lowers you to the lowest display where it says a lot is world or screen refresh I don't know how it will be in Spanish I have it 120, you are going to change it to 60, and this will help you consume less battery again.

As we said above, the recommendation is to use your phone at 120 hershey rate, but if you are going to do something put the recharge rate at 60 and re-use the phone once after that you save battery - he is done doing what he was doing using the phone to always change it to 120 hertz. So the phone is what the screen automatically so we go here to what are settings? But I am well aware that every time I use the pan phone, I touch the button here and make the screen lock. What happens is that many people don’t realize it’s your turn. The phone in her hand, put it on a table and tea and the screen on screen until it comes back 10-15 minutes later, killing battery or suddenly stopped using it forgets not what or screen and part and the leg is killing the battery.

Then look at what you are going to who says it is 30, am out or screen timeout and that you place it in 15 seconds, or in this case it would be at the discretion of the study depending on what you want. For example, in 30 seconds or one minute and 21 minutes would be a pretty reasonable option, and you forget to put the phone on a table you will do something else. It may turn off power, save mode is I. Have it off turn it off wifi notifications alert me when uefa is available, turn it off and that's because if you have this on the phone is constantly searching to inform you if it is some reality of Wi-Fi, so that you can connect, for example. I've used it in the past but I don't really have a problem with swiping my card through the machine and paying.

If you don't use that option turned off I go back to the next suggestion to keep maximizing your battery charge is to turn me off. Now you are going to go what are the settings of sound and vibration then look we have it silent, then check it. Samsung keyboard touch pad, interaction, samsung, keyboards, display, lock, touch interaction. Look - I no longer feel the vibration, but the next recommendation is that I turn off the system animations in the regression that consumes battery and everything for everyone. The processor and the ram are obviously working together to execute what you are going to do. If you do not have animations, nothing else in the system has to work extra. You go to the menu, you can write advanced functions in motions.

Besides that, there is also another option that we explained previously and turned off developer options or developer or option, and here is where I lowered it, where it says window animation, scale, transition, animation, scale and duration scale from animator, or you can set it to animation off and completely. It is not only that the phone moves much faster but there are no animations, but if you want something true from something that looks nice when moving through the phone I have here: Darek share a direct mode turn it off if you don't or you're sharing anything it says here share with specific people directly from any app's sharing panel, turn it off. If you are using it the other thing about this feature called Game Launcher.

This is supposed to put your phone into a mode gaming. Why would you have that on the following recommendations that you install and delete all the applications that you do not use to these phones, sometimes depending on the manufacturer or the provider, and they come with a lot of applications that are pure garbage and that nobody uses, including pre-installed games, that, because that is consuming your memory, maybe for example this application that says here news Break I don't I use that for what I want it? Then, what I can do is simply go to google and see what the news is, so I would suggest that you uninstall all the things that you do not use in this case.

I don't want that application, give it a touch here, I uninstall & it is an application that is going to consume my battery or RAM memory or whatever samsung is but I do not use that common thing. I have already told you before that I can uninstall it if one gets into all these applications and one is left with his mouth open to how each of these things works if one realizes that they are killing the battery, for example, here I see what netflix is I can not uninstall like you. This has already been framed in an agreement with the supplier well nstalled from the factory. Closed now check that the data here mobile investigated here touches This was on it consumes mobile data and I don't use it so I turned it off there.

If you touch it here then look there it will be allowed to activate in the second plan. You will pay if you don’t use this application and so on, modify system settings. You say that it is not a question of going through all this and you will see how many applications are using you and would beat friends, the famed 10 or the location. Also another thing that many people do not realize that this brutally kills your battery practically every application sold. You install wants your location, you have options to allow access to the location, deny it or only allow it when they are using the application.

For example : check the location where it says better, improve accuracy, make sure this is off Search with Wifi, search c on bluetooth, because if that is turned on, even though you are not connected to wifi, this will be running app permissions. I do not need the maps to be accessing the jeep and it is all the time in this case, I will put it only when I use the application there. What is that also I do not need that to be activated all the time, but when I use it there is what we changed and notice that the list that was here to allow all the time now changes to that portion of that allowed only during use in this case. What applies it is lightroom I, do not need the rom to have access to the chip and that is how I put a responsiton on it.

Also see other types of applications that can have access and control over your location here. It would be interesting to go through these and, if you realize, which of them have access to and to make your decision. If you do something that does not require the foot, it will turn off because this phone offers four battery modes.

It is possible that in the high performance mode you have active phone ado which consumes much more battery because the processor and the whole phone are optimized to run at its maximum, It can be put in an energy saving medium Other thing that you can deactivate if you are not using or if something you do not need is the option to synchronize that is constantly synchronizing everything that is your Google accounts and other things on the computer, and if you can activate it suddenly, once or twice a day or depending on your needs or activate it at night when you get home, another thing is also the lighting of the screen that goes to one side I.

Personally, don't care about that function of the fact like this that I leave off so that it is not one more thing, true that the black theme or the black mode is on that will help you save battery at this time. There are several options and applications that turn black and youtube also, so you can take advantage of it. It gives you here, it is clear it gives it in dark mode and basically because the dark mode will help you to save battery, you do not activate the black module on your phone or manually.

Even if you have the active black mode on the phone, you can go to what are the settings from youtube to your profile and basically you go where it says, and not settings is where it says, general and here, appearance or appearances are activated, and it is something else, and the last guide related to youtube is a recommendation. If you are running this computer with 2k resolution and trying to play videos on youtube that the resolution is 1080 or 720 and that helps you save battery prizes. This has been like who says a tutorial or a course on how to save and improve the battery of your samsung galaxy s, 20 s, 20 plus or that 20 ultra and still using it in the 120. Hertz restored the video a little bit long ago, but very instructive, I hope.

Everyone follows the steps and I guarantee you that always in your battery will see better on Facebook instagram..

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