Hello guys and welcome to another video. So this is Alphon again and today we're going to talk about the dji om4 um we used the um, the samsung a71 all right. This is my boya uh boya mike and if you can, if you can notice this one yeah, I have a clip here that connects to om4 to secure the clip yeah. Just in case there is some you know or uh it may fall to a spot if you were in a rush or something just happened some accidents right so it better to secure the phone using the Anti-Loss. Hey uh strap yeah. And this is also my setup yeah, I'm not doing my diy uh yeah I do this diy uh holder for my microphone.

You can check out that in my other video okay, so today we're going to talk about Um using the buttons and commands here in OM4 okay. What are the available features and what uh can you use all the buttons features uh using the memo Ok. Ok an app for the om4 or dji om4. Here you can choose the button, video so from the video you can choose the spin shot. Fbb, yes incline, lock, follow, so I'll start with follow mode. So this is the follow mode, so you can focus exactly on the subject using the trigger. So I focus it with my camera, so yes it will follow along. You can also immediately undo this, so it is just going to follow mode yeah. So this is really um yeah everything is using the command right here with djiom buttons yeah.

If we go into spin mode, which is the next, which is, I can do this because uh, there is a mic but we can try. OK, spin shot all right, so oops all right, so that is the restriction guys using the mic all right, so how about the other way around yeah? And that is the highest point guys because it is stretched out yeah. Okay so but it can because it is limited, yeah. However, if you can use the wireless uh microphone, then that is a big possibility. You can do it all right so we are going to try and use other menu modes to, and we are going to check that out all right so yeah all right. If you are aiming for this resolution, maybe you might consider having an iPhone 12 app or iPhone 11 uh. So these are more compatible using the dj om4, yeah, all right.

Okay uh, the gesture command okay. This is a face camera. So, even though I did not do some signal, let's try again this time right, we're going to see focus, maybe right! So we're going to try the follow and '' shoot okay - [Music] all right this time. This is using the front camera. So try to use the back camera [music]. When you stop it uh, it functions perfect uh using the front camera. Oh it's so sensitive now and gives commands right! So, this is the problem now : it doesn't identify my gesture all right so using the back. Also, let's turn the gesture control on..

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