Dissolution SAMSUNG A72 - SAMSUNG A72 SCREEN CHANGE - UNCOVER SAMSUNG A72 2022 - Galaxy User Guide

There are now fellow colleagues followers of the channel with a new video. This screen comes complete with everything and a frame as you can see. It is a little easier to install and a little more guaranteed towards the customer. Okay, first disassemble - what is the device we are going to heat up? As you can hear we have preheated our machine already, we have it at 95 and also it depends on its temperature or the place. You are just a point of reference, but it also depends on the area that is very important here, as it brought these cameras or the edge. You mentioned that it is going to make this different port I'm going to let it out because I'm not going to use a heat gun or hair straightener.

[Music] will not go all the way in to make it easier for me, There starts to heat that we are going to occupy a busy isopropyl alcohol, an X-ray of some mini chains that bring glass flies and one of those small knives to shave, a short one. The truth is, they are good after the little cards for avid devices and apart from screwdrivers that point out that we are going to wait for them very, very important because this one is and it already has this small detail. This phone is OK for you to travel so that it is not going to be a bad thing hidden or something that detail is already brought by the device for a while. It is easy with this one and then I support myself with the other half or x-ray. That already arrived a little easier and now to cut.

I recommend that you follow that way and here, to say dragging - video. The advantage of this one, which is made of plastic, is not glass, and the one is infused here. It was not both damaged, but almost as you can see - and here we already have our two parts which would be the telephone and this [Music] cover of which we already paid for our machine. Now we make one side I'm not going to occupy it, and now it allows us to have better shots. Let the other camera be seen also a little better [music]. Ah, ok, another camera I also think they are going to focus on both and both are going to be recording, I. Everything always be careful when working, not here, make sure there are no screws below, because the screens are more expensive for this new model.

You can see that we are going to remove or remove all the screws quickly and keep them in this place when we are not going to lose it or something like that, we lift the [music] carefully with a scalpel, not a knife. Because now there is not so much problem, we will remove the upper part very important. There are first and foremost there are some points here that are not so sharp in a sharp point to some that are smaller. I recommend the little ones more because they are like this one. They can be called, so it works perfectly [Music] and we eliminate all of them. As you can see, and we are going to lift the lid here very important, sometimes they bring as a clip to make sure we can lift it from the top.

If you like around here, but if I come back here, trenti wants just to lift it up carefully or insert one of our nails. Ok, since it's easier to [music] on this side, I'll give you a prescription or enter on this side and now I only have to lift it. We disconnect the battery and now when we disconnect the main that is our turn to go down to logic and start testing it, and we have previously removed the fact that the Horseshoe of the laptop [Music] did not come out. Vol I carry a camera, but nothing ever happened to it. That's why I have a cloth between my legs so I don't lose anything here. Then we are going to remove the antenna [Music] and from here the old women manage to catch it.

We also have to disconnect this one from the cameras because sometimes they come up to pass on me to cut up, of course. If, for some reason, I recommend that you grab a little, it's okay to read [Music] carefully here and here support the cameras here, in case they are there. Wir lift it up and the connector supports bring it from the bottom and we remove the logic we go to the bottom. We disconnect the footprint as well as another bold screw, and what and we withdraw and we are not on one side. So you can disconnect what is east of the antennas but if they see that it is good to work, there is no problem here. There is glue, be careful when removing it, because sometimes they come to break.

It has already reached the antennas depending on you, although it is necessary because you can remove them and right now I am going to see no. The buoy would remain as the last option because I do not know whether the screen that they brought me is working or that it only touches to remove the battery. Okay and we are going to enter with the same knife or half it through the lower part of one side and another screen, and we will start to enter. Sometimes degrees are like per 100 work.

So in this way they cannot enter us, although if they cannot enter we will apply the alcohol I'm going to support the knife with another type of knife because with this I'm fried I'm going to support I'm going to try to lift it up so that it lets me in a little so that it lets me in a little it is, and also starting to cut the glue from below will be questioned and also not to damage the battery so much that they let it enter. We have now entered wind and pushing very important as I am doing this have the mark from below, because we can cut it. It is okay if they burn this isopropyl alcohol mouth remover in the part of the plastics here.

Look there, let's go back to do the same thing that I'm here for a while half pick it up [Music] if I gave them u a couple of moves that I want you to see the best shots or the best side acquires a knife in this way to cut us is totally fine. The battery is not given like other colleagues who see it as so ugly. We don't make a single battery and that's it right now. We take care of it because we have one plus the vibrator and only the pure vibrator, I think we will remove it and the footprint, but we first have to prove what is our new infra screen. The corridors we are going to put our card [Music] a cable to put the load to connect to the battery I do not know if it is charged.

That is the consumption and gray screen [Music], because who knows and I'm going to take this back and the one that is still connected and an error is not ok, cone cted the one there is a mistake. It is always worth being careful, and, as I said to you, sometimes you have to remove it from the micas, because the suppliers are not good machines. We cannot compare because peppers also reach the Chinese screen, and the truth is that they are so expensive right now and it is not convenient for me to bring several, and apart from that, several clients do not pay for these screens [music] and password. The truth is that I almost don't ask them for security, and every thing that happens to me friends.

Every thing that happens to you to what they told me, I will get a tip from that is also worth a history anecdote and so on. For it works perfect for me, just touch brown, we're going to disconnect it and we're going to start assembling. Ok, very much for my footprint and I bring my footprint here is my little girl, this [music] carefully the buoy and lifting or like some, think you, but the most careful thing that we can raise it. Taking our circuit I saw the screen and we have a new footprint. Well I'm going to try it like this, and if there is a problem we will see it [music] we place our coaxial cable. Well, one hundred [music], another important tip, always preview the cable where it goes down or up I.

We are going to start assembling now we are going to put all the bottom parts, although we put our capital since the screw is missing [Music] this screw and that is it even though we've already put our capital and we're going to put the screws down [Music]. We can divide going forward because it says this when we started and the device was created with several verticals and that's why we're going to screw the bottom part [Music] and screw the bottom part. Here you are before the vibrator and here, here, we are going to connect it, I said and lifted it carefully and I'm going to intercept it from the bottom, ready, there. They impose covers on the cameras and avoid a colleague that I have discovered the truth and it stops working.

There are several overdrafts for sale, but I feel that the plus must be raised more or for galicia and plus. The repair should be raised more and we are going to put the other national screw. What you can do is take the piece together and put it together in this way and see if it matches the screws in this case. That is, if it is perfectly accepting ours for our capital as it carefully possesses some bourgeoisie and do not put too much pressure, because if we damage the screen, I use q What problem do we get into and that we are experts or those who are experts has come to pass but if they live, 112 also I am about to uncover it. They brought it in due to humidity and we are going to check it and the truth is that you broke my screen.

It is only a simple screen for lowering it present I have never told them. They wonder about the battery The battery has kept the seals that are still original with the glues I do not know they were damaged and they don't beat it, it will remain well attached, it's well fixed and they don't worry about it, but if they want they can put double-sided tape on it. So try the device to verify the camera, charge everything before connecting. I am not going to let it be centered by the cameras, okay, but we are going to wait for the device to turn on before armeing and before putting the car in the container. There is the device that emergencies works the touch. I would like to test the cameras before handing it over to you, as I said.

We check again and that is how we assemble the device and won't be able to turn this off. You can glue it with the glue you prefer and in case I have this one even out and for h put pressure so that it is not going to move, only the destination compactor has broken the edge, the entire edge, the entire wardi, and so on to the least because it still has this glue or the original tape. We cover carefully so as not to touch the cameras list. It is going to be delivered after two hours because you are hitting at the back, okay and well fellow colleagues, followers of the channel that has all of it for the moment in this video.

It was already a super, easy and simple repair, and then what I will say to you is that we are not going to upload more of this type of content and also improve the angles of the cameras. If this video and this type of content helped, please subscribe share what you don't know the comments if it worked for you. I'm going to bring you only where it comes complete with the Charles and his frame, only where they come to hurry up the screen. Just like this frame, it looks a bit crooked than the one you see in the camera and link a boy. Ok, without any other to say it's all a mobile I say goodbye, dance to [Music]..

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