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Samsung battle a high-end from two years ago, a year two years ago, I don't recall very well a current mid-range, obviously the high-end from a few years ago, if the Galaxy 10 Plus now versus the Samsung Galaxy A 72 in this case, the Galaxy a 72 is around 500 dollars and the know this plus is around 750 dollars. If you are a person who is going to give it a lot of use normal that you are not demanding with the 72 galaxy, it will be more than enough because it is not necessary to carry something so expensive to give you the functions you need and in fact we are at 500 dollars and it is something that gives you a total of 300 dollars So if you are a person who would not affect you to spend 750 dollars on a cell phone go for the now 10 plus.

Without doubt it is totally worth these 250 extra dollars. This one and the 72 could I have a few days out there and try it out and as a mid-range it is a cool sabaneta. Amoled screen at 90 hertz in an elegant design despite being totally plastic totally elegant but instead here, it is in out 10, plus and glass. Therefore, it looks more elegant, nothing more than if we both want it that here the camera module is quite simple, very common one could say or quite generic, and for me, this camera module does not stand out, but on the other hand, in this galaxy of 72 and the camera module it is more elegant, unlike Well, from the award 10 Plus, which at least to me does not seem so elegant.

The truth is that one advantage of the galaxy 72 is that it accepts the 3.5 jack, yes, but now the 10 plus doesn't need an adapter and it accepts no adapter. The large sale advantage of the galaxy is a 72 that this has around here. If east that, at least for me, it was very useful for example, I like to edit the thumbnails I don't know what thumbnail of this video or what I don't know about the 20 games, for example these children, since these images to make the little ones so you will be moving, and everything with this is super useful for me to have dinner because of the fine point besides marking it is helpful.

This is also a great advantage of spain, but at least if you are going to use it for something like that, but if you are not going to use it for something, yes, but you are going to use it for the first few days and whatever you want, but it will not end up being as useful as it should be. Yes, you're going to use it for work and it's going to be useful, but while I am not telling you from experience, because it's the only use I give it to edit photos and that's all but outside I'm not going to use it for anything else, because it's not like that. It is comfortable to be on Facebook and be with that mother moving and being able to be merely with the hand and with the finger well.

Another advantage of the galaxy 72 is that you can expand its memory through sd card because I am not very sure, but it seems to me that it is one of the only versions, 8 with 128 and well. I think that there are not 256 at least globally but instead there is 256, because this base version of the gallant galaxy now 10 plus has 12 gigabytes with 256, that is crazy. Today it doesn't accept sd memory, but with 256. Don't think he's going to do you need the galaxy, no displays he has a thickness of 79 millimeters. What difference exists when I feel that difference in exchange for the weight of the galaxy knowledge and explosive, a weight of 196 grams versus 203 grams of the galaxy at 72 and I.

Galaxies, 72, 110 kilos I think that the vast majority of that with local action out 10 plus, but then you can say that now we are going to debate the next point that will be on the screen. That means they now look a lot alike if 6 successfully thumb. The 68 is one of luck and more than anything because this screen of the now 10 plus covers 91% of front versus 84% of front and for m.

It is the best of the now 10 plus to have his curved screen and dislike because if the 72 arrives it will reduce it a little more because they will improve the technology, but in the nou willing they already had a somewhat great perfection, but then the 72L after the aspect ratio of each screen they have a ratio of 20 ninths and in audi Instead, the 72 comes in full HD resolution, plus with a density of pixels per inch of 393, that is the samsung Audis plus has 100 pixels per inch of chinchn.

It was already the refresh side because of the refresh rate of the screen here, well the nau 10 plus falls behind, because the a 72 has refreshment, but instead the land shows leads to a practical, corning, gorilla, glass, 6 protection against the corridor and one of the three leads to 72. In addition to that, nau has a maximum brightness of up to 1200, nits being that it only reaches 800 kids at 72 and if you notice that difference on the outside the Nov 10 Plus looks great for nothing. What puts the maximum brightness to the outside of the pack is not cool.

It is the best and also well for the advantage of being a curved screen, one that gives you a better perspective, that is, it gives you more elegance to the cell phone and it looks prettier, unlike the completely flat screen of the Galaxy 72, but you can decide which screen seems better if you convert from 72 to 72 or the audio one, I think we all agree with the latter, but it will be your decision, right? Here we are going to pass the point of the fingerprint reader, It is that if I have always said that Samsungs have a very bad fingerprint reader, but in the mid-range high-end and you can see it - you can see how quickly the nou de explosives react. Obviously, both follow the samsung only that the nou de espls has a better fingerprint reader.

It seems that they call it ultrasonic, and notice the difference. But here we are going to compare the audio of both cell phones, but if both mobile phones have stereo sound in the case of the 72, it is produced here. Heh I don't know if in the audio plus, yet he plays him in the 72nd and it is produced by aka jel. He regrets that if they surprised me they both have a very good power and in quality they are very similar. That the processor will be and it is that on this occasion I know that, but usually all samsungs have an exynos processor or some other model comes only from snapdragon conversion but, for example, the higher-end samsungs come with an exynos version and a version snapdragon.

But this time I was in this plus and I decided to keep it because qualcomm, snapdragon 855 versus the 720 g of the 72, and if he 855 is, it is not him. There are about three processors ahead, but even so with the power of this processor it is enough for you to play fornet to edit free code, I use my cell phone to edit and without farts meditate 4k 60 frames per second and fast internet. Then this processing of the power that this processor has goes very well sober I think it will continue to go well for at least three or even four years. William will begin spending four years to present failures, but and at the moment it works, which is wonderful. This processor is accompanied by the graphics card, which is not 640 versus 618, which leads to 72.

In addition to this, both have ddr 4 RAM memory, but in the case of the naut, this plus, and writing memory or fs 3.1, no 3.0 versus 2.1 of 72 and scores of the Tutu. The name is plus it gives you a score that is around 500 thousand points. It suddenly gets more and peaks at around 300 and 350 thousand in the 72 because the score still varies, which is good because in reality this score left behind is just a figure that matters now in the day to day and despite the fact that the know display is nearly twice as powerful as the 72. Logically it will open the applications faster if they are quite similar, because it is a process that the processor is in charge of [music] on a daily basis. The lines that came out two months ago are not very well optimized.

You know the net for tasks for daily use for normal applications. Even so, you run everything well alak at the highest possible quality and without obstacles. Then quite well for this side that, on the other hand, we are going to talk about the hard or good software of both cell phones that if both come with wang, yue, 3.11 and 3.1, with Android 11, both both come I manual. Also, on the other hand we're going to talk about the battery of these cell phones, and it is that on the side of the galaxy 72, it has a battery of 5000 milliamps and it is a monstrosity of battle. Well, they are killing people and if it is a large battery compared to a DNA cylinder, this plus and here lives a battery of 4300 very good.

It is not a battery for all girls but if it falls a little below but still looks like a cell phone that came out years ago. I think it is a good figure because it was barely a year ago for each that the vast majority of cell phones had batteries of 4,500 and above. Besides being carefully focused, this one that has 4,300 is also a very good performance despite the fact that it has 4,300,000 empires,. This screen is so big that most of the time i charge it with a maximum brightness or that leads to its active qhd plus resolution, that is it has worked for me.

It has given me a very, very good performance and on this side it has not stopped me from seeing so much, that is a time that is around six and seven hours of screen on because of the features that have solar, also due to the small battery for size also because between a larger screen the battery consumption is fine. However, it seems to me that through updates they raised it to 45 watts, but you must purchase the original charger with Samsung directly, but it is something that I could not find. It would be to search, and it could be a test, but it would be a good idea.

It is something out there, but in addition to this, it has wireless charging as much as the cell phone - Cardinal indicates how reversible until you can download another device that accepts wireless charging through this cell phone is a great advantage. That I am not sure, but it seems that this cell phone charges 4.5 watts, instead of using wireless charging it charges up to 15 watts and, on the other hand, in the galaxy it makes between two that it has already a 5 thousand battery, but a fast charge of up to 25 watts only, and this charger is a great advantage in its box. But yes, in this section, the galaxy 72 wins a performance of between 8 and 9 hours and the sham.

The nose, 10 plus I have a performance that is around six and seven hours, maybe some days that will give you better performance, but everything will depend on the use and brightness of the screen, because most days I had the brightness a bit 75 80. This fart but if both have four sensors, starting with the galaxy that 72 which has a main sensor of 64 megapixels versus the 12 megapixel sensor of the galaxy now 10 plus, and even then launch and es plus takes much better the photos than the galaxy 72 and even though it has five times fewer pixels but as many already know, the pixel ag does not have much to do with it.

It is decided to the net and right away the wide angle lens of the one of espls that edith right about 16 megapixels versus the 12 megapixels of the 72, the 13,000 pixel lens of the 72, plus right away with the 72 that comes without a 5-megapixel macro lens and finally, the objective lens plus 8-megapixel portrait mode and as I said, the now 10, plus an extra sensor.

That has been more than anything to recon ocer, for photos in portrait mode or for some uploads, and it is called the top 3d sensor and well it has a 10 megapixel sensor in the front part of the 72 times, and obviously in that section there is the one he used to record the videos of the channel, and that nothing is a quality that has left me surprised and delighted veneta that it is such a good quality, the level of focus so fast, and even so at this Yes, the Galaxy knows that this plus is that they gave it a good score. They reviewed it more in vice than in - mar that it has been like this company Because. You can simply review solar cameras or professional cameras and give them a score, as video and in photos and in photos.

It is one of the highest scores, despite the fact that it is a solar that I tell you that it came out about two years ago, despite this. We are not going to speak also about video, that the galaxy now of espls tem allows you at 4k up to 60 frames per second and in the 72 galaxie it allows only 4 every 30 frames per second, then, It is only worth considering because they both have the same quality that they have for their rear camera. It is quite a point in favour of both cell phones, but ya, well. Ah Nun, yes, already past the final point at the end of this video, I think that, with what I have just told you I think it is enough to tell you that it is worth more than inout 10 plus,.

At least that is how I consider it to be two hundred and three hundred dollars extra for the galaxy now 10 plus it is worth it if you are a person who gets 500 dollars for your work- but if you are a person who suddenly can take out this type of cell phone more than anything else, because if it comes to steal from you I will lose 800 dollars. I could do more than anything for this, but before I brought myself to talk, it is poros of 300 400 dollars to improve the attacking numbers, or at least to not lose so much. Then they liked the video of great help to any extra questions. G ana on the comments with pleasure, the finger..

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