Change the screen of Samsung A52 equipment that does not turn on. - Galaxy User Guide

Today we bring this samsung galaxy to 52 which is internally broken and you can make it observe it has to change the original display display. We are going to let it heat for at least 5 minutes to be able to remove the lid and continue the process. I will take this tool very carefully on this side to insert it and slowly remove the lid at this stage as it really comes out very easily. So the idea is to acknowledge them that we do not have anything left on a different side.

This video, subscribe to our channel and following us on our various social networks like the cell phone lab now, I bring some tweezers and what I do and I am going to remove this protector very carefully taking into account the folds that it brings to be able to take it off. Remember that this is a change in full screen display. It is an original screen of a Samsung galaxy, a 52 as in the upper part. So I will remove that screw which holds the board before proceeding. What we must see that it is removed with the greatest care and what is the best way for this card to come out that disconnected the light the antennas on the bottom? We also rip away the freight of the lower part carefully.

Then I'm going to take the machine now to the iron to remove the vibrator, the fingerprint sensor and the battery. I did not bring it here to the iron, so I am going to apply alcohol to it preferably with isopropyl alcohol that it has a little tip to apply it on all sides and make it much easier to remove this battery then, with this little stick, you are carefully leaning it to remove the bat easily would come out. The first thing we will do is to put the battery and card into it to perform the test like this. If it is necessary to test the equipment to see that the display is not functioning totally, we go to the emergency call and we are only going to test the touch screen.

While we do the normal installation, it is more important to verify that the touchscreen that is giving an image on the screen is working so we are going to disconnect the battery, as these devices will ask for the code and we don't have it if we have already removed the light. The flex is then here I am going to remove the battery to put double glue tape on it, proceed to glue the battery so that it does not stop moving. We can glue it directly into the frame to see that we are not going to touch the flex here. In this part we remove these protective tapes here and proceed to install the battery by placing the vibrator on the charging logic, but we will first remove it here. The fingerprint sensor mount the screw that it had in the lower part of the room.

Now we proceed to connect the antennas and to install the card. I am going to remove the camera's protective. By this means I will put the card on the display. We connect the flex both on the display and in the load logic, and backed by the board in this part, I'm going to remove one of the gloves to install the protector on the bottom and then I proceed to put the screws in. Remember that all the screws are the same size, but what I did was separate the bottom ones from the top ones. If you liked this video, subscribe, follow us on our social networks. Here we are like a lab cell phone, so we connect the battery and install the work protector. It has to fit and now we are going to install the screws in the upper part and I'm going to do it.

I'm going to activate the glue then I'll go through this part with a brush and isopropyl alcohol. These films usually are not mistreated from these teams and then can be used as if the card was manipulated. Now I am going to apply a little glue and quickly make it very little to reinforce the glue side of the cover and we put good pressure on the sides and this stage is going to be insured in the same way when finished, I am going to tape it or I am going to leave it with the presses so that the stage sticks well and we use the Learn Slot: choose it Samsung galaxy a 52 we are going to do. In emergency call we are going to test the tows, since we do not have the equipment key.

We lower the curtain of notifications, and that means that the equipment was fine until now. We need to validate other functions, such as front camera, rear camera, microphones, headset and others, but we will do that when the client gives the key to us..

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