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Yes enough, power from the galaxy has a problem when accelerating not enough power, not enough power boost pressure lines broken boost pressure. Um, um, can obtain as much air as possible into the combustion chamber to achieve an increase in performance and to achieve an increase in performance means, like you can say, a rudder valve We usually have it open and clean the engine. The piston just fills the air through the air intake valve. In the time the intake valve is opened. We know how to get as much air as possible into the combustion chamber, which happens just for a certain period of time, and that's why you need a turbocharger and set the pressure in principle before the injector valve. The inlet valve also goes w.

If it is found with high pressure, fuel can be used in a variety of ways pressed. When pressed, fuel can get as much as possible that can be controlled by the control unit that allows the injector to be needed as long as possible and accordingly, fuel sounds when it is a this means In connection with the fuel, that gives the highly explosive mixture just like this below this car, this compressed air, which is hosed, goes through the intercooler. An intercooler explain this way even again. Yes, I phoned and one bottle not yet out yeah [music].

Why should you use the intercooler on a turbocharger? It is relatively warm, so relatively warm air is pressed into the combustion chamber, but warm air has a larger volume than cold air today, I do cal ten tight! That's my kind of hot breath here I just blew in here. The air inside is cold and what happens then it can now. That is why there's intercooler that ensures that the air air draws air to tell you today preventively designed, shrinks and as a result we have more oxygen in it at the same time when air is cold than warm still understood, always really briefly expanded the whole here, the situation hose was broken here at this point, then you can see en or torn or broken and dirty.

Sure, there is always a bit of oil at this point, but with the exception of iss broken it is torn and the oil escaped. So if you see somewhere near the air hose where oil ejects then you can assume that there will be an assist or a hairline crack, or that it will be new outside. Yes, we installed a so-called Air Temperature Sensor when he built the engine, because they knew that I would also find it really clever. How much air gets into the combustion chamber because you can calculate and have the measured temperature and we really don't need it. We can save a lot of money so we don't put the part in anymore. If you take a bath in this new hose, the course is also expensive from 150 euros. With the Rostocker you can program the rostocker but for us to continue with the car.

Let the house program the time that is required. One drives there, one waits the night and the workload estimates the cost at 250 euros. Only an estimate but the car has been in the same condition with the sensor, driven once as a free man, everything free, amazing cool so that the program actually needed this sensor. Then look at it at the school to paint our tool. We can't do it again, but then we decided that if the camera you catch should whine about it, so that we consider the time we spend to set up an appointment with the car, which is quite normal, to make an appointment to have it programmed.

It can be that today is really less common or tomorrow or the day after the car is three days and someone fritters at the moment for nothing because they change that, and for them it's a little thing. Maybe it is but it costs without a buck and we will just have a look when we have the problem with the cheek and that's right, everything is free with compressed air, then compressed air, all the more special bits and you will notice right away. So if he gets the video and we have a problem with ten, he knows what I mean when I stole my colleague from theft [music]. Now imagine standing in front of her at the doctor's office at the dentist. Okay, can't take it and said they do mine and also raw there. We will simply choose this thing for our people.

Yes, music, [applause], music, so that is the spare part number for the lid should probably be glued later on. That is okay that we want to do it later. We'll do that now it's also convenient later on to work here again on optical execution a little bit. Yes, a screwing that works now for that, but back with it, you can listen to the [music]. What if we cut this valley out here, sticky then that - in there, and we have finished the black glue - but we cut that the difference is. Leave small wheels in here and place a vacuum cleaner that we don't have on it only so, if necessary, only plastic that the fear of the vacuum cleaner and attention to it works more on that that we fit in there in the rim.

We glued the entire thing together then we got very hot that they merged save with a little more edge i will remove a little more for you, the better. You can see already looked good vacuum cleaner, ready to take out the bucket, even if some cool girls would stay in so when creating the suction will burn and that's it so nothing happens to cook, It did all we did in the way as we fell off, because there is that outer edge. Yes, the thing right here is a bit directly at the points there. You know which schneider grows neat and clean around. And then we still have it more stability or instability can already stick here, although it is also a carrier, are the middle way so that it can fit in there, but fits in very well occasion a little edge stand here.

Many thanks, [applause] mother's son, [music], [applause] [music] has grown the loudspeakers loud on the computer. Next I will go so far in Offenthal [music] it's wonderful to change here. What I clean under a pensioner is a bit gone. Let us say that you did not know against the other nice and then in two components glue that a team focuses it like the original. What else they do not in the factory when making these heavy ones, then, as far as where it is and here we have it a two-component glue, you can burn to 22 Flasks. Here the dolls are divided into two different chemical components, which then mixed. I don’t even know how we used to be able to survive without liver under this glue.

To the one hand, the hole also makes it appear there to definitely it gets a bit viscous like the 5. Then again I say you shouldn’t mean always and we’ll live on the naked neck this winter. Yes that’s a bit thicker there, always a cable can get it just Karl band hole got it next to Karl band. Yes and then you watch like the original, then it was dry, the dropdown is 14 minutes fixed, and then I immediately noticed the sensor and we have to adjust the sensors with our freese, and now it was ten minutes. We'll be back right here in the next few days. We're always waiting for him to come out. The back is appealing, he'll really be there soon, but at the moment it's more about teaching that if you really love the engines, then you pray directly in front of them or on your husband.

If you have a relationship with engines that sometimes friends, then you can switch off – do you have to do it only? He then has to wait at least 30 years for it I'll stop in 20 years, then I'm already in the spring david binnig 105 joschi oil loss, your room here I don't show much to tell shitty engine shitty faults talk with them with the pattern. In the workshop it is heard that you go to a workshop with these V6 engines and say I have downstairs and what is written on the car often the workshop looks at it runs between the engine gearbox and from which it rises up. On the other hand, the card comes back a day later or during the test drive. You notice that the gearbox is taken out again and because you think the new oil seal has already been installed.

The series is also really tight with the simple simmering broken again, and it is actually due to the oil cooler that all v6 engines have an oil cooler here in the middle and only then sits the oil cooler hidden from tomorrow, and for that the turbocharger has to come out. The whole performance has to go a whopping eight and a half hours of work with the cooler costs. Yes, it is actually as he was about death only that inside long. Yes, but there are also some that should definitely rhyme deformity with because it's just too hot and too difficult. You build the old one, just with this goggle seal and the whole thing again in good time, there is only the assembly for installation and removal there. I can then start there again blasting and took back to the whole area.

We still have more time is a nut to crack and that's what I had last time, namely everything had to blast, and then you realize you're already way over the gate. What were a bit of stones, the questions I, don't say, no continue on Okay and we'll take a look with our car, isn't complaining either, you can already use hd pressure completely with this stuff that two components back. It's also tough here, from each other great, that's what you have a little beautiful country ladies. Then we have pressure students there, temperature sensor there and what we can do is well.

Well because it measures that crap that we don't have pressure earlier, so crap but bit into it anyway, not even all that a pity, so exactly because that doesn't get the signal for saugatuck sensor and yes, I put no pressure on it and then it's good, but let's do it now via the center four new sensor club if you pass the market because the temperature sensors, the air sucks, and it sends a signal to the engine control unit and knows the model Moreover, where mine both came together then, let's run Choral of his office again.

That's why it's glued tightly here around the judges' associations ; what you are all gone, everything is great! Put the lid on that was just 10, 15 minutes saved money or yes, and that was right if your customer didn't do anything for because he anyway did enough other things, but that is very massively saved the money in effort and everything is good. Okay, then - and we say goodbye with - until the first thumbs up and bell. The voters show [ music ] the next time..

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