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So [Music] [Applause], [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Laughter], faded, gravity, melting away, dissolve and weightless [Music] faded into darkness [Music]. Smart [Music], so everybody is screaming and blowing your mind [Music]. So everybody is screaming and blowing your mind [Music]. So this really speaks to the title of happiness. So there's another storm in the rain [music]. Thank you for exiting to the left in the direction of [Music] travel. How do you feel after this set? I don't know man, I still remember like two years ago, yeah, the frontend blue for the blue, and this was already amazing but today I don't know it was amazing, yeah, yeah totally, I'm so happy that you liked it because, as you said, chatted from ten blue, the bar was really high.

Personally, I have really amazing souvenirs and memories from this set. Of course I mean a lot of people are riding me because of this set so like a lot of memories, a lot of money. So there are a lot of people asking questions on the online audience. Please don't hesitate to ask questions and I will ask the best one. Okay, so please don't hesitate. Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first man. Does the moon inspire you um? I mean we went there already, so I'm super looking forward to the mars, of course, but I guess the moon is like it's the same kind of sun for us.

So in the daytime you have like the sun to give you like the energy and the power and the warm weather and in the night you have like the moon which is like super inspiring and sometimes a little bit crazy in the same time, but I like it, I like it, you have a truck called the moon dancer right. Yes, yes and I have a track to the moon and back oh yeah, so yeah two tracks two tracks so um, I'm checking all the online questions. Yeah yeah did you feel any difference or challenges compared to your first circle set um [Music], of course I mean uh. The sound system is uh, not very good, not really good.

I remember I was like two times saying: no, I don't like to play there so, but I mean in the end I'm happy that I did so, but for tonight I don't know. I was like a little bit [__] up because the train was like delayed but uh in the end everything went well and I was like super happy to play here and super the location is killer. So much um question from Steven. Since you have already reached the zenith of your career.

I think I'm not like 100 at the senate because like today like last year I was playing Tomorrowland but not the main stage, so this year will be the main stage, so it's like getting a bit more up, but I think the best way to produce music is to just feel with your heart, and the people will understand, and I think the way it's like going and going yeah and you also have your level right, yeah [__] serious, so it's going good. Yes, they're really good yeah. I think I already uh one more okay, one more from Taro. What is the DJ of today that you admire the most and you like what he does uh it's easy.

It's Stefan Botson because like when I started no, when I was like a little child, there was already stuff on the bottom, so he was like kind of uh, my biggest influence, and then I know the way of bottom was like going a little bit down. He is doing like a killer stuff. I love it awesome and I have one last question. I saw on your instagram stories that you produced a lot during this winter, yeah. When will you release the new album um [Music]? The problem was that we had like so many like contract blob problems, yeah. We were already doing like this contract for two years so, but now we are set and this year we have the first single and then like months after months, one more single and finally, at the end of this year, the album is coming.

Oh I'm super happy because I have so many tracks. You know awesome and the people are waiting yeah. You know this tradition is the mystery box, a little gift that we will offer and the grand Palais, which is this amazing monument where you played tonight. Okay, we'll offer you this gift: Okay, hi, Boris one second hi! So thanks a lot for these huge amazing sets that we gave under the magnificent nave of the grand palais. No worries about the mood exhibition. I know yeah, we had a big moon behind you and we have an exhibition that will last until july 22nd and it gathers with the relationship between the men and the moon. We have a gift, a mystery box, okay, which is here and it's an engraving made by uh printers from uh.

We have art workshops here at the Airmen Grand Palais and this engraving was made by a young french artist living in New York, okay, who is called Cyprian, and his work always questions the impact of man and nature with humor. So here you have free historical engraving that he used yeah and uh, in which uh confronts its nature and urbanism, and the name of the work is urban revolution, revolution urban revolution, and so it's about uh. You know the relationship of men with nature and uh. What is the history and the remains and the results of men and everything? It's also a very nice contemporary and historical work and we are very delighted to offer that again and again to you. I'm gonna keep it all my life.

Thank you to the amazing mapping team who has done this amazing work. They will all the logos will come up on the screen. Thank you, of course, to Boris Brezza and we'll see you next week, bye guys..

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