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Power Spheras are high-tech robots with unimaginable powers. Coveted by many, these robots fled and hid themselves in various parts of the galaxy. One by one... power sphenas have been hunted down and captured by those with evil. And now... Their powers are used to wreak havoc and destruction throughout the universe. This is the story of Earth's superhero... BoBoiBoy - in his quest to save the Power Spheras and defend our galaxy. These are all fake power sphenas we confiscated from Kerat Market. Hmmm... It's inactive. Its energy source may be depleted. BoBoiBoy, wake up! You guys are late! Gopal, wake up! Forget the shower, BoBoiBoy! Ad... Admiral Tarung? Admiral, please forgive our lateness! Your Commander is waiting for you on the main deck. See you later.

Admiral, was not angry...? Hmmm... Maybe it's his birthday. The Admiral acting strangely? He would normally be roaring at us by 7 sharp. Normally he's a lion - but earlier. Good morning, Commander! Aww, relax, Commander. The Admiral didn't even scold us. Yeah, I'm not like your beloved Admiral... Uhh... Commander,. If you guys don't listen to me. I mean, I'm a nobody, just a tiny, and insignificant commander..., Psst. Admiral was unusually happy. Eh, we are NOT listening. Now, what is talking to me? You ungrateful, lot! Get out! !, Erk!, Ro.., Roger, that, Commander! Where did I go wrong for these kids to be like this... Huh... We got scolded for no reason. He even said that we were ungrateful. Hmmm... Something is wrong here. I. I, I was- Hey,? Sounds like someone singing.

Be careful, Be careful Of, your emotions, emotions, Be wary Be wary Of Emoti, Emoti, Emotibottt! What in the world... We are doomed- Yaya, Ying! They can't stop themselves! There is an unknown power sphena in this room! Isn't that a fake power sphera from Planet Junkberg? You are the one responsible for all this weirdness? Uhh... Don't come any closer! That's EmotiBot - a real power, Sphera! Oh, EmotiBot, eh? Emoti Manipulation Power!!! Coz, you weren't careful! Hmm, I dunno either. What happened to me on earth? You guys found it?! I'm really gonna throw up! You go and turn my friend into a bimbo? Blowing, Gust! Oooh... so cool...

Owwie! I lost control of myself! Don't catch me!, Emoti, Manipulation, Stop!, BoBoiBoy, Fire!, Fireball, Attack!, Phew, I'm, alright., Admiral?, I'm, sorry! Oh, it's alright, just a scratch. Emoti Manipulation Power! Oh no, he's gonna blow... Tarung Suit... Tigerbear! That's... That's, Admiral, Tarung's, power!, Fierce, face, cute suit! Stop laughing like that! It creeps me out! Here! Follow me! I was so close to becoming his victim! We told you, told you that it is dangerous, dangerous. It's better for you to run and hide from EmotiBoooottt. All of them are affected by the power of EmotiBot! That door is too thick! You think this door can stop. Tarung Suit Molezard! You can't win against him! We hide until it blows.

The longer we wait, the worse it will be! We can't fight Admiral Tarung head to head! And he also uses that awful mascot costume! It's a battle suit! Hey, you guys! Eh?, Fang?, You, okay? Still, feeling queasy? I'm fine.. Tell us what really happened, Fang! This morning... Yaya, Ying and I... Room - to assist the Commander with the fake power spheras... Except for a yellow, Power Sphera. We approached him, he became active - sudden. We were manipulated. Yaya and Ying became dance-freaks! Hmmm... Something is definitely wrong with that EmotiBot. Thank goodness I was released from EmotiBot's influence! Or else - I would beat him to a pulp! Talking big, huh? What happened to your nose? My nose got long! Looks like you have been affected by the liar's nose.

I'm not a liar - I'm straight as a stick! Admiral Tarung? What is this costume? Dare you insult my Tarung Suit! Molezard Drill Attack! Dodge, Gopal! Now you are finished! Shadow, Finger! Quit, disappearing and appearing out of nowhere! The Admiral is getting more vicious! I know!, Follow me!, Let's go!, Huh? Are we doing in this hole, Ochobot? Move faster! Hurry up, hurry!, Quick!, Ochobot!, Quick!, Molezard, Drill!, Eh?, Kamu, Semua, Kat, Sini? Quit, yapping! Pull that cable out quick! BoBoiBoy, Leaf!, Vine, Whip!, Shadow, Finger! Shutdown, this instance! Let me go!, Stop!, The Admiral's Back!, Hurry!, Tarung, Suit, Katakululu!, Eh?, Katakululu?, Hypnosis, Glare, Katakulululululu! Close, your ey-Oh no! Come here, enemy of mine.

Gopal Lie away! I don't miss my Appa! Yaya's cookies are delicious! And I love to eat them! Now Gopal!, Liar, Nose, Slam!, What happened? You guys managed to stop EmotiBot? His charging cable has been disconnected! You guys are awesome! Did you connect the cable back? You want him to attack us again? Admiral, I think EmotiBot didn't mean to attack us... You were afraid of us, weren't you? You thought that we were the bad guys who would capture and misuse you. From your reaction, I can sense the trauma that you are feeling... You are right. Truthfully, I have been passed around. From one bad alien to another so many times... That's so sad... For your info - we are members of TAPOPS!, TAPOPS?, Yes!, Tracker and Protector of Power Spheras! Our job is to rescue Power Spheras, just like you.

Thank you, God I found you guys! As a member of TAPOPS, I would do anything for the sake of all power sphenas! It seems that you still have some lingering emoticon effect on you. Turn my nose back to normal!, Awesome!, Man... Think I tore my sides laughing at Gopal's nose. You had Power Sphera EmotiBot in your posesion... How. Leave your positive comments below..

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