BoBoiBoy Galaxy EP17 | Gelora BoBoiBoy Air / Making Waves (ENG Subtitles) - Galaxy User Guide

Don't forget to click on the SUBSCRIBE button! The race on Planet Volcania is on! With BoBoiBoy Lightning on his tail! I'm going to win this race, BoBoiBoy! They are approaching the Lava River! Elemental Bike Fusion Power! Will BoBoiBoy be able to cross the lava river? Get the new BoBoiBoy Galaxy Tomica Hyperseries NOW! Each vehicle is sold separately. Collect!, Card, Materialization, Power! Rock, paper, scissors! And combine! COLLECT all 54 cards and COMBINE them to create these awesome. Get BoBoiBoy, Galaxy, Cards now! Power Spheras are high-tech robots with unimaginable powers. Coveted by many, these robots fled and hid themselves in various parts of the galaxy. One by one... Power Spheras have been hunted down and captured by those with evil. And now...

Their powers are used to wreak havoc and destruction throughout the universe. This is the story of Earth's superhero... BoBoiBoy - in his quest to save the Power Spheras and defend our galaxy. You see how I got beaten up yesterday by that BoBoiBoy? It's really busy today, Gramps. Okay, Gramps!, Hi, BoBoiBoy!, Good morning!, Hi, guys!, Morning..., This, early and you are. Use your Triple Split Power then! Since you went off-planet, Tok Aba's business has really boomed. Adu, Du's spaceship?! Welcome to Planet Earth! We don't mean us... Mr. Boss welcomes our new friend. Introducing the Lava Rock Monster ROKTAROKA! Where is that naughty boy Roktaroka has been looking.

This is that naughty boy, eh? Why don't you explain to us what you are angry about? We don't have time for that - no problem at all, little miss. He goes again... Roktaroka came from Volkania Planet. A planet that is hot, peaceful and serene. Uhh... Wasn't that the planet where we had our final test? Roktaroka lived happily at the foot of a volcano. However... One fateful day... Roktaroka went to the market for a bit... but. When Roktaroka returned - the volcano had suddenly erupted and destroyed. What could have caused such a horrible thing, Mr. Roktaroka? But Roktaroka did see a boy wearing a weird cap at the scene of the eruption! Good luck, buddy.

Since then Roktaroka has been traveling all over the galaxy in search of the Boy in the Weird Cap! Fortune favoured Roktaroka, for Roktaroka stumbled upon these two kind souls. Is this really the boy who destroyed Roktaroka's home? Of course! But that boy wore his cap to the front, not like this. Your time is up, Weird Cap Boy!, BoBoiBoy Earth! He thinks he can block Roktaroka's attack! He destroyed the Earth Barrier like it was nothing! Owwww, it's hot! Avoid close contact! Or he'll burn you! We can't get close, we'll just have to attack from a distance! Sniper Shots! BoBoiBoy, Triple, Split!, Lightning, Dash!, Lightning, Sword, Slash!, A rock cannot be affected by lightning! Can your weak little vines ever defeat? This boy... That wind will only make the flames bigger.

Can you be the one who destroyed Roktaroka's home when? If you dare!, fireball attack! Think before you, act BoBoiBoy! You should have done that before destroying Roktaroka's home! Who splashed water on Roktaroka?! Finish that nasty BoBoiBoy, Roktaroka! BoBoiBoy didn't mean to hurt you or destroy your home! An accident eh, little miss? Calm down.

This brat destroyed Roktaroka's home - then Roktaroka will return the favor by destroying HIS! Roktaroka will then return the favor by destroying HIS! That house is mine, not my grandson! Roktaroka will be back after the destruction of your home! We need water to put out his fire! How are we going to find such a large amount of water? You need to use your water power BoBoiBoy! The power of BoBoiBoy Water?! Since I got this new watch, I have never used my water elemental power yet. That means water should appear when you are calm. Don't worry, I will help you. You guys go and stall that monster! I think I'd rather stay here and accompany BoBoiBoy.

Don't drag me into this, Ying! BoBoiBoy's house is just around the corner! Dare you hit my friend! Eat these water barrels! Stop 'em, Probe!, Yes, Mr. Boss!, Mode: Mega, Probe! Please stop splashing me with water! NOT FUNNY LAH!, Fiery, Kick!, It hurts! Empty, your mind, BoBoiBoy. Be at peace. Help us, BoBoiBoy! This fire rock monster is out of control! So loud! Continue, BoBoiBoy! Don't think about Gopal. Too hot! Help!, This won't do! I'm not good at running! HELP! BOBOIBOY! HELP! Care to change your mind?! You dare hurt my friends! BoBoiBoy mastered his water power! What a calm, lovely wind. Let me catch my breath... BoBoiBoy Fire! Tok, Aba?, Calm, Down, BoBoiBoy! You need to call your water power out.

Maybe he's gonna bring out his water power! Attack that nasty boy Roktaroka! Whoa, his new power... That's not so new! Look at Roktaroka!, Lava Punch!, Dodge, it, BoBoiBoy!! What on earth did Tok Aba say to him? Woah, he's riding a wave! ROKTAROKA WILL DESTROY YOUR HOME! You need to destroy BoBoiBoy, not his home! Why is Roktaroka angry with his buddy? Roktaroka needs no fake friends to take his return! Rolling Fiery Rock! Giant Wave Slam! I'm sorry for destroying your house by mistake... You... You're apologizing? Of course! Don't be sad. We'll all go to Planet Volkania and fix Rokataroka's home. Did you tell BoBoiBoy that he calmed down enough to call out his water power? True peace does not come from your surroundings... but from within yourself.

If you want to be calm, you must focus within yourself! You saw how hectic my shop could be, but I can manage it with ease! Go and fix all the mess you made. What have I done?.

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