BoBoiBoy Galaxy EP14 | Thunderstorm Strikes (ENG Subtitles) - Galaxy User Guide

Don't forget to click on the SUBSCRIBE button! The race on Planet Volcania is on! With BoBoiBoy Lightning on his tail! BoBoiBoy Wind! With BoBoiBoy Lightning on his tail! BoBoiBoy Wind! I'm going to win this race, BoBoiBoy! They are approaching the Lava River! Elemental Vehicles Fusion Power! Will BoBoiBoy be able to cross the lava river? Woah, they succeeded! Get the new BoBoiBoy Galaxy Tomica Hyperseries NOW! Each vehicle is sold. Power Spheras are high-tech robots with unimaginable powers. Coveted by many, these robots fled and hid themselves in various parts of the galaxy. One by one... power sphenas have been hunted down and captured by those with evil. And now... Their powers are used to wreak havoc and destruction throughout the universe. This is the story of Earth's superhero...

BoBoiBoy - in his quest to save the Power Spheras and defend our galaxy. Meet me at the secret location. If my cover is blown? We need your help. What could possibly be so important? This is a recorded transmission from the Commander. Captain Kaizo. I am aware that you are currently on an important undercover mission. Your assistance is required. Several days ago, the TAPOPS Space Station was attacked! Three Power Spheras were kidnapped and brought to this planet. Proceed to Mini Circus Planet. We still don't know who the kidnapper is. I won't surrender! Captain Kaizo! That's the ship of my disciple! He Defeats, Captain, Kaizo. Dare you ignore me - Enough talk! Energy, Blade!, Wow...!, Petrifying, Cement!, You, okay, BoBoiBoy?, I'm, okay., Don't worry.

Petrifying cement! Shadow Grasp! Let me fight one-on-one with this clown. He's so cool!, Go, Boss!, Mr, Boss, Forever!, Hmph, show off. Power, Sphera, ApiBot!, The third Power Sphera!, Be careful! How many power sphenas? My scanners detect... four power spiheras near him. Four...? Now you have met your match! This fire is so intense! Are you planning to hide? Don't just spit anywhere you like! That's what you get for going against me!, Energy, Blade, Slash!, No!!! ApiBot is free! Energy Blade Slash!, Heh., Easy., Yay! H.... How did the Captain dodge this attack? He drilled into the ground beneath right before the flames started engulfing the energy barrier.

Let me at that darn clown! Shadow, Fingers! Come here, you! I'm gonna teach you a lesson! Retrieve all the power sphenas - and arrest the criminal, Jugglenaut! He gets bigger when he presses his nose? His nose is actually a power sphera! How did I miss that? Ooh, I can see his muscles and veins! Put me back here! Dodge! Slash Energy Blade! Gigantic Punch! Gigantic Punch! Uhh, but... Energy Blade Cyclone! Are you waiting for, Fang?, Gigantic, Twin, Punches!, Layered, Energy Barrier! Energy Barrier Transference! You are only a delay to your inevitable doom. Dare you hurt my friends! I can't just let this go.

BoBoiBoy!, Your Power Watch is still unstable! BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm?! Thunderstorm Vortex! He uses his secondary powers? You mustn't use these powers at all, BoBoiBoy!, That hurts!, Heh, impressive., Thunderstorm, Slash! Just when I thought I had met my match! Captain Kaizo has a new mask?! He is using his Amber Power...? Amber Energy Blade! Amber Energy Barrier! So you're still going to hide in that pesky ball? Amber Energy Binds! BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm! Mega Thunder, Strike!, More!, Stop, BoBoiBoy!, Splendid., Eh?! Don't hurt me!, How cute! All the time to perform his tricks. Gather all the power sphenas, Gopal! Thanks, Fang! But I'm fine. Let me check your Power Watch. You mustn't use your secondary powers anymore. Otherwise, this Power Watch may get damaged like before.

You need to complete all your first tier powers? Only then will you be able to safely use your secondary powers. You are the one who defeated that clown. You guys managed to rescue the kidnapped Power Spheras! Weren't you guys avid supporters of that 'juniornaut'? Return them to the TAPOPS Space Station. Captain Kaizo is already leaving? He needs to continue with his undercover mission. Let me go! All power sphenas have been collected, Commander!.

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