BoBoiBoy Galaxy EP09 | Katakululu's Hypnotic - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys! Don't forget to click on the SUBSCRIBE button! Power Spheras are high-tech robots with unimaginable powers. Coveted by many, these robots fled and hid themselves in various parts of the galaxy. One by one... Power Spheras have been hunted down and captured by those with evil. Intent. And now... Their powers are used to wreak havoc and destruction throughout the universe. This is the story of Earth's superhero... BoBoiBoy - in his quest to save the Power Spheras and defend our galaxy. Faster, Probe! Roger, Mr. Boss! Huh? Sheesh... So you're just boss, us around? Give us a hand. Psh. The captain gives only orders. It's alright, Gopal. I'm actually planning the rest of our mission. Planning. Our mission? After two days of walking... We've reached HERE.

And after a day of walking, we'll arrive at the delivery. Point. We gotta carry those things: one more day? No, way... My, poor, back! Remember Commander's words. Did you receive the info I sent you? Don't, you dare return before the mission is complete! We can't return? Make sure receipts and laundry packages are received! Huh?! How could you, Commander? You know there are tree demons here?! Ugh! Awesome...! This mission is crucial! Those receipts and laundries aren't delivered. Tapops will not get any reinforcements! Commander! We've got to finish this mission! If not... TAPOPS, the space station will continue to be in danger. The commander was never mentioned.

Who are we supposed to deliver these to? Who do you think it could be, Fang? Couldn't the Commander contact this person directly? Tell them to come, and get the stuff themselves. He could still have told us who it was supposed to be! I'm sure the commander has his reasons. Let's just follow his orders - Huh? Wha...? You believe this guy, Fang...? Huh?! !, Hmmph., Sleep tight, then. Let's go! Gopal, wake up! What's up with you, BoBoiBoy...? Huh...

what...? A-are those rocks?! Protect the laundry bundles! Shadow Wisps! Elemental power! BoBoiBoy Earth! Earth Barrier! The heck were those things attacking us? Transform them, Gopal!, 'banana-leaf, rice', Transformation!, Yikes!, That, thing is ALIVE! My powers won't work on it! We make a stand! We gotta run! We can't let those bundles get damaged. Really gives me the creeps, BoBoiBoy! Sshhh! Hurry up Gopal! They are not chasing us anymore! Phew, we are safe! Adu Du?! Are you doing here, Adu Du?! Adu Du? Dare intrude on my territory?! Lululu! What is happening?! My arm is gone numb! BoBoiBoy, Wind!, Wind Blasts! We gotta run! Grab my hand Gopal! Dude, are you JOKING? My arm is dead. Hey. BOTH of my arms are dead! This guy...

Ouch! Fang! Wait! BoBoiBoy Earth! Wait! Earth Burst! How am I supposed to eat now?! Stop panicking, Gopal! Come here!, Shadow, Panther!, Attack! No one shall escape my wrath, lulululu! Duck, Fang! Ow... You've lost. Where is the last one, lululu... My arms! What am I gonna do - Wargh! Wuhuhu... Ugh...! I can't move! Our laundry, bundles! Well done, Probe-lululu! Let us go, Adu Du! I am NOT Adu Du-lulu!, Erk!, Okay, Okay-lulu! It's just Mr. Boss who lost his mind. Yeah.... It's why I tried to stop you. But you attacked me... What. Mr. Boss has been hypnotised by a frog! Hypnotised by a frog?! Hey, I'm a robot! I can't be hypnotised! What's with the racket back there?! Enough! We are here Olululululu.... Wh.... What kind of frog is that?! Behold! My Master! Katakululu.

Olululu olulululu.... We are on a laundry delivery. Why is Gopal revealing the details of our mission? Are you delivering to? There has to be some kind of connection between the items and the recipient. When hypnotised he has brains. Help me get Mr. Boss back to normal. I have no idea what you are talking about. Ah!, Hmm. You, Probe-lulu!, Forgive me, Mr., Boss! How dare you! Shadow Falcon! Attack! Gopal-lulu! Attack them! BoBoiBoy Triple Split! Food Transformation Blasts-Lululu! Earth Barrier! Fried Frog Transformation-, oops., Err., I mean., Bug, Blasts-lululu!, Eww!, Creeping, Vines! UGH!, OI, WHAT IS, WRONG, WITH YOU?! Transform-, Earth Grasp! Turn my friend back to normal! To my side! Protect your master! I'm coming, Master-Lulu! Wait, Mr.

Boss! Shadow Binds! Stop, Mr., Boss! Wake up! Snap, out of it, Mr. Boss!, Ow, ow!, STOP!, Ow-lululu! They were all under its thrall... Okay. Katakululu., The hypno-frog I've been searching for all this time. Thank you for helping me catch this little fella. Who is that, Fang?, That's..., That's Admiral, Tarung!, Admiral Tarung?! Let's scramble, Probe! Ouch... That's our mission. These are from the TAPOPS Space Station, right? Thank you for delivering my laundries. Only members of TAPOPS are able to decipher these receipts. A message from Koko Ci?! TAPOPS Space Station is in danger?! We run out of time! We move now! You... you have no idea, Probe...

That Tarung was a former TAPOPS Admiral! He is known for his harshness and sheer skill! He seemed to me pretty mild? Send your laundry to TAPOPS? Since my retirement, I have ceased all means of communication... all except for encrypted transmissions with TAPOPS. They are my only connection to the outside world. Oooh..., so that's why., Not to mention, I'm still in need of clean clothes. But... Were you doing in Dar'ghaya Planet? Tracking and researching all kinds of strange, exotic species... Like Katakululu here. Why, to protect and preserve them of course..

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