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[Music] Hi, it's john from Android alex and today we're going to be looking at the BlackVue a60. So this is the cheapest android phone that I've seen to date with a six inch screen. Now the screen itself isn't exactly anything to write about its 1280x600 resolution, which is very low but for the money it pays. I guess you can't really expect too much and just remember, before we open this up, make sure that you prevail always in kind, so that the box isn't too bad. It's a nice presentation. When you open up inside, we see the phone here with a protective screen cover on top, just reinforcing the specs of the phone. Here you can buy a green instead of black or gold version, but I thought I would go for the blue version here and just look a nice sort of shiny blue.

It comes with a sort of jelly Tpu-case, which is a nice thing to have. It doesn't exactly line up with its cutouts, but I guess it is a 50-pound phone. So we have to just remember that we have the micro usb for charging and data here on the bottom. We have a three and a half millimeter headphone jack on top, no buttons down the side and we have the power and volume rocker on the right side here we have the front camera in its waterdrop style. Notch effect here and you can see the screen does not go all the way to the bottom here, but it is slightly rounded at the corners. I would recommend running your thumb or thumbnail along the bottom here and then taking this off easily. The battery here is in theory removable but you would need to contact the manufacturer to get replacement.

You can't just buy these and here we see the Dual Sim setup in the top corner. I have another sim slot on here and we have a micro SD slot on the right there so that after you pop your sim and your memory card, if you wish just clip it back together and we'll take the screen protector off and we'll boot the phone up. So, while this is displaying, it is powered by android go that is 8.1 oreo, which is the latest version of android go for this phone right now, Android Go is basically a cut down version or a more restrictive version of android, which is very restrictive on the amount of apps that can run in memory. It is quite ruthless with its memory management just because this has only 1 gig of ram.

It now runs a um cortex a7 at 1300, megahertz, 1.3, gigahertz, and that's a four core processor and gpu is a arm mali, 400 mp2 with two cores. So underneath, we have a vip card with some details about this type of warranty. Here we have an instruction manual, that tells you about the different section of the phone. How to insert your sim card have to send the SMS, etc. Here we have our wall charger, 5 volts, one amp. So it's a very basic usb charger and we have our standard micro-, usb, cable, nothing else in the box, no headphones or anything else. So as you saw in the instructions there, this is a notification the it is in the top right of the phone screen. You can't see it without it being turned on, so you can see the charging device here.

If you receive a message or miss notification, the led will appear at the top and you can also disable it. Just bear that in mind and what we're going to do is just go through what's pre-installed and just try and understand exactly what you get with Android go. So now you get these pre-installed UH Google Apps here, so youtube go Maps. These are basically cut down versions of the full apps that are available and are meant to save data as much as possible because this is designed for people with a limited data plan. So maybe people just run their network off of their mobile rather than wi-fi, but you can also install the full-blown applications. If you wish so, you do have the option, but if we open one of the go apps, we'll just have a quick look and see how it's different.

Okay, so there's not a huge difference on the front screen here, but you can tell that you have less options so when you have home and downloads and you can access the ability to share your downloads with anyone nearby, you can search and obviously go into your account here. The main thing: You will notice when you click on a video. Here and we can see the different rates here, so basically it's reducing versions of apps that you already know and it is just to try and help you save data as much as possible, so performance wise it's not fast, I'm not gonna lie it's usable and as a backup phone i think it'd be absolutely fine for a phone for a child who just wants to play a few basic games. If you know you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, your phone dries and you need a map.

You could then simply pop this out and you have your 4 000 milliamp hour battery and you have maps that will run pretty quick and get you out of a tight situation. As I said, if you simply download the full app and use it on it then you have the option to save the maps offline OK, so it comes pre-installed with the Google keyboard and response. The vibrations actually appear a bit after touching it so I’ll probably turn them off in comparison to a more expensive phone. So I'm just testing the uh rear speaker here to see how it sounds now, I've done some calls with it and it did sound a bit tinny.

It did blast the speaker a bit with the voice I had going the other day so I'm just going to try it with a video and we'll just see how it sounds so remember if you're holding the phone like this, your top right finger could cover the speaker somewhat. Unless you hold it like this, in which case it should allow the sound to escape again if you are holding like this you may cover it quite a bit while in your hands, but let us give it a try and see what it is like.

This is quite a nice little application which allows to open apps that shouldn't normally be allowed to be opened in split screen view in split screen view, so once you've enabled this and enabled multi-layer all apps It does blast the speaker a bit too much and makes it quite loud and not great but normal listening levels are absolutely fine, as you can see here. Whilst I am watching this video, it seems to have some issues in the registering screen presses, and we can see in this. So let's try another video application, such as Twitch, and you can see it plays fine but struggle when you rotate, so we are not going to remove the chat.

But what I have noticed is that if you try and increase the quality to 720p, for example, it starts to struggle to place so I would probably leave it on 480p while watching videos on twitch. Okay, so I'll just try a few games out there, we've got mobile legends here, so you can see that it's slightly laggy when loading characters etc. Now you can see there is actually a pre-installed screen protector here, including some bubbles. It probably doesn't help the screen uh sensitivity either, but what I found while testing this for several hours is that as soon as you load into a game, it actually runs okay. It's sometimes a little bit of lag when there's a lot of activity happening but yeah you wouldn't have problems though. It does take a while to load up.

The storage is a bit slow on this phone, but other than that it was pretty good. You can tell it's not obviously 60 frames per second, but it's definitely more than playable, OK, so another game that people may buy this phone for their children is Roblox. Now I've set the quality settings here to the very lowest possible and remains a bit laggy, especially when people are loading in or the levels are loading up. Basically if you're in a smallish game like this one I play here it's not bad, but still noticeably laggy. You can see now that we moved outside it struggles a bit more to cope, [Music], okay, so we'll load another robots game and i will just show you the speed.

Okay, I had to mute this one because some horrendous music is playing from their boombox, but you can see here that this game here really is not playable whatsoever. You know that an open world like this with a big map will be running at about. Okay what about three or four frames per second OK, basic games such as candy crush again absolut fine. The load speed is a bit slow but once you are in it is absolutely fine, okay. So how about simple web browsing and by default we will go to the blackvue homepage here so we can just have a quick scroll. Let's start with one of the videos: loading, okay.

We are only on the Bbc News website here and you can see the performance is pretty good, takes a few seconds to load up the images but definitely more than usable, a bit slow to rotate to landscape mode but once it appears it seems okay, [Music], okay, I'm just going to, to do a phone call and put it on the speakerphone. This is on the maximum output of the speed phone and I point the speaker at the rear of the phone towards my microphone just to see how good or bad the quality is. Hopefully this will give you a bit of an idea as to the sound quality that you get from this rear speaker, but previously the sound of the voices seem a bit muffled or broken when played at large or high volumes.

That is, and I think that really is a bit of a shame, because if you play a tight bit low it doesn't really blow the speaker out, but anything above just over midway does seem to blow the speaker and it doesn't sound too good. So you get a bit of an idea of the quality of the microphone inside the phone itself. It says it's on the screen itself in HD so whether it's wi-fi calling or something I'm not sure so yeah. Apart from the rear speaker where it sounds terrible um, but for normal calls through the earpiece or through a bluetooth, headset or wide headset. So last but not least, I'm just going through the camera modes here and we'll take some photos I'll take some videos outside and we'll see how the phone compares.

This can shoot in 720p video, focusing works though it is not the fastest in the world, but as you can see it does work so yeah, like I say, you don't get much uh many other options. Other than that, you can choose whether to turn the microphone on or off, which is a nice little feature, and whether or not you saw the location. You can get your kind of nice bokeh effect, which actually looks quite good. Now, after the phone takes a photo, you have to wait a short time but yeah you get a nice array of options. Let's take one here, you can do a panorama photo or even go into the pro settings and play around with the white balance and exposure settings so yeah, I'll take it outside.

This is running at the maximum 720p resolution and this should hopefully give you a bit of an idea of what is capturing the voice, and also that there is a bit of a lack of video stabilization, but see what the colors are like. There are some good blues on the screen, at least it'll be interesting to see what this is like when it is paid back. I've gotta keep an eye on where I am walking because there is a lot of dog poo around but uh yeah I can tell it's not too bad. It looks like a 4x3 screen ratio, but uh other than that the screen looks pretty clear. We have up to two times digital zoom, so I'll be interested to see what noise cancellation is like.

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