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And this one is the galaxy s20 plus It is no longer the top of the samsung top of the line and cargo that is left for the s20 ultra but still it is an evolution over the last year and brings out a lot of interesting things. This one will be my unboxing of it to show all the features that this new device can bring to you, and of course if you like it there is no registration to buy at the launch of this video here in Brazil. It should arrive on the eleventh of March and from there we will have links right for the stores. And please click and let's start talking about it, not boxing of course. You will see here from the back that it is super dirty there that I will remove the plastic.

It still has the same concept as the previous devices, but now it has this grid of cameras in cooktop style with that right. It has a totally new design and you will be delighted to feel it taking off the old plastic, it really turned out really nice I think there is something missing from the rear I like it a lot more the layout of the 51 por, and it looks a little empty here, I think it's a little empty and its case is made of this plastic. You can see that the edges are higher, so that it is more protected from any kind of fall, but to be honest, I liked the s10 plus case a lot more I want a hard case, so that it gave me more confidence.

Let's talk about the body of the device, ok, it's a device that is thicker than last year because this is a trend year where you will have thicker devices I will try to put it here, side by side with the s10 plus to show you that this is a trend that we have already seen at least 10 singers o sao that we have already seen in Huawei, and that around here is not the worst, so he has a So the note 10 lite is going to be another model here, on my side that I was not going to use but now I'll use it, it manages to weigh 200 grams. While this is 186 here and it follows the trend of to be a little more I, I don't know how to say what it is lighter. For this reason and reduce measures, so that this device has 4,500 milliampere-hours of battery.

The Nando is a screen that can be seen that it's longer, so if you put it on the s10 plus here, you'll see that it is a little taller, so it is 20 by 9 compared to another model that is 19 by 9 if I'm not mistaken. Besides this screen here it is also 120 straight, so that you can run the resolution at 60, hertz or resolution at 120 hertz - and this is a very cool experience. He was using Ample 7 which has a 90-Yext tacked screen and he was not liking it. It was very much in this year, and samsung was of course doing it because it is a year where they want to sell this type of screen to samsung and one manufacturing screen 120 hertz for other companies, and they need to push the market to be able to sell more of these screens and as always, their screens are very cool.

All models s20 and this ultra have 120 Hertz in full hd and it's really cool. If you not only have fewer borders when compared to last year and I need to keep them working here, I was still downloading everything else, but also the camera part is smaller or else this little ball here is much smaller than these two that we had not s10 plus and you can see that not only is the chin that someone calls you down here, but the top of it has much less user edges. It started to appear in other models with 10 minute and others feel so funny when the other competitors started to get closer to this curved edge. Samsung reduced the curved edge.

This is really cool because the size of the device it is on needs to be a little bit more and it has a more ergonomic grip, and this is helping a lot of beauty. So we have already talked about his body, which is a little thinner than the screen that has less edges. The snapdragon arrived only in the united states the 865 because they can have 5g there and here in Brazil. Let's be honest : it is not worth it having 15g, as it probably will arrive only in 2020, so they brought us the ex. For now they call it ex 990,. I decided to run Antutu. So while we talk about these specifications a little bit more, let it go down here and it will probably be one of the best of the year. We know that water will normally go a little better, but the ex shouldn't do too bad.

So it's a very powerful cell phone, it's great and what I want to do is probably a new video in the near future to use samsung dex to form a platform to work all the time I go there and do the test with dex, who is always present here, use a small screen that I will show you how the result is for see how this experience is done, and we have almost 510 thousand points on Antutu, right? Let us remember that antutu has made its numbers a little increase, but this is still a very good number, and it reflects a lot because this device will bring it into the next or throughout the year. Another important point is that it still uses glass, it has wireless charging, it has ip68 and everything else.

Here we still have the cell phone that hasn't gotten as much cooler from this first round of Antutu. Ok, let's test more with games, I think I wonder if the game can zinho here rodrigo I can give a little color a little fairy to bruna because I don't play fortnite until the start, a game will take a while mba, even I managed to download it 5gb. Let's talk about the rest of memory specifications; we start with 8gb in this bigger model, but it can go up to 12gb and we also have sound storage that can go up to 512 and I already show you that the tray is triple or not because first we are here in the pre-match to show this beautiful resolution and what it is like to play 120 hertz with bruno, but you are not playing 120 hertz right for sadness.

It's that with the future there are more games and you played 120 hertz and then of course you'll have an excuse to buy a more powerful cell phone with a better screen like this one. The com The beginning of this 120 Hertz phase, for example fortnite, has already, if I'm not mistaken, appeared for the iPad Pro at 120 and rightly for the others, but it should be soon for Android. Another interesting point where this additional performance can be used is in dex mode. You can open documents here, at the same time open a chrome browser and the truth is that they are not running parallel. It kind of holds the last image that was there and then it doesn't work in parallel. It kind of holds the image, and then you go back to the application and give you an alt tab almost.

I really like this function because it's like I've mentioned before if you don't have a very professional use I use some specific software very heavily like a dango like this one. Rodrigo gives a focus that I won't be able to show so much here on the camera that it's on the edge like a dandanzinho like this, you can already leave your table structure to just turn it on, and it already works as your desktop computer as it is right here You can put in the games info screen. It also gives more or less that it's not the best of the options and it is not the best of the results because the games are still designed for the cell phone touch and when using the mouse, it is kind of like a mouse and trying to simulate the touch.

But it is not the best experience yet, but it's pretty cool, I'm going to charger back. We have another important point, it's not only 25 watts but a cell phone can be charged at 12 watts, wirelessly or without hood. But a really important point is that the cable is only the two ends of them being sbc. This makes life a lot easier for both sides, you already have a cable to make a high-speed transfer to your computer like this cable here, you can enter your cell phone here, wait a minute to show you and not just send the cell phone to the dex, because it has this function or virutex cell phone or it sends a screen to your windows, or you have a third way I am not seeing here. Ok this from here you can send messages, photos and other stuff to your computer.

Let's talk a little about the camera I'm going to play, I'm not going to play it's not that it's going to break the cameras are the main differential of this equipment. The cameras are now the main one like this in the back. There is also a main camera of 12 megapixels, an ultra wide camera also of 12 megapixels, following the pattern we saw in the s10 last year. And finally we have a Zoomcam that m - 64 megapixels. The company's idea was to bring more resolution to this camera. That will give us a very honest schematic from the tests that we have done. I'll show it here only, Rodrigo gives an emphasis here. There's a somewhat strange point that can be a little confusing when you buy it as a previous model, which is the following.

When we enter the telephoto mode that zooms in, it goes straight to three times the default is always twice so when you put together, comparing with the model in the previous you start, there are some results that are not so cool because it is forcing these a hybrid, the one of three months. It is already a mixture of both besides being a little more closed as a 64 megapixel and some are displaying results on the screen. In addition, when you click on this option, Samsung try to zoom up to 30 times but you can already see here that the result is not so cool I. Don't understand why ne on this camera, they say that the maximum is thirty and on the s23 camera they say that it is without because the quality is really bad.

Du 'n't want to be silly I'm going to give this one up, I can't see anything like it. The coolest thing though is that the other camera is recording and showing exactly where you used to leave this time. It makes it much easier to see where to show things when the functions most of which received an upgrade from one year to the other were the video part. So let me show you a little bit here: the only socket it is already configured by default here on the cell phone so it shows the interest of Samsung to show that if fashion and what she does next, you will record for a few seconds what you are doing right then play here and she will select some scenes and already produces some effects. It will change which the different captain puts filter and etc.

There is an option with a filter and what I don't and so far in their promotion, video shows people jumping in the pool and when a lot of people jump together later, he focuses on what moved in several things we tested here with Rodrigo with salty and mateus. It only showed me several practically identical video situations, both the stand cut and the cut lying down, but always the whole week and not the Zoom scene. How is it that if you record with this large resolution, you will lose a little Hdr and also lose your stabilization, so you need to be very careful when and how to use it, and so we spoke of the rule. You can upload it directly to youtube so that edit it here on your cell phone, do the Pyload and that's it.

It may be something that is an evolution in the market, but for us to understand it a little difficult. I think the most interesting thing is to know that your cell phone can then catch this video and I'm going to record it here fast and 8k and you can type directly into it. The phone is getting more and more capable of which i keep imagining from these years that yes to being able to do with it. But interesting is that I edit it in 8k on my cell phone point. You can come here in the application to put it, put my password here and my finger allows it because the first time I use it - and here you already have a tool of editing from Samsung that they are also having a lot here again - you will have to learn to use this.

One is cool, but maybe it's not the most useful thing anyways, there is at least another point that not so many people comment on, but it is a very good thing to have changed and developed over the years. Is that you can change the camera while you are using your cell phone, so I will make an example here for you, after Rodrigo, will put the example plo the following I am talking about here and when I press the button it already switches to another camera. Another point is that I'm recording here I can open it to another angle or normal or after giving another one. It doesn't make a cut as dry as it was before or with some difficulties, as we had seen before. What made me choose the iPhone, and now we have already a very similar situation here at Samsung.

The problem from my point of view and what we are going to show in the videos now is that the camera says one of them has a lot of color correction, bad, very bad. There is also another interesting thing: ok I don't know if it can be seen, but when you zoom, it appears that this little microphone I already had from the Galaxy Note 10 line, which is a microphone zoom, so it stays focused, is where you are filming to bring in some better, better sound. The function, I won't be able to show you here in short time that the cameras are already heating up. We already have more to talk about this, but now we have the quick transfer, which is this specification here so you can transfer documents from one cell to the other or whether it's almost like it is not a Samsung drop.

It is not clear if it can be transferred to other equipment, but between Samsung. We can transfer documents quickly and I'll test it for you, we'll talk about it in the review until that's all Galaxy s20 has again, there is a lot in. The galaxy s10 is still a very cool option and if it drops in price it's almost the same. It has a very similar screen there. If you have any questions about this device please leave it here in the comments. Please leave a like, as we will use your comments to publish the full review that comes out in the next few weeks. We went through several specifications and, of course, if you liked it, remember the links in the description, so that is it..

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