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And who would say huh... guys, I have two intermediate Samsung smartphones. If we take the launch price of the two we can buy a motorcycle 7100 reais. It's a joke, a deal like that but, of course, I didn't pay the crazy price they were launched. We have here: The Galaxy on the day 72, that fi of a mare there. It was officially launched, launch price, 3,800 reais, It's a joke, this people's business and we have the regular galaxy 52 that has the 5g version, but I haven't bought it yet and it was released for 3,300 reais, adding the two 7100 and Brazil does not rotate,. It turns out we have to make the glass of these devices and we're going to make the following people, so that it doesn't become a mess right, a lot of information, that crazy thing, Let's do the following.

I'm going to put the a 72 here next to the a 71, right, his little brother friend that we are going to compare, I mean I'm just going with buy these two there. Has yet the finger subscribed, activated the bell to receive notifications, always in the videos everybody has that I didn't like it, because we are going to do it. What no people I didn't pay 3300 RAIIS as Samsung wanted, don't be reprimanded in the name of Jesus boy. I got a promotion there at the magazine Luiza, you even became a blue bag. Here in the magazine I said I think I have 2200 almost 2,300 reais there the other day I went to look. It was the cheapest to see here, still boy, to look at the thousand a hundred and little reais. That's one hundred and [ __ ] like that overnight he will change.

Yours is out soon, right, people and remembering that for that price, about two thousand 2100 Já Nossa, it is cool for what it offers by the configurations I've already researched, study technical specifications. It is not possible to say it is absurd considering the situation in Brazil. Everything is now very expensive for God's sake, right, it's three r$ 1300 You're kidding me. I may even do the following: I will leave a reliable link in case even describe. Here you want to buy this fi from a mare. If it has a price which I mentioned in the house of the law of two thousand. Apple then removed the chargers with this cuteness. I don't know what but I think that it must have come in these devices.

It's waterproof here, right it has epi protection Look at the format of there, ip67 being able to withstand up to 1 meter deep right, for half an hour. Let me put it to him by calling soon and this screen has also changed a lot compared to the previous model. He wants a series, then nothing is here in the touch is plastic, and it goes straight up. It goes up on the feathers in the catombo and here on this side we have the volume on and off. We have Egypt, the chip slot on this side actually has the microphone. Here we have the audio output, USB connector, the microphone and the headphone connection right. It's cool.

Of course, I can't help but show you the chip, slots, right, I always like to show you that it is a hybrid slot so you have to use either a chip card or two chips and no memory card and see the rubber there. That's what gives Zinho protection, right to prevent water from escaping inside and people look there's only the seam here, you see there's the little part in the middle,. Here is the seam, there is a lid, it's a little reminiscent of the removable lids and there's Zinho plastic here. Then it says it goes from 10 to 15 watts of power, so 15 we will let it go and to finish we have the USB, type-c, cable and Samsung is serious that the lady didn't put headphones on. Next step now take out the charger now it chipped, see why headphones and case, right Samsung took it off.

I'll play some here and will come back to say that my first impressions with it are good, Moreover, the view angle helps a lot. We have here a full HD Plus screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hair that I always explain to you, right, people, What is left is the amount of time, for God's sake. The screen updates each second - Standard - let's say 60 90 is already cool - You can already have a better perception of fluidity, which means it slides more quickly for games, It's even better feeling on a screen of 90 is 120 is much more very good. Let me open it here: o Game Launcher I'll open the game here code so you can get an idea of the resolution at which it can remind people that t has external sound. At the same time, this is very good if I put it here to the maximum.

There are a lot of reasons for Samsung, for having it given up to mystery and as for the graphic quality that it supports, look at that, folks. However, it is a very good processor, very efficient, right in both performance and battery saving and everything else, and it has 6gb of RAM memory. Ok people I played it a little bit and I noticed a slight heating in this region. It managed to reach 40 degrees Celsius, which is not absurd. But probably, if I had continued playing a lot for a long time, I wouldn't have had air conditioning or anything. It would go beyond that and then maybe it starts bothering me a little bit now. Here it also works, see it and it does not take long, but about the battery what happens inside we have a battery of 4500 mm hour.

Isn't it bad the 4500 isn't bad, and if you forget a little bit there are several other models with a 5000/6000 battery that have their own functions. That has a n51 7 billion battery hours, but it's a shampoo I don't weight, damn the device that wouldn't fit inside this one of course. You would be better now of an interesting observation that I want to make for you, it's about this lid. You know how fragile we went in with very thin plastic. You hit this and here, if I didn't, have the feeling that he gets in a little he is kind of sinking he is not touching anything here. Look I have this feeling but of course most people will buy a cape and will use cape and film I recommend very late case and film then.

Maybe you won't stay there with that sense of fragility, not about the operating system. It's actually updating we're here with Android 11 See, that version of Android 11, One Way, the Samsung 3.11 interface, so ball show, is updated in order, full of functions right, the Samsung interface I always say it gets very repetitive right, but I do like it. People don't really like Samsung I interface, think they have's adding several and several features. Samsung doesn't work pay. Radio has some is needed, I think it has which Tik Tok has some things 99 that a lot of people won't use, So just come, hold it and click here on uninstall, It helps in the performance in storage, in everything right on the device But. It has 64 mega pixels here, the other one, the air of this more open one.

It's just that it has 5 Megapixels of resolution, so it's already cool, it is a camera that is very close taking pictures, so with 5 Megapixels resolution, I think it's good size and it has a fourth camera right, which is a sensor for the blur mode, also of 5 Megapixels, for you to use here, for example where you see a portrait mode? It will help to measure and blur what is not part of the main object You can go back to main and, of course, you can lose some quality, but you can only do this here. This possibility that Samsung gives you and during recording you switch between Ah.

Since I have shown the functions, some of the functions and the camera application now it's time for me to show images from the photos I took with it, remembering what I'm going to leave a link in the description to Google Drive. You can see all of the photos I took with it, so many that I've already taken as the one I'm still going to take that I always put on the drive I want it stronger and I'll put it there on the drive, then you can go back in the video and there goes back in the bass she's always doing even after you see the photos, because yes this device supports recording in 4K with the front camera Estrada there, right?, it's just if Po,.

So it can happen that this white sky looks like this, right, but look, I'm walking here near the plants stabilization in my normal view, right, I'm holding the calm arm, They 'll pay attention to the audio recording, all the details'right. They'll pay attention there, but now I'm going to do the following : I'm going to switch to the main rear camera. Let's see the main camera of Look guys bring him to the same place in the same situation. I was also for you to see: how did HDR change, right? If the sky were less blown, they are saying that you should pay attention to the details. Ok, stabilization you are active It's really in 4K main rear camera to change too AND.

The stabilization is active, ok, so see if it really turned out much better than with the front camera, it is good to pay attention, as always I stand here and there I switch to Ultra White camera, the most open camera, and then you will notice that it will see much more, even with the same distance from the armout. Now, with the Ultra White camera I don't need to stop recording to change to another Iau, I have simply the Zinho option on the screen that you change during the recording. This is very good Man. This is very cool to assume that it has been doing this on top of the line devices for a long time and now that it isn't only bringing it, You mean that it is, but so people pay attention to all the details.

And you came out with the audio that just to finish, you can also put Zoom right, 2x I activated it now during the recording that we both see. And then he's filming, much closer, right, but he probably is using the main camera he's using the normal camera even though he has digital ready near me. He saw the photos, watched the videos and now I want to know your opinion. It then goes looking for the whole head here, but it's a 52 ok settings, it's consistent with pr I know at least the prisoner he is today right 2200, almost 2016, two thousand and one hundred Happy man I remembered 3,300, 3000 and how many reais I buy a Galaxy s20 Plus Boy You're Crazy But. I hope you enjoyed the video I'll stay here..

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