AmFilm Galaxy S21 Ultra Tempered Glass & Film Screen Protectors - Galaxy User Guide

What's up everyone tony here with high tech check and today we're going to be taking a look at ams films screen protectors for the brand new galaxy s21 ultra. Amfilm makes a whole bunch of screen protectors for other phones as well, not just the brand new phone. I've actually used quite a few of their tempered glass screen protectors on some of the iphones that I've had and they seem to work pretty well. This is their tempered glass that uses the liquid adhesive kind of similar to the white stone dome, but it's half the price, so I'm pretty excited to see how well this works out. All three of these are now available on Amazon and I will put a link in the description in case.

So, like I said here, we have the tempered glass with the liquid adhesive. This is their clear film screen protectors and then we have their tempered glass screen protector for the back camera. So we're going to go ahead and start with the film screen protector. Then we'll go ahead and do the liquid adhesive one and then we'll finish with the tempered glass for your camera. So let's go ahead and get started alright. So next up we have am films, elastic skin, HD, clear screen, protector, alright. We get a little mat to stick your phone to for installation and then we get our little accessory packet here.

Okay, so first thing we're going to want to do is put down our adhesive pad and we'll pull up the film here and then we'll go ahead and stick our phone onto the pad that will help keep it in place. Okay, then we're going to take our little guide tool here, we'll take off the top and we're going to insert this into the mic usb type c slot on the bottom. Okay, so now we're going to remove the tab, one don't touch the underside we're going to go ahead and align the holes with the bottom. Okay, then we're going to lift number two and, as you can see, it'll start to come up and we want that to go over the phone. We'll take our squeegee and put it on the line and then slowly push forward until the extra screen pushes out and I'll squeegee that a little bit to get any bubbles.

Then we'll do the same thing to this other side, we'll lift up this little tab here we'll take out the number three we'll lift this back until you start to see the uh piece coming up in the back, we'll take our squeegee again and then push forward like we did the last one taking out this little extra piece all right. So once that's done, we will go ahead and push down the sides here and then we'll go ahead and lift up on three very carefully and the screen protector is installed underneath and we'll just go ahead and get out any extra bubbles that we see here and then we will take our little wipe and wipe down the sides pushing down to make sure that it seals all right. So then the installation looks really good got a little bubble at the bottom.

Don't press too hard because you'll cause marks on the screen protector, just take it out as nice as you can so again. Pretty much gives you a little bit of room on the bottom and the top and more on the sides feels not as smooth as glass. Let's go ahead and test the pen here so it does feel pretty smooth uh. There is a little bit of resistance so that will help you with your drawing, so it does feel pretty good with the pen. Let's go ahead and clean it off again, because this is kind of like that rubbery screen protector. I can see a lot of the marks that I made and I'm sure you can also see with the s pen. I don't like it to be too slippery, but it seems to be definitely good enough for daily use.

It seems to be touching it not, there is no lifting on the edges, which is nice, so that seems to be pretty good. If you're looking for a film screen protector this is definitely a go, but if you're looking to use it with an s pen, I would probably stay away from it. Because again you can see all those lines that I made with the s pen and I really wasn't pressing any harder than you normally would make installation super easy. The guide makes it nice and lined up with your phone so you don't have to worry about that. I definitely give this one a thumbs up and then here we have am films tempered glass screen protector. This one uses adhesive, so we have three little boxes here we have a metal weight here.

We have some side pads to absorb all the adhesive that doesn't stay within the screen protector. So first thing we want to do is take a couple of these pads, we're going to put them underneath the phone here so it doesn't move around a lot so we'll place one underneath the camera and then one on the bottom. Isn't that to be perfect just in the general area, then we'll take our tray here at the bottom. The tops of your phone make sure that the sides of the tray are touching the phone in case a leak occurs: okay, next you're going to want to take your speaker, grille stickers, we'll go ahead and peel one of those off and then we'll go ahead and put that right in the top here.

Okay, we'll just wipe off that part here and now we're going to take our little slider here, we'll slide this into place just like so make sure it moves easily and we also get this little level here. So you can probably put this on your phone or wherever you are working to make sure that wherever you are working is really level because once you put the adhesive on the screen the bubble is going to flow to whatever direction the little bubble is going on the level. So just try to make sure you are working on as level as possible and take out your screen protector. There's no dust on your screen here then we're going to go ahead and take our adhesive vial, we'll undo the top orange cap, then we're going to turn it upside down in the middle of the screen and undo the black cap.

All the liquid is out we'll go ahead and replace the cap so it doesn't get everywhere, go ahead and move the little bubble if it's trying to escape kind of get it in the middle. You want it in between these two pads here as much as you can we'll go ahead and get our screen protector, we'll peel off the underside, don't touch the underside and we'll go ahead and put it in the top towards our camera and then sort of release and let it rest here again make sure you place the bubble as much as you can in the center, then we'll slowly release the orange lever, letting the screen protector down. It might take a couple of minutes, but we need to make sure that the adhesive covers the whole screen protector, especially in the corners.

While this is working, we're going to take that metal cylinder and place it where the fingerprint sensor goes, which is indicated by this little sticker right here and we'll continue to let the adhesive reach all corners of the screen. Okay, so it looks like the adhesive has completely covered the whole screen protector. So now we're going to go ahead and plug in our little uv lamp, I'm using a power bank. Okay, so once that's done we're going to push our phone very carefully because we don't want the protector to lift if the adhesive leaked and got stuck to the screen protector, so be very careful and then we'll go ahead and take an alcohol wipe and we'll wipe up any edges that may have gotten some excess adhesive like the edge here.

It kind of doesn't have any adhesive see if we can show it like right here at the very edge it kind of doesn't have any adhesive so it may lift over time. It came with everything we needed to protect our speaker, grill. So far, so good we'll go ahead and take off the fingerprint sensor tab here, all right, so let's go ahead and try our fingerprint flawlessly. They do recommend that you do re-register your fingerprints, but if they are working, I really don't see a point. It seemed to work a little bit so we'll go ahead and redo our fingerprints just to be sure we're all done with that. Now that I have redone my fingerprints, perfect, okay, okay, let's go ahead and try our pen, very nice. Very little resistance because it seems to be working perfectly.

So you don't have to worry about that being blocked, let's go ahead and try our case out. There is a good amount of gap on the top here by the camera and then it looks like it comes right up to the case in the bottom here. So we really shouldn't have to worry too much about lifting seems to be doing pretty well right now, with the case that I have right now, it's going to differ from the case that you're going to use, but for the most part it should be case friendly for you, nice and smooth ju feels just like you were using your own glass screen on the phone itself. I think this is going to be the best tempered glass screen protector you're going to want to buy for your brand new galaxy s21 ultra.

So this should give you the best looking protection yet okay, so here we have the tempered glass screen protectors for the back camera here. So here we get our installation guide our packet with the screen protectors in it. We have three wet and dry wipes to clean off the screen, so we're just going to use one for now. So basically all you need to do is clean the cameras, peel off the tempered glass screen protector and then put it on your camera. It off make sure you don't touch the back here and then just kind of use.

The outer side of the camera as a guide for placement for this, then we'll take our wipe and put a little pressure and wipe down the screen to make sure it adheres everywhere and it's that simple, perfect installation, like I said, all you need to do is really put down one side and then just lower the rest onto the camera and it fits perfectly nice and clear. As you can see there is a cutout for the led and the laser focus looks like it's supposed to be there and if the black fits pretty much with any phone, that you're gonna get so go ahead and take a few camera shots just to show you guys how good the camera quality is still. They work excellently with the in-display fingerprint sensor, the s pen, they also look great on the phone.

This tempered glass screen protector seems to be doing pretty. I've been using it for a couple of days now and there hasn't been any lifting on any of the edges and it seems to work perfectly inside the case. So I am super happy with it and I'm sure you guys will be too, especially because it's a fraction of the price that some of the other screen protectors are. If you gave me a thumbs up, don't forget to subscribe and hit that little notification bell to let you guys know when I put out new videos..

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