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Hello guys, David is here, and this is a Samsung Galaxy A52. Even launched, I was already driven by the audience into the ring: "Brother, review. Well, I understand why this cellphone can get so hyped. The Samsung A series is because of the reputation of the cell phones Samsung makes to have the number 5, whether it's the series A5 2016, A5 2017, A50, A51, A52. He has a reputation for being comfortable - from the specs, features, size, price, everything fits perfectly. Used to use the 2016 Samsung Galaxy A5 for daily drivers and, until now, I still keep it as a historical object. So without the need for many requests from the audience, I have also really waited to try this cellphone. After more than a week of trying the Samsung Galaxy A52,. Contains, some small parts that make itchy.

Wir’ll begin with the design, which Samsung yesterday completely revamped, compared to the A51. Even though the materials used are both polycarbonate, the feel feels smoother in the hands through the dry texture for the back. The colors are subtle, not really thick. It is great to follow today's fashion. Aye, for the unit that we discuss this time ; The variant is Awesome Black. There are also 3 other variants called Awesome White, Awesome Blue and Awesome Violet. When I first tried it, the A52's design was pretty impressive... Remember the design of Galaxy S21 Ultra, which has a similar color type and has a solid camera shape. But fortunately, the two can be distinguished easily because the camera module isn't connected to the corner on the A52.

Samsung does not try to imitate the design of its middle-class cellphones with high-end phones, as happened last year, so those who spent more money on high-end cellphones don't feel like it's useless. Maybe that's what Samsung thought - because the Galaxy A52 is also designed to be water and dust resistant like their premium phones. That's why this cellphone can get an IP67 rating, which means it is safe to use in an environment with a lot of dust. It is safe to be immersed in 1, meter of water for 30, minutes. It doesn't matter much at all, because I never bring my cellphone for diving. The Ip-Ip rating is more for me giving a sense of calm. When I take my cellphone while taking a shower, listening to music or watching Youtube.

Because you want to be hit by the shower or plunge into the bath. The cell phone won't hurt. If you drive there is suddenly heavy rain,. Now we don't have to think about the health of our mobile phones. Have worn a raincoat or not or just chill out? Samsung already plans to return the feature that used to be the flagship of Galaxy A, that has the numbers 5 and 7. The IP rating of 67 or 68 had disappeared. Until now, it is still very rare for a brand to provide features like this to their cellphones. Let us try to see the completeness of the ports of the Galaxy A52 on the right. There is a power and volume button at the top. Then there is a SIM tray which is a hybrid type, so you have to choose whether to use 2, Nano SIM cards or 1 SIM card and 1 card.

On the left, there are no ports and on the bottom is a headphone jack, a microphone, a USB type C port, and speakers. The speakers on the Galaxy A52 are also supported by the earpiece on the front top. This section can also output sound to ensure that the speaker system on the Galaxy A52 can be stereo. This cellphone also certainly supports NFC in it. We continue in the display section which has a size of 6.5 inches with a super AMOLED panel which has always been a mainstay of Samsung from the past. The brightness level is 800 nits and the glass has been coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The screen can also be used to read our fingerprints.

Like the function of the biometric security system and the refresh rate is already 90Hz so that the movements displayed on the screen feel smoother than normal. In terms of specifications, it’s really good, screen, colors are good, and feel feels smooth. I can't seem to ask from the screen for more. There is a small part that makes it itchy, as I have mentioned earlier. I, don't know why the 32MP front camera really has to use gray, not just an item. The color of the item, the color of the front camera, doesn't look right. And it's still a matter of appearance, the bezel of the Galaxy A52, I have to admit. It looks pretty thick, quite full and last but not least, it's a bit thin.

It's still a matter of the screen, the module vibrates when we press the Home or Back buttons or what causes the vibration, is it typing or not, feels like a premium. Just listen to it... you know what it means. [Samsung A52 vibration, module, sound] The 3 things I just mentioned are indeed tiny parts that are not too important. The Galaxy A52 is solid like the IP67 feature, beautiful, design, small screen. The chipset uses Qualcomm Snapdragon, 720G, 8GB RAM, internal memory depending on the variant we choose. For myself, the specs given are in accordance with market standards for its price class. 4-5 million people get Snapdragon 720G which, if we rush to play games, is very safe. Of course, in High Frame Rate mode you can have high picture quality.

If you play PUBGM, it can be ultra-latte. When you use it to play Genshin impact it is a bit less. Can be used to play, but not very smooth.. for the battery life itself. The capacity is 4500 mAh., when I use it to play mobile legends It reduces 5% for 20 minutes, PUBGM reduces half an hour by 8%, for Google Maps reduces 13% and when you use it lightly like tiktokan, 10% is eaten. Safe to use normal for the day. In the sale package we are provided with a standard charge of 15 Watt. , this one doesn't sound fast and the speed is standard,. You can't say it is really fast, but you can't say it is slow, either. Let’s look at the camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy A52. He uses a quad camera system - 4, cameras.

The main camera has a resolution of 64MP with OIS, a 12MP Ultra-wide camera, a 5MP Macro Camera - and a 5MP Depth camera. It is also interesting because OIS aka Optical Image Stabilization to ensure that the image can be more stable when taking photos is still rare in middle-class cellphones like this. You use it to take pictures in bright conditions Maybe the role won't be too strong, because taking pictures in bright conditions takes less effort. Even a cellphone without OIS will feel fine. But, in low light conditions. The role of OIS really feels so good so that the picture doesn't shake. Like in the Galaxy A52, photos can feel sharper than other class phones at night.

I really like the photos taken from this A52 camera, like in light and dark, all good for the main camera. The ultrawide camera is also good, The picture still feels sharp. The quality is much different from the main camera but this has a clear difference, but not too far. It is also okay to make macro photos. The only thing that doesn't fit is just zoom photos, because the Galaxy A52 has no telephoto camera. Likewise, video from the rear camera feels stable, right, so the OIS function is really useful for taking pictures or Ultra, at night, for making videos, everything can really be used. So simply one feature affects all the pictures taken by this Samsung Galaxy A52. My conclusion for the Samsung Galaxy A52 is repeating: itself.

I like this cell phone, its reputation as an all rounded mobile phone suitable for everyone, both those who like specs and also those who like the design features, all of which can be serviced by the Galaxy A52. There are still shortcomings that make this cellphone not perfect, like the design of the front camera, the bezels which can not be said to be thin, the vibration module. But if we get used to it, the rest is just the positives, starting from the pretty design. Sounds simple, but expensive screen quality. That has been a mainstay for a long time, performance that can be used for various activities, long battery life, beautiful camera, with OIS, One, UI interface, system and of course, The *IP67* feature is very difficult to follow.

That's the GadgetIn review for the Samsung Galaxy A52. The A72 isn't that much different, but it still needs to be discussed....

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