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Hey guys, soccer from saki tech and in today's video we are going to share 50, plus amazing tips and tricks to customize your brand new and shiny Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra. This is a fantastic phone and I want to make sure you maximize your ownership. If you're looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S, 22 ultra, there are links down below to the best pricing and best incentive. For the first time it is going to launch a samsung members application, it might ask you to log in, but if not it will dump right here. So the very first thing I want everyone to do is to make sure that your battery in your brand new phone is in good condition.

So what you can do is you can tap on the battery status, all right, it's going to check the battery and what you want to see is that normal status right here and the life should say good, so that means that the battery is working normally and if you see anything here that doesn't match what I have on your new phone, you want to return that and replace it. So in this scenario the battery is now working normally, when you go back to the main screen, you can actually check it out. Let me just tap on no uh every single component of your phone here, one by one to make sure all the functions of your phone are running properly. You want to give your phone a proper name, so it says here hs22 ultra.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to do saki 22, ultra okay, so your phone is going to be recognized by other devices using this name and you are going to be able to identify it even better, as you can see there's a description here that tells you why this is good. It is also a great way to personalize your phone and make it yours now. This is going to be a fantastic little trick and this is great for people who are going to use their calendars all the time. So basically what you do is either launch the calendar application. Okay, let me launch it and what you will see on the top is a pen symbol. When you click on this, you are able to write directly on your calendar. So it's almost like writing on a piece of paper and you can zoom in okay and you can put little details in there.

Maybe this is someone's birthday or whatever you can make your own list on a given date. You can zoom it back out when you click save okay, those are going to appear. Those marks you made are gonna appear on your calendar, so fantastic little tactic with the pen. Now you can do the same thing by bringing the pen close to the screen. Don't touch the screen press the button on the s pen and then click on plus here, okay and what you can do is you can add this option to your s pen menu right or on the calendar. When I click that button, you see the right own calendar option, click on it and the calendar comes right up ready to be written right on it. One more thing I want to talk about with the s-pen is that you can use the s-pen as a remote control to control your device wirelessly.

So if I go to my settings and if I go to advanced features, if I go to the pen on the top, you got air actions when you tap on these guys, look at all the things you can do wirelessly with the pen, so the base one. So if I press and hold this guy, it launches the camera. On top of that, if I want to take a photo with the camera, I can press the button again it takes a photo. Choose what happens when you perform air actions in the apps below so that the camera I tap on it. Okay, so a single press takes photos or video double press switches, the cameras and then you have all the gestures you can use right here. If I'm in video mode, it can start to record a video look beautiful wireless capabilities and you can do this with many applications.

I like to use it for the camera, but you can come and look at every possible option here, right? What you want to do if you want to take photos with the most detail is to press this button that says 3 4 and you want to choose 108 108 megapixels and what that is going to allow you to do is actually use 108 megapixels to capture a photo. That means you're going to have great detail now, when you tap on this and use the 3x4 the regular 3x4, it's still going to be a beautiful photo, but the 108 megapixels is going to be a larger file size and you're going to be able to capture much more detail, and if you press this button which gets enabled after you choose this button, you can turn on and off the detail enhancer mode.

Okay, if you're going to use photos for social media and stuff like that, just for your phone or send it to your friends, you're. 60 hertz will save you some battery life, but it's not going to be as smooth as the adaptive. So I recommend you choose adaptive, but also when you go back here and scroll down, you are gonna see that when you have the adaptive refresh rate with the s22 ultra, you can also have the highest resolution possible. Now you can have this one sharpest visuals with the maximum refresh rate together. Okay, so it is an option, but it's going to use more battery just so you know, but if you want maximum satisfaction, you can do that and you can adjust it later if you think your battery is dying too early, it's all based on your needs.

Another thing is when you disable adaptive brightness. So if you go outside the phone gets brighter automatically, so I like to turn that off and keep it somewhere in the middle for my general use. You can tap it anytime and it just gives you that extra boost of brightness, especially if you are outside and you have maximized your brightness and you cannot see your phone, which I doubt if you can, though you can tap this. It's going to give you a little boost, so you're going to be able to see your phone better in direct sunlight now. The next thing I want to talk about has to do with some motions and gestures.

So when you go to your settings, if you scroll down and go to your advanced features, you want to take a look at this menu and configure it properly, motions and gestures you tap on it and basically you want to enable a bunch of these features. Look at this double tap turn off screen double tap turn on screen, okay and then if the phone is turned on and you just want to look at it, you can pick it up. You can look at to see if you have any messages and then put it down if nothing special, and move on. So that's the lift to wake feature that I like to enable under motions and gestures.

You can either put your hand over the screen and that mutes that notification or, let's say, someone is calling you and you put the phone on the table like this and it is going to mute that call as well so fantastic little features and also quickly want to mention this one. It says to capture if you want to take a screenshot. The next thing you want to take a look at right here, which is very important, is the side key. Some people love that some people like to customize it, you go to open app and you pick any app that you want here. One thing I truly love is: if you go back in here, okay on settings, you can have the flashlight.

So now when I press and hold it turns on the flashlight and I can use that anytime, even when the screen is turned off so customize that and then you can do the press and hold press and hold I like to do the power off menu. So when you press and hold it just brings up the power off menu, restart power off whatever I don't like to use bixby anymore, so boom power off menu, so customize that to your needs as well. So the next setting you want to change has to do with your media consumption. You want to get the best experience when watching movies or listening to music. The first thing you want to do for music is go to sounds and vibration go all the way down tap on sound quality, nfx and simply enable Dolby Atmos, which is going to give you great experience and a surround sound.

Once you turn this on you can see that you can go for a movie mode, music mode or voice mode depending on what you're listening to so I leave it on auto and the phone picks for itself, but you can do it manually so when you're watching a movie boom make sure you enable that you're going to love the way that movie sounds from the built-in speakers. This is not going to get bright, but when you launch any kind of video player application, netflix youtube video player, whatever you install they will show up right here, every time you launch those applications, you are going to get a boost in the screen, brightness and colors.

As you can see, the videos are gonna look more lively, so it's another way to enhance your viewing experience and you can enable or disable it for specific applications individually. Remember that this is activated only when you launch the specific supported applications. It doesn't eat battery for no reason at all. You get a picture, but the background is the fun part. As you can see, just makes your phone look a little bit cooler right here or this one right here, as you can see, or you can do a video and the best part is you can actually click on plus and pick a video that you recorded with your phone and have it in the background you tap on plus it says, select from gallery.

You pick a video boom and you're good to go alrighty fantastic now on the home screen when you pinch the screen like this and swipe over, you have the option to enable this screen on and off it's up to you. Nothing is going to happen when you go this way. But if you pinch turn this on, you can either choose google discover or samsung free. I prefer google discover and look at this now when I go over, I actually get a feed of everything that is relevant to my interests as usual, right? Another thing I like to do is: I have to pinch the screen or press and hold on the screen to go to my settings and then I want to scroll down a little bit and I enable this function swipe down for the notification panel.

So normally you have to go all the way up here to pull this thing down with that option, you can just pull anywhere and it will bring down the notification panel and then when you swipe up it goes to your app drawer, which is great one more thing with the home screen. Let's say I want to move apps around every other phone on the market. You have to grab each application and move it one by one around, which is a waste of time. So with the Samsung phones you can press and hold tap on, select and select all the applications you want to move at the same time, then press and hold and drag and drop and dump it anywhere you want. Look at this so easy to customize your home screens and move things around now.

One more cool thing is: if you go to your settings and go all the way down into your fingerprints under biometrics and security, let's tap on this, it will ask you to put your password in and once you do that right now, I only have one finger registered. So what I like to do is simply tap on it and rename it so that this is my index finger left. So I'm going to say l, I so now when I come back to manage the fingerprints I can know exactly what this is and if you don't rename and you forget to check added fingerprints - you scan it. It would tell me exactly which finger is, which name and you can rename them at that time.

Let's move on to the next thing that you want to modify is when you get a text message you will be notified, but the Samsung phones have a nice edge lighting feature that lights the edges of the phone. So you go to your settings and then go to your notifications and then you want to make sure that you have the brief pop-up enabled here. You go to brief pop-up settings and you get the edge lighting style. So every time you get a text message, someone calls you a notification boom. Eclipse boom you gonna see this effect on the top fireworks beautiful, all righty and you can customize them as you can see the size, duration, transparency and the color fantastic.

One more thing I like to do with my phone is: when you lock the phone, I like to customize my lock screen by putting a signature in the front. So look at this go to your settings, go to lock, screen all right and then go where it says: contact information and write anything that you want. Also look at these options at the bottom here these are quick shortcuts. I can launch my phone from here or I can launch my camera from here, but the great news is: you can customize these options so go back into your settings again. Now when I go back out lock the screen boom boom, I can quickly access my calculator from my lock screen fantastic. If you don't like it, you can go back there and disable the shortcuts. So let's go back and the final thing in the lock screen.

If I tap on the clock, it expands and gives me a bunch of widgets. Let me show you so: go inside to settings, go to lock, screen and then go to widgets and look at this I can have the weather widget today's schedule. Let me turn off the bixby routines and then I can tap on reorder and I can have the one I want on the top to show up on the top. So now when I go outside look at this weather music player, if you are playing music, you're gonna see a player here, calendar alarms beautiful, fantastic. Let's move on now, when you go to your settings and when you go to your battery and device care when you tap here, you can always click on optimize now to optimize your phone for best performance.

I do this once or twice a day just to keep the phone running optimally, but instead of coming in here, what I do is I have a widget on my screen. So if you want this widget page, the screen tap on widgets scroll down, go to device care and just grab the size that you want. This shows you a little extra information grab, it drag and drop it anywhere. You want, you can see your storage, your current memory usage and then you can tap here every single time on this button and it's going to optimize that phone okay, you don't want two of these guys, so I'm gonna take one of these guys off. Have this on your screen just swipe over boom and it gonna refresh your phone so to speak all right, so those were a bunch of powerful settings to customize your phone to your needs.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns drop them down below and let me know for now guys have a fantastic day..

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