20 Games Testing On The Samsung Galaxy A72 2022 - Galaxy User Guide

Samung 72 with a 720 g4 processor with 1,618 writing memory, Ufc 2.1, Ram Memory, DDR 4 and 120 hertz screen power. Go considered that this type of lot is the most complete for any type of person, and they are not specifically made for the limit but we are going to put it to the test to see how it goes in games to know what quality it allows us in the law of the forum booking lorenzini impact. I had paid a lot for it good because we are only going to highlight that if we begin up to 100 percent battery, we are going to start a stopwatch at all times from drinking tea to taking time and everything this is closing. It should be noted that the back of the cell phone is entirely plastic. [Music], the darkest location is what I will have on and I will show you.

You can also see the speed that opens a normal application that are the ones we use in the day to day of social networks that the calendar calculator little. Things like this planet is a little slow for guidance I'm sorry. It has a good mid-range processor, but even so, I feel a bit slower than what it is because some applications don't open them up there. The first touch I give it I don't know why it is wrong. Don't know why chinese cctv anyway, here I'm nothing else from the wii.

It is actually very very that it is taking everything easy wii, this application from the Lord, because it is like how it fails I don't feel that it takes too long to open the applications that is, at least from the point of view of us, maybe but some people will think that it is a normal time but it's not done I'm waiting for me, because I feel that it is very, very slow, slow ready. Simply with this professor, and with that average ram of 6 gb, he should live a little better and not load all the [ _ ] applications every time he multitasks, that is, he reloads them all in real life. He has not convinced me so much in this apart, but now and the next test that has been simply showing the tests of Google Maps- and here it is simply zooming in so that the graph is loaded.

I won't show you the entire test. So to be not so long, the video will simply show the tests - although more important out there I will leave them here and tell you that I will only show the most important tests or those that have redundancy view by view. The score that gathered almost 300,000 points quite good out there I don't know what slow at all not high Your temperature feels normal warm, be warm nothing, nothing hot in the morning, part of the front and 34 from back. This excellent good has heated up for nothing and scored 300,000 points. So now we go with the reading of mart and we will try this one about why I always wanted and in the same way I will leave the most important parts.

What is not important is you delete it right, just to show you 96% remaining battery after 22 minutes of usage quite well. But it is with a remaining 95% of spending percent out there, nothing to see and temperatures and 38 I tell you it got a little warmer, but nothing serious 38 degrees is excellent today. She got and let's go with the last test that has been styling beach, which is something super simple here, we'll be or cute as a girl ready over here. The truth is that I do not know how good a score it is. I still do not understand this application, but well here already we did the three benchmarks.

Here is the beginning with which I will start and for example you can see here since I saw the touch of the application, you can look at the stopwatch and you can see how long it will take in life. I am not going to show you the entire beginning of the game, but Once I tell you and the suns enter, and it is here between you. You can take time and check whether it is fast or slow. Another point I expected from the site to be good. Suppose that you think it is good, well, hell, but we don't all have the same perspective on things. The audio is good, right, so the perspective changes according to the person. So this is really something very personal, but I'm only going to leave you with a point of view, and you can also say that out there today,.

Perhaps some are going to mention that if you have a black screen or problem of black screen we will study problems to the cell phone these problems, rather than the optimization that the game gives to each cell phone, because if it has been happening in many lots mainly we listen to me the truth, but I think that this problem is right in all the lots. It goes up there with a remaining 91 percent with a temperature of around 41 degrees a little more than five minutes. The cell phone simply does not work at all, because many times cell phones are worrying about the material they carry on their backs.

It doesn't bother you I will know it doesn't even feel hot ready and it went in and here I am going to show you the graphs that allow us to highlight that all of us have all the resources downloaded but that it allows us low and ultra or h they saw. Maybe there were some small obstacles for the monkeys, but more than anything is because of the internet, not so much because of the graphics that the phone can run on its own. That's here, I will leave it for another few minutes so that you can see the graphics because yes, since it stops recording, they do this for a moment. If it continues with the very normal temperature here and after 47 minutes of using it 89 has remaining.

For now we are going to go with the form ready inside here and if we already check the video and not at the top, a large part that well there are 30 frames per second average quality is the most it allows us so that they frequented control is also arriving in esc uadra, because if I am a link to decrease list inside and we go here, we are going to stop playing the 54 minutes, [Applause] and fluid that we say is not going at all. It is that the mother dawei zoila likes to appear [ Applause] [ Applause] for the mass media, bahrain shits me, well,.

As you could see, there was no good performance, the remaining 87 percent, there were many obstacles, It was very difficult for play eye that maybe not all will be the same or not, because this model is running if it means that you are going to buy just as soon because I don 't know that it is something strange because I've already passed that suddenly you come in to try a game and it is running fine and suddenly it comes back in and fills it up. It's working well; it's something strange that some cell phones pass through it, but well,. It's only worth mentioning here for right now, we'll pass someone without impact or ready.

Here we enter and the quality came to what I by default had with low quality, but the vision person could so much put it on medium and increase frames to 60 frames per second right and well. I was testing for the moment and it does not work entirely fluid, but you see, but there have been some obstacles, but I think you work much less smaller, at least than the Fernet [Applause] [Applause]. Now nothing ready here, I already reached 5 minutes this time, it has a remaining 85% after one now, I am going to be using it and the warm-up is still quite normal.

The game is beginning to be out of the ordinary, but the warm-up in the hands does not feel great, that is, you still feel a normal warm-up and this, more than anything, is because of the material, plastic, doesn't bother you in any way, but since you could already see it in the game in the impact monster, well it is one of the games that has the most iron graphics and if there are jobs there, one or another lock but locks that still allow you to play. If it was a bit difficult to act, then at least in truth it ran much better, but on this week we will talk about the great game of the year. What has been free file, [Applause, [Music] multimedia sound ready. There is what it allows us and in the same way we will leave it on a side to see in this case.

If it allows us to leave it in the central part is what I have fought with our grappa and other recording devices of other cell phones. That does not allow us to put the central part always to one side. It is quite good if it allows us to put the recorder in the central part, at least this mother, because I am not here anymore but this time she was one-armed, because if I am one-armed that's right, then they killed my partner here that I left here and what is the target of another mine in this bet? If this is it, we are going to close everything and with a remaining 82 percent in the free file, a net, so our good performance there were no obstacles at all.

Every 30 frames per second is the most that allows us to create if ultra h, of 30 frames per second and also with flash on so here I am going to leave it for 5 minutes to see the maximum heating because usually with this test it is always where it heats the most. It already feels a bit hotter and we will leave it this today. If it is boiling it had a lot that I did not try a solar that would get so hot and 48 degrees, even from the dick. If they bother here at this point, the upper part is hot hook from the back 43 from the back, and it is normal, but from the front is what I tell you, being glass.

It gets hotter if it is bastard but being this final temperature does not mean it will always get hot to the point that this time it became hot because a h hour, 16 with testing it demanding the tests of the media marked the games at maximum quality 75 percent brightness 80 percent remaining after one hour, 16 minutes of testing I think it is excellent, but if this temperature does not mean that all I am going to give it to you for this, such a temperature arrived, I tell you. But it was, as you could see on a day-to-day basis, a media performance. It left them a little to see the truth, but the games are excellent, that is, all the towns are good for all.

What was original ends without impact and was fire games in impactive and a few other problems, but it is still playable with the fernet foundation more problem, but well. This is merely solved by lowering the quality I'm going to take down. That is, you can lower quality and now you only play that you asked for it. I put it on the highest allowed quality so it has a solution, right, the same with the game, chin you can lower the quality I don't play or with the book / with the caudillo with free fire. So you can lower the quality, and you won't have so many problems. I really hope you liked this video, I've been a great help to you more than anything else. Whenever you have doubts in the comments, or if you do not send a message, they urged me out..

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