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Lined up for you is a roster of 15 of the most innovative vehicles and personal transports. In this video, I have a number of ground-breaking updates to share, including some new vehicle designs. Number Five looks like a personal flying watercraft but this fun water vehicle called the Wave Flyer is using a patent pending, stabilized twin-hydrofoil electric propulsion system. The company says it's revolutionizing. The watercraft industry, with its environmentally friendly hydrofoil propulsion. The WaveFlyer battery is suitable for over 30 minutes in or above the water. The machine is the result of a partnership between the University of Western Australia, the Renewable Energy, Vehicle, Project and Perth, Electro, Aero and Galaxy Resources.

At this time the Current Wave Flyer is prototype form, but once it is available, it is bound to be a hit with water sports fans around the world. Air mobility is also on the minds of another company, Volocopter. Its development was part of the Single European Sky ATM research program, a public-private joint effort to overhaul the European airspace for future crewless aircraft. The Volocity took its first demonstration flight in Helsinki and later in Stuttgart. The Volocopter flight in Germany was the highlight of a two-day event called "Vision Smart City Experience: The Mobility of the Future Today". The company secured funding in the $ 55 million limit, which is helping the aircraft reach its target for a commercial launch within the next three years.

Number Thirteen What looks like a small dungeon on wheels, The Messerschmitt KR 25-E, developed in Germany like a Velomobile is a three-wheeled vehicle for one-person and pedal-powered — aided by a 36-volt 250 watt electric motor. This micro-EV can reach a speed of 16 mph and travel a distance of 35 to 50 miles per charge. This mini weighs 187 lbs. and is front-wheel drive and has a joystick that controls the steering wheel. The French Velomobile company iDMOOVE, currently producing the KR 25-E, is said to be working on a faster KR 45-E model. More exciting news is the modern, all-electric (no peddles) reincarnation of the original 50s and 60s Bubble car. The Messerschmitt KR 200 is also said to be in the works.

These water-loving sports fans have a new toy on the water to play with. This inflatable jet board takes just under five minutes to prepare and assembly. The air's foldable hull surrounds the powerbox, which holds its 10-kW. Drive is by weight transfer and a handheld remote controls. This innovative watercraft travels at a speed of up to 31 mph. The battery lasts approximately 45 minutes, while recharging takes about 2 hours. We move on for your convenience, pricing and websites are listed in the description box. No. 115, The Texas company Hennessey offers a compelling vehicle with improved performance, announcing a monster of a pickup truck. Hennessey is adding this limited production six-wheel-drive truck to their stable of off-road vehicles.

It features an eight-inch lift kit, 20-inch wheels, BFGoodrich 37-inch off-road tires and a 450-horsepower upgraded engine. The ten hybrid vehicles are now not just in the ground but also in the air. The Ampaire Electric EEL, a twin-engine Cessna 337 Skymaster, is modified to fly with one conventional combustion engine and one electric motor. The Electric EEL of the California-based company Ampaire is the largest hybrid electric propulsion aircraft ever. The company plans to start pilot flights in Hawaii this year. They say they are ahead of the game when it comes to electric aircraft flight and plan to start commercial operations in the next couple of years.

Electric aircraft can cut fuel, costs by statistically 90 percent, require less maintenance and reduce take-off and landing noise by 66 percent with zero emissions to boot. The German company Caravanboat has developed the fully self-sufficient "Departure One", which combined an on-the-road, RV or caravan with a motorized houseboat in one vehicle. Owners can cruise with ease and luxury down a highway or a waterway. The departure one has 4 sleeping places, a shower, kitchen, panorama windows and even backups. It can travel for 2 days without water or power and can be pulled in most countries with a passenger car by its trailer. The team at the USA based Trek Aerospace is committed to understand and improving shrouded. Their latest is FlyKart 2 which is a one-person electric flying machine.

It's a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft with an open cockpit and 10 ducted fan propellers. Propellers that produce 50 to 75% more static thrust than their nearest competitor. FlyKart 2 is their entry into the GoFly Challenge sponsored by Boeing. Trek is listed as a world leader in shrouded prop technology and offers consulting, design and prototyping services from their California location. Number Seven Another new fun-on-the-water vehicle is not electric, but its style is sure to tempt for a new way to scoot on the waves. The Dutch luxury yacht maker Vanquish is manufacturing. They represent a "crossover" between a superyacht tender and a watership. This beauty is 16 feet long and can carry five passengers and a driver.

Their standard model has a 1.8-liter Yamaha engine with 200 horsepower. This Crossover vehicle steers like a personal watercraft with handlebars. Number Six finally realized the dreams of a flying car, as the ASKA is developed by the American-Israeli startup NFT. Classified as electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle. When it's time to lift the wings out to expose 10 ducted fans buried in the vehicle body - two in the rear and two on the wings. Plans call for the three-passenger vehicle to operate autonomously on the road and in the air. Power is provided mainly from rechargeable batteries, with an electric gasoline system for a flight range extender. I'm Allie, and it is Minds Eye trivia time. Leave the correct answer or your best guess in the comment section below.

But, all know of the jet capsule. The history repeats it. Launching a bigger, faster, more luxurious motorboat with twin 250 hp gas engines. This capsule can reach a top speed of 80 mph. Most boat trailers can even haul these capsules in the water. It is made from 70% carbon and has photochromatic windows, using vacuum-infusion - molding. The company founders Luca, Solla and designer Pierpaolo Lazarini are working on the delivery of the first Super Jet Units. A third time developing this vehicle can be the charm. The crowdfunding effort is underway to bring back the latest incarnation of the Aptera EV. Developers say the Aptera travels with its largest battery up to 1,000 miles.

The design is small and super aerodynamic with a passenger safety cell that is stronger than any other vehicle on the road. It is estimated to travel 4 times farther than today's average electric car. Each Aptera owner could reduce its carbon footprint by over 14,000 pounds of CO2 a year. Funding is a hurdle for the company. The number three luxury yacht builder Enata has announced its latest creation, the 2020 "Foiler", the Flying Yacht. It has swapped out the hybrid propulsion system of the 2019 model and added considerably more power in the form of two 370-hp turbocharged V8 diesel engines for a total of 740 horsepower. It can fly nearly 5 feet above the water and is a new forward cockpit with a joystick to give the captain the experience of flying above the water.

Equipped to the highest standards, with luxury to meet the needs of the most demanding patrons, Number two : The first all-electric jet-powered five-seater and soon to be: the Air Taxi Service on Demand. Le Lilium Jet is manufactured in Germany and aimed at flying at low cost in a city near you by 2025. Dieser remarkable retractable landing gear, fly-by-wire controls, 36, electric jet engines, able to go 186 miles in just 60 minutes, land in small-scale areas and emits zero operating emissions. Future passengers will see that the prices are comparable with a taxi, yet arrive at their destination. In May last year Lilium tested the full-size jet after receiving $90 million in funding. The aircraft successfully demonstrated both vertical lift-off and hovering over its landing.

More trials are coming to test its forward flying capability. The Lilium Jet will begin some definitive flight test demonstrations and show its full range of capabilities. Lilium Jet has received more than $100 million in funding from investors globally and now employs more than 300 people. Number one The push for a commercial passenger starship got a recent boost when a prototype of the SpaceX's'starhopper' rocket successfully shot into the sky for the second time. In Texas, the incredible rocket is a prototype of what to come out of Elon Musks space flight venture. Musk wants to use space rockets to put cargo, satellites and passengers in orbit and later to Mars. The Falcon 9 rocket successfully lifted off carrying the AMOS-17 satellite.

Their dragon craft was the first commercial spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station. SpaceX was founded in 2002 and currently has 3 space vehicles with more than a thousand contracted launches. Prices are always with site links in video description. Subscribe and keep up to date on future posts I'm Glen and all of us here at Minds, Eye Design. If you enjoyed this video, leave a comment to what you found most interesting and why. To get notified when a new video is posted, hit the bell icon below right..

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