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See you again, Jagat Review TV, video content is now the most popular form of media,. This makes people compete to create content in video format. How can we make video content with minimal costs? If you use the flagship type, it will be more comfortable for many people to complain, provoking us intrigued and challenged to try it, using a beginner class smartphone to make a video review. We use a cheaper smartphone this time to begin our journey as a story, content creator,. You don't necessarily need to have a career as a content creator either, but this video can also be used as a base for optimizing user usage. affordable smartphone for this tutorial, The Samsung Galaxy A02S is a smartphone of the beginner class with a price of one million.

Review Video is manual mode,. '' If Auto Mode is not a problem for Vlogging, it's possible to, but if it is in a studio like this manual mode it will ensure that the lighting is consistent. If you don't use manual mode, it can be dark, bright, dark, bright, not cool. While if you use manual mode it will continue to be consistent, as you can see now. The first thing to pay attention is what must be prepared for video editing. We need a video editing application. There is a paid version also, but you can edit with a smartphone, of course.

Sometimes we use SnapSeed or Photo Editor or both of them, but the choice is free depending on what you use, but you also definitely need this cheap, mandatory tripod, complete with clamps to lock the phone, Now there is a key for audio because audio is very important for making videos, especially for YouTube and all sorts of bad audio will make the video not entertaining. The key is that you use a microphone that is very close to you. The long cable is not expensive, How come it doesn't cost millions and then later, in your room.

You really need a lamp with a ring, light? Maybe it's ok, but the Ring Light is more directed towards forming a contour in the eye If you want something a little more serious and multifunctional, invest in a few light fixtures like the Soft Box, it is definitely the best option. Actually there are lots of cheap soft boxes. There are some soft boxes and tripods that are really cheap. I just checked Soft Box this sort of thing, It is filled with ordinary LED lights. You can use ordinary LED lights with ordinary home LED lights, If the Soft Box is 2, because the shadows are more controlled. If I set it, I usually use a minimum of 2 soft boxes but yes, you guys.

Position of the 2 soft boxes could be according to what your needs are, Indeed, in this section now, we enter into video reviews,. The most important thing in the creation of video content is to make it ideas, concepts and make it. You have ideas and concepts but don't have the actions to implement them. In this case we have used a kind of simple review or unboxing with the Samsung Galaxy A02S, which needs to be done. The same as before, I started this video, I'll tell you first, why I did this, as this later? It is really easy and for the shape, you can mix it with semi-unboxing, Maybe this looks like and test it with what kind of gaming, that can all be done. It doesn’t need to be too complicated, just simple.

If there are tips, perhaps the lid is typically from the test results. And why not? We make the structure at the beginning, These videos are installed in succession Un, just sequentially, so we can cut what fits, what doesn't fit, cut what fits and pasted it side by side? We do not use any Layers of Video Content here. This will simplify the editing process and there are lots of video, editing software or applications. Who can do this even for free or, even when paid for, the results are not too expensive, in short form. It turns out to be more or less like this Chris: See you again in Jagat Review TV. In our studio has arrived the latest Samsung smartphone this time.

This is a beginner smartphone with a price under 2 million, whose name is the Samsung Galaxy A02S at that low price,? We have no case and no screen protector here, however. Unfortunately, it is not within the design of the back cover, with the frame. It is quite interesting in terms of color choices. While this size is below 200 grams for its own weight, we will first see the sides from the right. Let's see for this SIM card Triple Slot Non-Hybrid j, so you can Dual SIM + MicroSD. Without sacrificing one, go down the hill, we see there is a Headphone Jack here,.

The bottom is still thicker and above it there is a selfie camera and also an earpiece for the phone to the screen itself 6.5" in size with HD+ (720x1600p) resolution for the panel itself, Samsung calls it a PLS TFT LCD, continue to the SOC specifications used. This is a beginner class SOC, available for RAM and storage in the unit we received in 2017. This is the variant with 4GB RAM with 64GB storage, which costs 2 million less 1000. He also has another cheaper variant, the 32GB variant with 3GB RAM and the 1.8 million for the battery capacity itself. The charging can be Adaptive Fast, charging 15W but unfortunately the charger is sold separately, so the default is only 8W for the main camera.

The resolution is 5MP, then he can record video up to Full HD 30 fps for the camera menu display. Unfortunately, it does not support EIS or stabilizers. In other words, if you want to record videos using that you have to be extra careful with the sensor there. There is clearly a smar for 4G phones for Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi - 4, Bluetooth v4.2 and the NFC is not there for this price, then how about performance? √úbrigens, I have also AnTuTu here installed and I have already done a test. There was already a score and the score is this : if you want to see the details like this, which is not the fastest in its price class but it is sufficient, then I have installed PUBGM here when we check.

This is the highest setting at Smooth-High and for Gyro, because it doesn't exist, if you choose this, you can’t but it is still quite playable for the game itself, even though it is not 60 fps, but it still is. OK, after testing this smartphone for a while there are some conclusions that I can tell you about. It's a shame that there is no fingerprint scanner in this price class, then Gyro is not there. Not a few people feel that it is a must buy Samsung because of its well-known brand and service center. I also can tell that I can tell for the final conclusion.

Maybe this could be an option for those who want to buy their parents a smartphone that You don't need a smartphone, that's really fast! You need it from a trusted brand and also you need a large battery, for example, and also a camera. That's quite ok, maybe that's all for the unboxing video and first impression for the Samsung Galaxy A02S, I'm Chris from Jagat Review TV, bye-bye ok, so you can remember! The most important thing is to execute ideas and concepts, practice and learn and keep trying, again and again. Don't let the device hinder your creativity! An affordable smartphone can even be used as a means of starting the process in today's world.

As video content creators I forgot to mention that from the start, aside from the A02S unit we used for this simple tutorial, we used really 1 more A02S unit, right? It's not what I'm holding, but this is this (pointing at the camera) that captured this video, yes. So this entire video was recorded from the beginning using a Samsung Galaxy A02S, yes that's right., A02S I hope that this video can inspire you or at least be a source of knowledge for you, Please see me in our next video, I'm Dedy Irvan, Jagat, Review TV..

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