Hello white readers, Ambon Welcome to the Bandung Jl Store, It seems like it's been a long time, I don't have anything, all of you and how are you, I hope you are always healthy, I'm, very happy, all of you Christians,, with a slightly different look, yes, and of course Kris has something that Chrisye will know. There is too a Samsung Galaxy S, playing, it is Ultra, ridiculous, yes. This is a capacity of 12 5 12 and Kris is still using it first, cheating on the end of the video. The Ambon City bow doesn't really like the Bergen color in front of Templek and his friends Yes, boss. It has been caught that you can pick according to your taste, because in fact everyone has different tastes. It's different about color yes but about the design, let's agree.

If the Samsung Swn design is ultra-modern, Indeed, Samsung has already phosphorized for its own series. In the end they have dented the Ice series because the display is already 6.8 inches tall by appearance like this, and it is said that the tires weigh 228 G to 200 29grams. So lately, if for example the Ambon City bassura was previously a fan or user of the notes, it is also similar, especially if you've seen Rini's cake. It is now compatible with Dynamic AMOLED for the diesel itself. Yes, you have lots of routines outside, and working on the Auto makes you dizzy and when we work the sun starts to feel like it's over our heads at 12:00, and we have to look at the info with our smartphones or give updates to people at the office.

What do we type, I fear to send it to the boss? It will end up in mom's house hahaha with an affair. It is finished So, but it won't be on the Samsung S pen, it is Ultra, because it is already 170 107000 750 night, where the brightness is really high. So it will be very safe when the Ambon City brothers are naughty or chatting everything through the Samsung S2 is ultra. This is with a very hot sun or a reflection of light. That is so big naturally also, yes, but still see clearly because it's really bright already, Mas already Ambon City is very bright,. Very bright, yes, and also supported by Dynamic AMOLED that is pleasing to the eye adn-120, it should also be very-It really is good. Corning Gorilla, Glass picture protection, and there's a plus sentence are definitely supported.

Before this release there is a yellow, Gorilla Glass, pictures too but don't use plus Now. Samsung claims its own strength, which is a little better and slightly higher than Corning Gorilla Glass pictures, yes, it is already very high in its class. That's how big Ambon City is OK and for all of you, I'm told, but it's like I already bought the Samsung S2, it's Ultra, but is it ch The ipset is great, I want to buy it but I'm afraid that the chipset is just like the previous years,. Isn't it, but no, Indonesians get girls instead, but the Ambon City arc is developing. This time, Samsung SWT is Ultravox which has in Indonesia a Snapdragon 820 with a febricated place for nanometers and Kris immediately.

Showed me what if the boss was already in town watching videos on YouTube, yes, through the Samsung S2, it was ultradecent, how about the speakers which have stereo speakers? Also automatically, that's a matter of course, Kris shows the results, Hey Kyle, cover attention the weekend to your welcome to each smartphone channel [Applause], [Applause] - Absorption, [Music], [Laughter], [Applause], [Applause - Received] The shophouse in Tambun is the result of the video and audio. That's what the city brothers can judge which definitely is not disappointing, because there is a price, there are goods and Chung always has good quality with a good price, yes of course. This man tells you, Christian. If you want to buy the Samsung S pen, it's Ultra, buy the variant 12 5 12.

Why this camera is really good. Basro tamon will definitely use this Smartphone. A lot to capture the moment of movoto movideo, want to take a selfie, want a selfie video, want to make a tiktok video, for example, or whatever, because in this digital era and in this era of all videos, Ambonese people will certainly not regret the quality of the camera Yes, At first glance it looks like there are five but it turns out that there are only four cultural flashes.

All of them are supported with 186 megapixels and this is What Angle for the other camera, The camera is 10 megapixel Telephoto with optical zoom 10 times Now the other camera is also telephoto with optical zoom three times and the other Ultra white, 12, megapixels Now, that's also supported by video with eight aka or eigrp 24fps But. And for the selfie camera, Basundoro Tambun will be spoilt with 40 megapixel white angel and of course it will be very, very clear.. Maybe the club did not care the ball last night and then the club fans bombed and lost and his face was so gloomy, right? His face was so sad, ah - I want to look cheerful, take a selfie. Like that, light appears bright winds.

Ambon City, may be curious; What is the result of the Samsung s7220 Tra camera [Music] Hey guys, try Ultra efs, avoid the 40 megapixel camera selfie Samsung Ultra Samsung Grand Ultra travel crane. Everything will be alright, next to you love me brother, Ambon, city, ; There is one feature of the Samsung S pen, It is called Ultra, director's view, lovingly showing two cameras, uh for the main camera view and also this selfie camera. The main camera in this small town that can be moved around, yes. Don't worry, please be fine! He is not a terrorist in [ Music], hello hihihi, hihihi, [ Music], hehehe, I'll be leaving Ambon next time.

Think again try the main camera Jiao, Zuo, Rengganis leather quality, t60s Qr-Code Generator Year for yourself, Yes, this is the best campaign kit of 11.11 and this ah with a slow and rising condition. It was also realized that it was cut Can, this value still exists. I'm sure there is a little bit of ginger from the street lamp, yes, it is getting a little dark in Aceh. Investigator, threats like Spike Hype, the anime itself, the microphone, How. While married, Ken is not shaken, because the faith in SDN milk is very strong, so it can't be shaken. The quality is 8 megapixels for the main camera and like to, Oh yeah, Mas, This time, Kris is trying to get his selfie camera in skin quality with 40 megapixels, b60 vs and maybe.

It may still look yes, because the camera quality never lies with the price and Risma. This is Kris walking a little slowly and also a little quick, but staying safe and focused. But it's still blurry in the back and the face remains visible here. The Samsung S2 TV camera is Ultra Hi. That is the Ambon City Episode, the result of the selfie camera, whatever the main camera is, all kinds of infidels that is, they have Samsung S pen is Ultra, already bored I've done what Kris has addressed, of course, yes. When we talk about smartphones, especially our flagship, we really want to know the battery capacity of the cellphone. This Ultra is supported by 5000mah battery capacity with fast charging,. It's one hour and 20 minutes, it's already 100%, Brothers in Ambon City.

Maybe you city brothers wait a lot, but for Samsung S2 you don't have to Ultra. I waited a long time, because an hour and 20 minutes had reached 100%, Hi, and this is really, really helpful, especially for all of you, but just calm down. It's not just alves charging, 45 watts, but also his legacy has been supported with 15 watts, which is very, very it helps, of course, especially if you have high mobility. It should be possible to capture mom or maybe report the situation around and continue to take photos and send to the office, for example, or have to constantly update via chat and all kinds of fear that the smartphone will suddenly drop, because maybe you are planning to use the Samsung S2 Ultra as your routine smartphone.

So yes, It's really like the Ambon City Abasador show who might also be curious, and especially with the high mobility, I really want to say yes to Samsung's flagship smartphone, I'm sure it is very, very young, because Advan is here, yes. All of you who have high mobility to do everything to find out, yes and ah, You are all mothers, of which I have ordered Ambon City. I've already bought the Samsung S2, it is also Ultra, for example, because it's too late the ledoran brothers in Ambon City keep the sp missing, So it was discovered that you can still use the S-pen from the Samsung Sw1 for example or the other Samsung Series Notes, and what is funny is that Cakery often praises Samsung S pen, camera too much but Hi.

This is not just a compliment, DN, not because we are paid by Samsung, We are not paid by Samsung, but a seaview camera. Ambon, who looks like he has finished shooting a photo Ambon City is very spoiled for editing with this row leak, I want to give the contrast, What kind of brightness and how about giving a color to it? The photos from the Samsung S2 are ultra-highly detailed, so it is libib more detailed that is like that, especially for you. All of you who might want to take photos in low light. But maybe what it is for, story updates such as that, photos with the row format. It can also be used so that you don't use the format too often. If you want to use the row format just update the story so that the results of the Instagram Story are clearer.

Right?, Row format could be continued to be edited in perhaps Fiesto or like Om. As long as the actress watches hat Samsung S2 ultra hi, how about Ambon, City Brothers and Sisters,. The conclusion is to buy it yourself at a price of 22000000 with a memory capacity of 125012 and a 5000mh Smartphone battery and 45watt fast charging and a 108-megapixel main camera and a 40-megapixel selfie camera, Dynamic AMOLED and Corning Gorilla Glass pictures plus and Snapdragon 8gen that is very, very worth. I want to update and I want to really have this so I have a lot of money. According to Ambon, live 4 Yes, there is Bandung Jaya Store. The crisis can also chat, haha.

For sure don't forget to buy at Bandung Jaya and don't forget to also follow our Instagram for more updates about prices, or as well as interesting promos in the Bandung Jaya Store KFC. Also don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram in the Bandung Jaya Shop and subscribe to this channel of course, so that we can always support and provide up to date information about smartphones or gadgets, That is all for information about Samsung S2 Ultra. In my next videos see, you Kris from Bandung Jaya, Store, mstyle, bye, bye, [Music],..

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