Xiaomi 12 Pro vs Mi 11 Ultra Camera Comparison - Galaxy User Guide

How's it going here welcome to another camera comparison, video and today we got xiaomi's first high-end offering of 2022 The xiaomi 12 pro I'm going to put it against their best phone of the last year. The Me 11 ultra, because I really want to see if their decision to sort of go backwards in the camera hardware department is going to make much difference or not. So last year they had the Samsung Gn2 sensor in the live ultra, and this year they've opted for a slightly smaller sensor, the sony alex 707 and the 12 pro, and so this won't be much of a competition.

As far as zoom is concerned, the 12 pro simply does not have the periscope zoom lenses that the 11 ultra has, but I will show you results from all the different lenses, and so the total pro is running. I'm going to show you a bunch of photos in both good and low light conditions so you can see for yourself the differences on these cameras and which ones may be best for you.

Here's a back-view video test on the xiaomi 12 pro and mi 11 ultra, as you can see they both are recording from rear cameras, and this is at 4k 30 frames per second from the ultra wide angle camera on each and off the bat you'll notice that the 11 ultra has a much better exposure here versus the 12 pro which is much more overexposed right now and let's just pan around to get a feel for how these ultra wing lenses compare and you'll probably . Let's go ahead and move to the main lens of each, and this is a pinch to zoom. That's the main lens there and we'll do it on the 11 ultra and you can see that it's snapping on love and ultra right there, so we'll pin around.

So you can see how these main lenses now compare with the Ultra wide and much better exposure on the 12 pro, but still overexposing, just a little bit as you can see, they are in the leaves compared to the knee 11 ultra, and let's go ahead and pan right and we will test out zoom on that cell tower. Utra-five times, the telephoto lens gonna you see it clear up and right in place. The point was snapped into place completely much clearer with that optical zoom now and we'll go down the digital equivalent at five times on the 12 pro right about there. Right now, you go digital to optical between the 12 pro and 11 ultra, and they both can move into a max.

So let's go to the 15 times digital on the 12 pro and then let's go to the max 15 times here on the 11 ultra right there and so much clearer right now on the ultra than the pro. Now let's get it back to one time there we go now, let's test autofocus here on the post, so really fast, autofocus on the 12 pro. There we go and one more time so typically pretty fast on 12 pro. Where we go and depart usually need to get the right, focusing distance right there and away and one more time on the 11 ultra. This will be a front - face - camera test on the xiaomi 12 pro and the meat 11 ultra.

They are both recording from front cameras and this is at their maximum resolutions and frame rates of 1080p 60 frames per second, unfortunately no 4k recording even on 11 ultra here and so it looks to be about the same field of view with the crop for electronic stabilization and obviously I start to show in some even light in the shade as I always do. You can see what these front cameras can do with no kind of harsh outdoor light, but let us go out into that bright light. That comes down here from my right and you can see what that does to the image quality as it tries to compensate in there and now with it directly in front of me, you can see what that looks like here and we will continue panning.

Of course it will blow the background and the m11 ultra seems like it is trying to compensate and properly expose, but it's really tough flying situation and let's go ahead and pan all the way. But let me know what you think of the quality here between the xiaomi 12 pro and the 11 ultra front facing cameras, [Music] [Music ], here is some low light, back facing video of the xiaomi 12 pro and me loving ultra. Let's go ahead and move the main lens into the 12 pro - zoom now. You can see they're now the same main lens on the 12 pro on the 11 Ultra, and you can see you will lock in right there and get brighter so much better than the ultraviolet lens on each you see they both are quite far out of the bright street light there.

So you saw how each of these cameras can perform in some fairly good light and so pay attention to micro jitters while walking here, that tends to be pronounced in low light and it's already much darker here. As we point into the night sky and it is not pitch black there is some light pollution, but you can see the noise that it introduces by trying to brighten things up here as you pan. This way it's a bit of mixed lighting, so it's not as bright as the earlier scene. Here, we've got a little bit darker down this alleyway, a few lights coming off the building here, so you can see what that looks like here on both these phones here.

So this is going to be a low-light test on front-facing cameras on the xiaomi 12 pro and me 11 ultra, and as far as color temperature. Here, I am only going to give my quick thought so that you can see that the ultra is definitely warmer than what I see with my own eyes here. While we go through this final test, maybe that's a little bit better information for you and so honestly, after using these two uh phones here, uh, I'm actually a little bit disappointed in what xiaomi is doing here right now, the Miele Mulch is a great phone. It is going to be great for zoom photography because even at its 20-30 times digital zoom, the me level ultra is fantastic and its main camera is great.

If you are trying to capture, you know pretty much landscapes or you know things from a certain distance. The minimum focal distance of the mid-level ultra has never been very good from the first day. If you're into macro photography, like you, take things close up and hoping to take advantage of that big sensor for natural bokeh on the Milan ultra, you can just it's minimum of focusing distance, isn't as good as other phones. To be honest, even in Pro mode focusing can be tougher, even when using the main camera to digitally zoom in and manually focus, it can still be tough and the xiaomi 12 pro is kind of brand new. It is just overexposing photos and videos as though it's pretty much crazy and even in manual mode.

After I can lower my exposure, but the detail in the photos and even video is uh there is just not quite there on a consistent basis compared to the 11 ultra or even other phones. I think sean has some work to do on the 12 pro and tuning its software for the camera hardware, and probably with the new snapdragon 8 uh, Gen, 1 processor and maybe even Android 12. The video on the 11 ultra is much better, but really if you want to do more macro and closer photography than the best is not the best but it's a fantastic all-around camera system. It has been out for longer, it has been tuned a little bit more over time and it's not to deal with you you know.

So overall winner, like I said I have Milan Ultra for me, but again, it depends on what kind of photography or videography you're gonna do with it and again, um xiaomi toe pro definitely needs all of it. Will work so I think this is going to, do it for this camera comparison..

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