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Xiaomi's 12 Pro flagship model finally gets its international release. On there it's miui 13 based off Android 12, the phone specs, if you are unaware. It's 120, hertz, ltpo, amoled and we have a quad HD resolution with it. The battery capacity is 4 600 milliamp hours with 120 watt charging. It does have three 50 megapixel cameras on the rear, so one is two times optical. The other is the main camera and then finally an ultra wide, which is 50 megapixels too, all three of which are there and then the front camera is 32 megapixels. It has a gorilla, glass, Victus and a middle frame around it and in this review I'll cover everything in detail. So you know exactly what to expect from the global version of 12 pro which is included in the box.

Typically, our 120 watt charger will be slightly larger than usual, but the charge time is nothing unusual at all because it will fully charge in about 20 minutes. There is a sim tray tool and a bit of paperwork now. This TPU case is a clear one and there are cutouts for everything it covers for the buttons to protect them and a raised lip around the camera module. On the front and the back and the rear, we have a gorilla glass victus. Has this matte finish to it, which even in the sunlight looks amazing, a little shimmers, and the good part about it is no fingerprints, no smudges. I think that this camera module looks a bit better than other, even though the 11 wasn't bad. The 12 Pro here, I just think, looks slightly better and just a little bit more simplistic in that design.

That one is f, 2.2. Now it is an interesting decision for them to go with a two-time optical zoom instead of just using two-time digital zoom with the main's and probably giving us three-time optical, I would have preferred or even four, but I think they're saving a xiaomi for the 12 ultra, which will probably have a periscope camera here on the right you can see, we've got our volume and then Power Butter. It is also a curved LCD screen on the front of this, which is an ltpo one billion colours 120 hertz this with an in-screen fingerprint reader. Now the location of it not bad, and I can get it easy and the unlock speed on it is good. That sometimes makes it look a little bit slower but it is accurate and there are no problems with it.

We have a 32 megapixel camera here you can see the bezels top and bottom are not the slimmest that I have seen on the left. It is just the curve also, at the middle frame again there and in the hand. And it feels good now, what about the weight? It is about 205 grams, so it is a little heavier than other phones, but it feels solid and then the thickness is roughly 8.2 millimeters, measured almost entirely down the bottom. We have a harman tuned speaker, kardon sized antenna lines. Type C port here is still speed usb 2.0. I do believe that it would have been the perfect time for them to finally bring it in the sim tray. So there is no micro SD card support and we do have an ir transmitter up top.

You can see just harman kardon branding there secondary mic and that is the speaker overall great build quality and you can see this model here. That's a really good panel, so it is amoled 1 billion colors 120 hertz, dolby vision, support, hdr, 10, plus 1 000 nits peak brightness with a real. Now you can see at the top here it shifts from white to almost bluish because of this curvature. It unfortunately does not have the DCM, so you see a bit of banding going through here and if it had the DCM, we would not see the banding and those that are sensitive to pulse width. If you go into settings, you will see this review at the time I record it, which is just before the release.

However, I found that one of my sim cards, which is a carrier here in Spain, called Moby's Star, doesn't like it. It seems to end up trying to connect to 5g or flashes on and off, even trying to get onto Lt band 20 and the phone ends up rebooting, it's very random and it's very annoying xiaomi is aware of it and apparently it's going to be fixed, so there is a bug fix for that coming and hopefully it's out in time for the release. There you unlock and you see a spinning icon for a split in the middle. Android 12 has been a bit buggy in my experience. Very well, swapping between your apps is very quick and everything is really fast. It has a great performance and I won't go through all those Miui 13 features.

I think most people know that and other features that I or I have in the past, so I don't normally go into that as well, but we have a bit of bloatware with it. However, it's pretty good only about well four, five, six apps or so that come to this that I would classify as bloat that you need to uninstall and it's very easy to do that and I'll charge time. That is still very clear, there for four thousand six hundred million hour battery is. So look at these random reads and writes there, particularly that random write speed, there's no slowdown whatsoever, installation of your apps with this ufs 3.1 storage So quick and look at these sequential reads and writes : they are excellent too antutu score.

It tends to throttle a little bit later, although they have fixed it from what I had with the chinese version completely to the same hardware, but with the global rom, because you can see with wildlife here. It actually happened on the 7th of march overheats again very recently. It won't complete the test, but they have now changed. The limit with the cpu is the skin sensor reading a lot higher than when triggered, so it doesn't trigger the throttling and it only pushes that performance to the max, but it will get hot and I'll cover that later on with the gaming performance, you can see that it reached 42 degrees It seems to me that xiaomi has done something internally to make these thermals a little bit better and that is good to see but really awesome performance that well.

It didn't throttle at all because with the frame rate, but the other test showed us. No, so safety check yes, success here, beyond everything and that mean that banking, apps and all that can be used. It has nfc on the widevine - Level of Security. Netflix works in full HD amazon. Prime video does not it's not an approved device, but that's Amazon's fault and they are behind on so many mobile phones and tablets that I cover from china. You got full camera 2 APN level support, 3 api level support. So that means that you can find a gcam port or use an open camera. If you want a different quality or a greater bit rate of video and things like that, you can do that with an open camera.

So when it's in the green in the 30s I am happy and the lock is very quick, it takes only a matter of seconds to lock onto this battery life. Also at 120 hertz at qhd resolution uh. That's the result, so 9 hours and 34 minutes uh is not the best I have seen for 120 hertz, even at qhd. I've seen much better than this so realistically about six and a half to seven hours is the maximum time you should be able to squeeze out of it and that is about what I get out of this phone, which is a little disappointing there. It is only a four thousand six hundred milliamp hour battery. No complaints, and it does have active noise cancellation.

Almost if you want to use a 3.5-millimeter tech and this type c 2 3.5 - adapter, when you do that it sounds good, the quality that comes out of it, and we don't even get the adapter occluded in the box, and it would have been nice if we still had that 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, but sadly it is well. I think it's gone forever on these flagships, or at least how do those loudspeakers sound, so harman kardon tune? As you hear from this sample they are great speakers and they have a hint of bass to them and the volume is good for a phone to the gaming performance. So what I saw with the Chinese version was it got incredibly hot. It started to throttle about six minutes into the game and it would get that hot that it would close.

It would give me an error, the one that I will have shown you before when we looked at the 3D mark. Now Close doesn't happen anymore, so that the global model has improved things. The thermals seem to be a bit better, but I just think they've changed that limit via software now, they increased it when it overheats really So it seems to not throttle down as much now on the maximum settings that I do allow here. We're looking at around 50 to 60 frames per second in town, sometimes it comes down to 40, so there are some dips there.

What I will do now with genshin impact is just game or get out of the city and I'm going to play for one hour and report back on the thermals, how hot is going to be and with one hour of gameplay? So this is the 12 pro global version, we're looking 43 degrees on the front of it. This is a huge difference compared to what I saw with the Chinese version. The other phone would overheat, and here is simply to show you the difference. It is about 45, 46 degrees, on the back of the Chinese version and the front of it. It's actually caused the overheating message so it is reaching around 47 degrees and I've seen it reach 48 and even 49 degrees.

Something else happened too because of the heat, you'll see that on the chinese version the lens is a little broken and you see that when you go to record video, while the model here, which is the global version of the 12 pro, it's fine, it's clear. Also there is something very different here inside the Chinese version of 12 pro. But this is really good to see that xiaomi has fixed my biggest complaint of the Chinese model in the global version. After about 25 minutes, you can not play games on it; it just closes and then the lens will fog up.

If you record 4K video 8k for over 6 minutes moving over to our cameras now so that the 32-megapixel front camera does electronic image stabilization with your vlog footage but only 1080p resolution, which is falling behind when you think about other flagships, they do offer 4K with their front cameras and we don't get it with xiaomi here. We still don't have it, and I really hope this is the year 2022 that they finally add vlog video at 4k front, so the rear camera with its 50 megapixel sensors can shoot up to 8k 24 frames per second. The bit rate is only 128 kilobits per second, this is my biggest complaint with this video quality, that I hope they can improve the audio with it.

Now I have noticed that sometimes you get that jutter when you pan around and this is present and pretty much every single android phone I have reviewed always seems to happen that even though you try and take it real easy real smooth when you pan around the jutter comes through it's overall for 4k quality it is really good. I hope that xiaomi can improve that and bring back the 320 kilobits per second we used to have. They still have not fixed the bit rate, which is disappointing, so it's still 128 Kilobits per second.

Wasn't a good enough reason for me to still have just 1080p video with front-facing camera? Look at everyone else, their flagships, 4k, 4k, 30, 4k 60 but not here now we have 8k video recording with the main camera and a bit for now, at least in my testing. I'm not seeing the issue that I had with the Chinese model, that you could get a fog of if you shot around six minutes in the cold and missed something going on inside behind the camera lens, which made the footage blurry not happening here and they fixed the problem with thermals. The original Chinese model, that I reviewed, would get up to about 50 degrees celsius.

It ran into some huge problems where it would get that hot and it still happens that it will kick you out of a game or benchmark and just shut it down completely and tell you it's overheating. It does seem to push the limits of it, but there must be a little bit more copper or maybe they change the thermal compound they use between the Snapdragon 8gen1 and what is inside here to keep it cool there. The battery life is now very average for 120 hertz, especially at quad hd resolution you are. It's about six and a half hours of on-screen time, that's just social media, so Twitter Whatsapp is probably a little bit of that, perhaps streaming and youtube and things, but not gaming.

So a little disappointing there I did find the standby battery life with Miui 13 to be quite poor, leave it overnight and you would wake up without even using the phone to realize that you've lost at times like 25 percent of the battery. It's got a standby battery issue, Miui 13 and then there are a few bugs too that sometimes load the Ui as I have shown you and show like an animation icon that shouldn't happen and then a full reboot on my unit was a bug fix there. They still need to solve all these problems with Miui 13, which I hope is coming, but it always seems to be the software that holds up really brilliant hardware from xiaomi here. Again it's the same old story, great hardware, just really software : so there is certainly room for improvement.

They can turn things around even more, and they certainly have when you compare this model to the original xiaomi 12 pro that I reviewed..

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