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We have the 12 pro the 12 x which I don't currently have, and then this model is just the 12. Now the 12 is a 6.2 8 inch model compact flagship, smaller, very comfortable in screen, fingerprint reader 120 hertz screen. It is an amoled screen of over 1000 nits of brightness ; we have a 50 megapixel camera on the rear, 13 megapixel, ultrawide, 5, megapixel macro spec wise ; looks really good ; powered by the new snapdragon 8 gen 1 from Qualcomm latest and greatest 4 nanometers ; but as I discovered in using this and you'll see later in the review it has a bit of a serious problem and it's just like the snapdragon 810 However, please to just point out that this is an import model before we start here.

Okay, it's intended for the chinese domestic market and we are still waiting for the global release at the time of this video. As a result there is no LTE band 20 on this, so yes, I did purchase and import this one. I used a company called the Shenzhen Trading Company. I have used them for a long time, much better than those dodgy aliexpress sellers, which can be very hit and miss. Inside the box, you'll find a clear tpu case. A Type We get a c to a type cable, our charge is Watts, it takes about 38 minutes, and then you get the typical type of paperwork here, all in Chinese of course, being an import model and a sim tray tool. Now we have a really nice build quality and finish to this phone.

So obviously I have the blue color here now it is about 8.2 millimeters, the thickness that is not measuring the cameras here, which then bring it up to around nine millimeters or 9.5 or so, and then the weight. According to my scales, it's about 183 which is still very, very good, so matte finish here with this gorilla glass victus on the back, and I think it looks stunning curved edge right here, volume up and down and then power buttons made of metal frame around the outside. It is a super solid build and it features typical xiaomi quality. Now that we think it has an excellent finish, this is as good as any of the big brands like an apple or a samsung. So look at the front here in a very low position fingerprint reader.

Now I wish that it was up a little bit higher, like the Pro model I have here full review that I have too by the way. So if you tap on the screen then you can just wake it up. The unlocking speed is pretty good, though the animation makes it a little slower than what it really is bezels around the outside. I don't think they're too bad, but it's not quite symmetrical the way they have done this edge now I don't know if they do that to stop damage to the screen with drops or maybe maybe a little bit more predictability. I don't think this is too bad cut out here, so no under display camera.

A lot of people were disappointed in that me, I'm not because I found the under-display cameras to be pretty poor normal, even though the Mix 4 is probably the best there is so xiaomi has really good under-display camera tech, so other things to point out curvature to the glass and yes it is an oled screen or amoled. 1 billion colors 120 hertz, very good, I'll get more on that very soon. But when you look at it at angles you can see it shifts just a little on the corner right up the top. Here we have some harman kardon branding, that's because they have stereo speakers from them. They sound pretty good and later in the review of course, I will give you a sample and compare it here to this one, the 12 pro so ir transmitter antenna lines.

The camera module can be seen a little bit sticking out, but it is nothing like the 11 ultra down the bottom. Here we have our port - c - sim trays, so it does take two nano sims, no micro, sd card microphone - antennae supports, another of these speakers. Still it's usb only 2.0 spec, I mean come on xiaomi. Why we not have usb 3.1, why there is no video out display that would be really good and it is definitely well overdue here now, the back with the cameras there, so dual tone led flash main 50 megapixel camera, and then we got a 13 megapixel ultra wide and 5 megapixel for macro. I like that we don't have silly 2 megapixel cameras here.

I hope this trend continues and then this camera here and the cutout of 32 megapixels the same as the Pro model, so the Xiomi 12 is a little bit smaller than the Pro model here. You can see the camera module slightly larger there, and I really like this matte black finish looks stunning here and the screen so that 6.28 inches. If you want the Quad HD then go for the Pro model and you do see a slight sharpness in it, but really at normal viewing distances. If we had a look at the settings, there are a few options we get from xiaomi here, so anti-flicker mode.

Is there an obvious which, with the 12 Pro, isn't it for some reason in the developer options, and I do find that this one suffers from banding a lot more compared to what we see here with xiaomi's and you will see that there is also the light mode and the reading mode color modes, all the standard stuff we get with them, which is really great now refresh rate, you can either set it to 60 or 120 hertz. The good thing about the pro model is Is it the perfect kind of balance between, which is 90 hertz, which I actually prefer for fluidity, of course? Yet you get this battery saving, sadly on this model, but it is a very good screen, flickers less than the 12-inch model and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

So are you able to distinguish the differences compared with the screen? You can still make it out, but not quite as good as the 1500 nits peak that you get on the 12 pro. If you didn't see my previous video, it can heat up and I'll get to that later on, especially when you're gaming and if 8k video can only record six minutes for heat constraints I think not because of storage constraints, ufs 3.1, very quick, but what about ui performance miui 13? The scrolling performance on this phone is absolutely terrible so far. Other issues I've seen is that in some of the om system apps by xiaomi you can't see where you are typing with the on-screen keyboard - I don't know it's because I am running the g board and not the xiaomi keyboard but it shouldn't be happening at all.

It could be smoother, it is just a bit janky at times and I was really not very pleased with that. During the most of the time, triggering gestures really work - and, don't get me wrong. It is a very fast, quick, snappy phone, as you'll see now from the benchmarks. It was to improve stability, security and maximize system performance but, as mentioned, I still see issues. At the moment it still feels like a bit of a Beta Rom, like we're kind of guinea pigs- hopefully they'll sort it all out when the global version is released and with the Chinese rom, I'm sure that they're going to fix it eventually, with updates also, so charge time, 15 minutes to go from 11 to 100, very quick, not quite as fast as the 20 minutes you get with the 12 pro. Also I don't have lte band 20.

big problem here for a lot of people in Europe. Of course, that is what happens when you import a Chinese model. If you get the global version when it eventually comes out, you won't have this issue, but it has probably got 5g and got on the typical speed for my carrier now really good Antutu scores here. Almost reached the million point mark here, where is the big jump. If I keep running this test it eventually drops and it will probably end up overheating and I'll show you more about that soon. So a wildlife score here, just to show that that gpu, yes, is very powerful, getting almost 60 frames per second is excellent. On the left you can't get a better accuracy than 3 meters. If you run a fixed test at 60 hertz it would actually go for a very long time.

Then the battery life can you see it went for 14 hours, which is kind of insane use in real life ; looking you are probably 10 hours, if you lock it down to 60 hertz. So if you need that battery life highly recommended to cut that refresh rate in half you gain so much more, you gain an additional about three hours of real world juice audio now, so if you want to use a 3.5, millimeter setup, okay, your headphones earphones, whatever you need to use an adapter for that, and it does sound, really good typical, xiaomi good quality there.

Now the speakers both harman kardon now what I've discovered is that the xiaomi 12 should sound better than it should be, but it does sound slightly louder than the xiaomi 12 pro I'll give you a sample of shortly but just wanted to point out that we're running at 30 hertz refresh rate normally in this then it jumps to 60. But sometimes the scrolling in here does not quite feel like 60, at least not too obvious on the xiaomi It just feels a little stuttery sometimes like it is not as smooth as it should - which is as I would expect to be one of my complaints here with the firmware more of this. My typical track with 100 Volume on both and you'll probably hear the xiaomi 12 is actually a little bit louder.

That is really interesting that the xiaomi speakers sound better than the 12 pro now on the largest area. I mean really fast: you can use the max settings here, extreme frame rate with pubg, not a problem. After playing, demanding games or games with the highest settings that you think you better run with the new snapdragon 8 gen 1 right quad-meter chip. If you remember that one very hot chip, so that Qualcomm back to its well, it's on the dark side of overheating chips and what happens is I did a stress test here with 3D mark and that is the extreme test for wildlife. It ran for only about 11-12 minutes before crashing and me completely out of the application or game. For example, if you play a gen chin impact, the same thing would happen.

I booted out Overheating message popped up and that's it. Obviously if you intend to play games for long periods, demanding settings and you are using a case just expect this phone to just overheat super quick- and that is simply unacceptable to me- really disappointing from qualcomm and xiaomi's move to our camera style. We have a 32 megapixel sense at the front here, same as the larger, more expensive model of xiaomi 12 pro and you can shoot 1080p, that's 100p, 30 and 60 maximum speed. We still do not have 4k with front-facing vlog footage. I noticed that just like the xiaomi 12, especially with the vlog footage, you get a lot of this. It simply looks too bright, it is over exposed and they are not really balancing this out too well with other brands.

Uh manufacturers tend to handle these kinds of bright conditions a little better. It's simply software xiaomi need just a little to optimize these cameras. I do find that the cameras are all stacked on the larger version, so the 12 Pro and this model here, so this is the main 50 megapixel camera's optical and electronic image stabilization during the day. The video quality out of this that you can get from the xiaomi 12 pro and I've done a comparison, so check my channel for the xiaomi 12 pro against the 12. The electronic and optical image stabilization is excellent and I'll. Just run ahead to see Daniel Castle in the background. I find the daylight footage, the 4k 30 we can get it won't shoot.

4K 60 looks very similar to the 12 pro and even the pictures quite similar, but we don't have the as wide feel of the view that we do with the Xiaomi 12 pro. Check out that comparison again. If you want to see the differences between the 12 pro and this smaller 12 model, okay, so final verdict on this one there is a lot of good in this phone here I love the frame around it. The gorilla glass vectors, the finish of it, and the style of it I think is lovely. It is a high quality product, high quality screen, but then the failings that come through with the software and current state feels for me very much like a beta with some of the lag I see in certain apps like youtube or twitter and even the Play Store seems a little bit choppy, not smooth.

It's not running at 120 frames per second, it runs with certain apps at 60 and of course it does dynamically scale this refresh rate with it, so the front camera and still no 4k video come on xiaomi get up with the times Other brands have had 4k vlog - front footage for years now. Oh, and don't get me started on this audio bit rate of 96 kilobits per second. Once again, they have gone backwards. If you put a game on the highest settings and play for 30 minutes, this phone overheats, it runs into overheating problems. It puts that message that I showed you it was overheating.

Is it qualcomm, I think they're partly to blame and xiaomi two also? Surely xiaomi tested their prototype games on them? How was that pass acceptable to be, or was it qualcomm? Did they simply not just lay out the plans for a thermal solution? I can see the snapdragon 8 gen 1 as a great chip in something larger than a tablet where it can spread heat, but in a smaller size, compact flagship like this simply too much and it reminds me of the snapdragon 810 days, if you remember those and those chips just get far too hot, not having sufficient cooling in them. Those bugs give us 4k front facing camera hopefully to improve the bit rate, improving software in general and then we might have a good phone.

But to me it feels like xiaomi lost their direction and their way a bit too many releases. People are confused, they're losing focus, losing direction and it is showing that it's starting to show in the xiaomi 12. So unfortunately, thank you for viewing my yes long-winded review here, but now you know the full story of the xiaomi 12..

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