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Hey guys and welcome to my channel, welcome to my unbrushed hair, welcome to my wrinkles. Oh my god, dude, this video is already like a show. I just received this background over a month ago and I have had it hanging up for the past month, hoping that the heat and stretching it out would get rid of some of the wrinkles. But here we are a giant wrinkle behind my head, so that's cool. So sorry, if that is super distracting I'm so sorry, if I look unprofessional, I just don't know what else to do. And then I had like a nice serene blue tree moment for this video and it's uh, it's really going great. So today we are going to do a phone case hauling in the video.

I've been getting a bunch of different phone cases, and I asked you guys in my last wish video where I bought a bunch of designer bags off wish. I asked you guys if you wanted to see a wish phone case haul and a lot of you said yes to hell so that is what we will be doing today. I will never get raped with an Apple product. I love my Androids and the phone that I got is the Samsung Galaxy S20. The phone I had before for a little over three years was the Samsung Galaxy S8 and I upgraded to the Samsung S25g. So we are upgraded, we're good and every time you get a new phone. The number one thing you have to do is a lot at this point is you have to get a bunch of new phones cases and that is exactly what I did.

I highly recommend wish because they have some of the best phone cases ever they are so cute and that is where I like to get a majority of my phone cases and if my hair doesn't keep acting nutty. Okay, a few of the phone cases you may recognize are this first one here. I actually had a very similar one when I had my s8 and I really wanted to find a matching one to go with my s20. It's this beautiful red sparkly phone case, and I don't'm a huge fan of pop socket. I absolutely love my pop sockets, so I had to get a red sparkly case and put my red jeffree star, cosmetics, pop socket there. I don't think I have paid more than 15 for any of my phone cases. One next, this is fairly basic,... not exciting really. It's the same as this clear phone case here.

Or whatever you can see your phone through and on the back there is actually this new kind of pop socket that is on the market, but it's basically like one of these things, so you can hold your phone like this sort of like a pop socket and then there is a giant magnet here. So if you want to simply stick your phone somewhere like on the fridge and watch something while you are making dinner, it actually comes in handy and I actually use that quite a bit even at work. Sometimes, I will put my phone just like on the water heater right up. So while I am grooming a dog I can just watch television or something it is kind of nice I kind of like the whole magnetic gig going on here so I got this case at walmart. I think it was like five dollars and then I got this thing online.

It was like twenty dollars, which is stupidly expensive, but i mean it works great. I just find it very calming for me so the first I got was this purple galaxy moment. So it is this lovely purple galaxy moment and I kind of have the match in a galaxy pop socket there like this. Quite a bit i use this one and then the other one that I have that is very similar, is sort of like this green galaxy moment. Looks like I got this from amazon and then I actually got this pop socket right here from a creepy Crate Unboxing. If you guys remember me unboxing that creepy crate, that is where this pop socket comes from, and it literally matches so perfectly. So I just got this guy on there also, so those all are like the Amazoni.

The only negative is sometimes shipping can be a little costly and they need to be at your door as fast as possible. If you are going to get phone cases on wish it is definitely worth it, but you need to have patience. Like can I get a Holla for my 90s babies here, but I saw this and I literally had to have it, and it is this holla phone case right here. Nice soft texture and the buttercup is a little bit rougher but it's a really nice case and it has all the little buttons on the side here. It is kind of a rubbery texture, so it is not like super protective, but I mean I shouldn't really be using my phones super rough anyway.

Next I'm going to show you guys, you guys, a lot wifi on my instagram when I posted about it, like you guys, seriously loved this one and I can totally understand why, because it is one of my favorite things as well - this phone case is right here, so it is for the Samsung Galaxy S25g and it is this. It is more of a sturdy case, so this will protect your phone. It's definitely harder and as you can see we have all kinds of horror characters. We have pinhead, we have captain spalding, we have an reagan child's play, michael myers, we have it - Freddy Jason, just like alien. We have a little chucky up here and the grudge's American psycho. I made sure they had it in my phone style and added it to my car.

This one is super awesome and a lot of you guys were asking me where it was from and I did tag it on the picture but nobody pays attention to tag so this case is actually from wish for all of you who are asking - and when cases are like this, when they are super cool, I don't like to put pop sockets on them, because I don't want them. Why would I want to cover poltergeist and jigsaw? So when cases like this are super cool, I don't put pop sockets on them because I don't want to cover anything like that one on my phone. If I would put a pop socket right here it would block the face of Buttercup. When cases are like this, when the design is in the middle I don't put pop sockets on, but when it's like knowing that a solid design, that's usually when I put a pop socket on, like I said.

One is a lot more solid, so this one will protect your phone a little bit more. Please do not follow my words, but I will try to link to these phone cases in the description box. I don't know how easy they'll be for me to find again, but I will do my best the next that I found, but it is like I had about four or five of these. This is what I mean uh , you know it is a little bit rubbery, but I feel like it will still protect your phone just because it has these kind of hard borders right here. It is actually a very tight fit, so your phone definitely feels secure in here. The next three that I want to show you are kind of Halloween, horror, themed and this one was the first on my phone. It's this really pretty cute baby, pink color and it just has black bats around it.

I did place a black pop socket on it. There is an extra protective coating over the camera, so it has just tiny openings where the lenses are. So that's what I really like about this case and for whatever reason I've had Bats over the last few years. So when I saw that they had a bat phone case on wish, you might best believe that I snatched this one up, so that this is really cute. I will be wearing this on my phone a lot during the halloween season and if you know me, then you know that this next case is something that I have to have in every phone case: collection, video and it has the same kind of camera, protecting design as the bat one.

This halloween is Michael Myers phone case really really strong again will protect your phone on the back and sides, and it also has that same kind of shield over the camera that I really really really like. This is another one where I will not be putting a pop socket on because I don't want to cover michael's face and the next are going to be absolutely nutty over because I know I did when I saw it now. This one is kind of more like a rubbery texture. This is more or less for aesthetic reasons and that is this bright, yellow, good, guys, chucky phone case holy.

This is actually one of the first ones I saw on Wish, and that's when I knew that I was going to get a whole bunch and do a full haul on my channel, because this one is so amazing, so it says right there we have little chucky and then right on the bottom. I'm actually gonna put it on my phone right now. I love this one and it looks pretty good on my phone, so this guy is winning this one. Okay, there are two that I'm saving for last, because these are forever like I'm gonna treasure those, but the third is to last, one that I want to show you guys is kind of like not halloween, not horror, but just just freaking cool okay, and I saw it on wish.

I was like I mean, it is probably gonna look really stupid, but it's way too cool not to get and that is this guy right here it is a black phone case and, as you can see at the very tippy top here, we have a couple of devil horns which I love. This pop socket I already had and I put it on my phone. So when you put this one on the phone you just slap it on rather- and here is what this one looks like- it is a little bit fingerprinty and dirty. This case has already been very much used and well loved like literally I just ripped the Pop socket off. So I'm gonna have to put this back on.

Do you see what I mean you guys, like an actual show today, like I said, welcome to my show, make sure to subscribe to it, but I'm gonna have to glue it back on, but this case is really cool and the rubber tips are really rubbery and they aren't breaking. These like pop off just so, but that's that one I have used quite a bit For sure, it's been a favorite of mine a second to last phone case that I want to show you guys. If you know me if you have been on my channel or have been following me for a very long time, then that will make total sense to you I think that I actually teared up and almost started crying.

Like I love marilyn monroe just as much as I do so, and this is actually one of my favorite pictures of marilyn monroe, this little black and white moment, and there will be no pop sockets on this one because I don't want to cover her up at all, and this is like a little rubbery one. So it is more or less aesthetic like that, I mean that is what marilyn monroe is all about. Oh my god, I love marilyn monroe, so the last phone case that I want to show you guys to share for this haul in this little wish phone case haul.

I have no idea, why is a white phone case with a beautiful blonde marilyn monroe with red lipstick wrapped in like a jacket, just looking absolutely marvelous again, this one is more like rubbery texture so not too much protection there, maybe for like minor bumps and stuff but certainly more for aesthetic looks if you are someone who wants like full protection. I oh, my god, shit falls. Okay, I spent a lot of money on these, but just a quick question when it comes to weaknesses. We have the marilyn monroe case that I have just shown to you guys. We have the michael myers phone case. We have the horror movie cast phone cases and then of course have the good guys chucky ones. Let me know below in the comments which phone case is your favorite.

Like I said I will try my very best to find and link all these phone cases. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video more of sitting down with me watching all my phones again. If you guys enjoyed this video and you would like to see more wish hauls in the future, then make sure you watch and give this video a big thumbs up. If you are new to my channel and you are someone who likes all sorts of content, makeup, Vlog hauls, Tattoos, anything you can think of then make sure you go down and hit the red subscribe button. You support your comments, your views, everything it means for me the absolute world, but I am going to go away for now and I will see you all very soon in my next video..

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