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The samsung galaxy s8 was one of the earliest smartphones to push the envelope in shrinking bezels until the coming out in early 2017, and even to this day it's not hard to call this a good-looking phone, but even with a beautiful display and still decent hardware. The phone is four years old and is already two versions behind when it comes to Android support, Hey how is it going? I'm josh from 91 tech and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus don't really feel their age, and yet they sort of do. You can find it around a hundred dollars and anything under 100 for the s8 or, more specifically, the s8, plus for a slightly better battery is just a heck of a deal on the surface.

It feels amazing in the hand and looks even better from the front, with admittingly older hardware that still manages to hold its own, mostly, but the problem is the software on which it is stuck forever. Android 9 and an older version of a samsung Ui cursed to never ever receive major updates again, as it slowly fades into irrelevance, where a phone's potential lies is rooting and flashing it with a custom rom. Battery life is likely to be rough, a bit of lag here and there, and the camera is at best pretty mediocre. So let's start this off a little more in depth with the design. We have a glass back and aluminum frame and a fingerprint sensor beside the single camera lens.

While it does a fine job in unlocking your phone, the placement is simply awful and I find myself tapping the camera more frequently than the sensor, at least on my first attempt. It's something that you can get used to, but the s9 fixed it by placing the sensor underneath the camera, making it more obvious and natural for the touch. There are other biometrics to use on your phone, such as iris, scanning and basic facial recognition if you prefer to use them. Although neither is super secure, the phone really looks spectacular from the back and there are a good few colors to help it feel like your own. It is all in all pretty thin and light which makes it comfortable to hold and to actually use.

Charging is an option and with this phone we also have water resistance, an essential samsung inclusion. On the bottom of the phone you have the option to add a micro sd card for cheap extra storage, we get usbc as well as a headphone jack, which is no longer included on newer galaxies, despite Samsung being one of the last companies to keep it. The s8 plus has a 6.2 inch screen with the same resolution, although because the phone is larger that means a slightly worse 529 pixels per inch, that's still an insane number. While the smaller s8 is technically a bit sharper, there is no way to tell it in day-to-day use.

The screens have the prestigious title of the infinity display because the screen kind of curves over the edges giving the impression of little to no side bezel, and is super pleasing in my opinion in real use. The lack of side side bezel means it's pretty easy to have accidental touches and light tends to reflect down the edges in a way that wouldn't happen. Because the phones have a glass back, you should really be using a case, and that would solve the accidental touch issue, because the displays are super amoled. We get true blacks and crazy, vibrant colors, creating a sharp, clear, beautiful image that looks about as good as what phones are today with whereas there are bezels on the top and bottom of the phone versus.

Basically, no one on newer galaxies beyond that really there's not much to indicate you are holding a four-year-old phone - it looks and feels great and the only thing dragging it down when you start using it. The s8 has a rear 12-megapixel camera that isn't really upgraded from the s7 and can take decent photos with good lighting. You might have some issues overall, though, as you can see here there's not too much to say, there's potential for nice pictures and I'm guessing that anyone now who s8 actually bought isn't expecting a top-of-the-line camera. Looking at the front camera we get a healthy count of 8, megapixels and selfies are pretty mediocre but will do the job for zoom or snapchat or whatever it's going to be fine.

Ideally, although these phones are both four years old, if they've been regularly used over the years there's a good chance that they'll struggle in this department- the s8 plus should be better in theory but both phones have the potential to be pretty bad. There are a few versions currently in Android and trust me when I say that the newer phones have gotten a lot better, especially in the camera department. Even with the lack of software support, the hardware actually is not too bad in the North American and Eastern Asian markets. You're looking at the snapdragon 835 chipset, with four gigabytes of ram, pretty typical specs for 2017 and it's enough to give you a decent experience in 2021, at least in most everyday scenarios.

There's gonna be some lag and slowdowns here and there, and apps aren't going to stay open as long as they could on a newer phone in the background. But for my limited testing, it feels good enough to be used regularly without much frustration if you are not in the mentioned markets you will have the Exynos 8895 chipset, which should offer similar performance. There also seems to be a six gigs of Ram version of the s8 offered internationally does not seem to be in canada where I live and I'd. Imagine that small bumpup in ram in real life wouldn't actually make much difference.

I usually feel good swiping around one ui 1.0, although I absolutely despise the skin Samsung puts over all their phones, it's not how it looks necessarily but more about the weird quirks and bloat that they always include. Their phone is not even running at its own potential, despite how much they paid, probably partly because of the display it is ironic, but I do get another little quirk. If you turn the brightness too high by turning the menu red, because again battery life and also I'd say burnin might be a factor, it is understandable, but I don't really like that they actively discourage you from using your phone at its full potential but screen burnin screen burnin is a real problem with any oled panel and it's by any means better than it used to be.

In fact, my Galaxy s9 plus actually has some burn-in and if a single image has stayed on the screen too long it can leave a permanent trace of it afterwards. Turning on contrast on this clip of my s9, you can see that the keyboard is visible, despite me actually being on a blank white page. Burn-In is relatively unnoticed in most circumstances, but some unscrupulous sellers on ebay and the like may reduce the actual damage so stay on the lookout.

Also, don't let your phone wait on a single image too long because at the end of the day it could burn in, the Galaxy, s8 and s8 plus are phones that still hold hardware but had their lives artificially short due to the unfortunate lack of software support and that rhymes there is no excuse and unless you're the type of person to go through the trouble of setting up a custom rom. If you have one right now, I don't think you need to upgrade anything by any means. Although it is behind in software it can still download any app and do most of what you want to do. If your phone is aging, though maybe it is a bit slow or the battery life is a bit slim, there is always the option of upgrading to a newer Galaxy or even looking elsewhere on the Android or iPhone market.

But basically, if you own a right now, you are probably okay, but I wouldn't buy one unless you find a heck of a deal and you're willing to live with the downsides. This is a good phone, but it used to be a great one and you know what it is still pretty darn good value in 2021 at around a hundred dollars just probably not a phone most people would actually buy anymore, even if it does manage to hold up in areas that maybe count most for some. If you find this video interesting or helpful, maybe hit the like button and consider subscribing for more content, just like this.

You can follow me on twitter and Instagram at 91 underscore tech if you’d like to for some reason and with that all said, thank you so much for watching I’m josh of 91 tech and I will see you all next time..

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