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A smartwatch actually has a lot of features, yes for active people, for passive people like me. This is the Samsung Galaxy Watch for and this is the latest Smartwatch from Samsung, which was released yesterday in August 2021 and for initial information about this smartwatch. Where can we know that the price is 3,4 99, and here is a special one, where you can use cashback and also a bonus track but the period is actually he, so yes, we are hunting for those of you who want to purchase then for the color selection. There is silver, there is green, there is black, and for the unit in this review, the color is actually G, reen, mito and actually is for Samsung Galaxy Watch.

If you go to the store, you will find several other variants of this watch, If it is the Galaxy Watch for the Octopus on the far left, while there are other variants, there is a classic. There is a 42 mm size, but there is also a 46 mm larger size and is accompanied by LTE. The most visible difference between World for and White for Classic is in the rotating bezel. The bezel is still there by touching the edges of the circular screen and overall I like this white for file and its shape is more dynamic than the previous series which is more Angela. The chord has a masculine side, but can still feel feminine K Then from the default - stretch, I.

The light rubber is good for those who like sports, but if I think I will change it because it doesn't suit my personality and as an alternative can be replaced with an original Samsung strap for the other Galaxy watch series. The important thing is the size is 20 mm, because this watch has a 20 m. radial radius. If you have a watch with 18 millimeters of secretion or 22 mm, it cannot be attached here. You can also use it for example. And that's our God, so that you can also use the other Samsung frets here and then additional information : if you don't use it in your left hand but use it in your right hand, there's actually no problem. But there is a note here: where the orientation screen is, it can't be changed. If I say, the button is facing the other side.

Yes, if you move to the right hand, the button will face inwards. It's like that, because the hand is like that ; it can't be turned like that so it can't be turned to face the right hand. Now maybe yes, but, an advantage or disadvantage depending on the actual preferences. Both are good and then, if we remember the launch time of this Smartwatch, it seems that this Smartwatch really spoils people who I like sports because there are so many sports-related features,. Capture data from the activities by the smartphone. This starts from the number of calories walked to the amount of active time to move.

As long as the Samsung help application is installed there are also various sports modes supported, starting from cycling, running, lifting weights, to swimming, running from your problems, friends, the burdens of life, swimming in your ex's memories. The count is a big sin than what I mean is that this can be used for various sports activities, including swimming. You said swimming earlier because it actually supports the IP Sixtieth protection rating, so it can withstand being embedded in a depth of about one and half meters. Mysterious games, not active,, aggressive sports, like that, I think not so much that I am, mostly at home, reading books, I'm lying down, I'm sleeping, that's the type of sports. And people like me, and I rest assured.

Our people often ask themselves whether we need a smartwatch, because smartphones actually have a lot of features, yes, for active people, for passive people. If this smartphone is connected to Samsung Health we can discover many things with this phone, starting from heart, beat, blood, exigent, isij, stress level and the most recent is the body composition. What is our actual body composition? This can be useful for knowing the ideal condition of a person's body, what it looks like and what it looks like as a reminder or maybe even motivation to doing it, especially for those of you still trying to consume and a healthier lifestyle like me, but a timer for friends who want to do this body composition. Later, pregnant women can't be later.

Also, if measurements are taken to children under 20 years old, the results could not be very accurate, because they are still in development process. Basically, the data that is obtained here is not for reference, medical and fried, We discuss other features also available on the smartphone, namely the Street Tracker. It sounds a little funny to some people, but snoring is actually a condition that can be dangerous if not treated, because it can cause breathing difficulties while sleeping and it is really dangerous.

What kind of snoring would we be able to improve our sleep quality if KPU did this? So when you sleep the smartphone and then is the phone placed or put close to our heads, it can be said like that, but don't bring a pillow, especially not in the next room, don't hear it. Putting it next to the pillow, for example on the small shelf in the room, would be simple. On the other hand for singles Do not Sleep alone next to the bed or maybe denied in the. It can also be setting that can reach the sound of our snoring so it can be detected. Siden, jajal, yes to sleep don't know. My smartphone is next to me because it's impossible on my wife's face. There she can't be next door there again and the results were not detected.

There was no detection of cake snoring, maybe because I don't snore, so nothing was detected, but the other detections were safe so the fork wasn't there and what can be detected while we sleep is blood oxygen, and that also determines what is our breathing quality. If it is below this number it could be that when we sleep the room is too cold or the sensor is on the clock. Until we sleep, it doesn't really stick to our skin because we sleep definitely a bit moving, so it could happen apart from that.

The real Samsung Galaxy watch is for it can also be a complement to productivity, especially when creating content because here we can set our smartphone camera in real-time whether it's for photos or videos, whether it is the rear, camera or front camera, So if you're recording alone using the rear camera, your smartphone can first preview - using this - it is endish. Cool then is that we can record VoiceNote directly to the phone. So for people who like to immediately record AIDS because I actually often record the main voice note. That song I did suddenly want to write. When I got inspiration, I wanted to record the original song right away. Everything is recorded here and stored on the clock, where the stories sing is quite large because of the smartphone.

It has 16 GB of internal storage and is an increase from the previous series, which was half and for the ram. This also increased from 1 GB in the previous series. Now to one and a half GB and for all watches types. It uses an exynos w920 processor for this, with 50 m fabrication and with Sipiongot's performance is faster by approximately 20%, much before. This watch should be more capable of running an OS that was specifically developed by Samsung and Google and there is an LTE variant for this smartwatch, where you can get a version that is independent, internet and does not depend and does not need to be connected with your smartphone, and there is something like that.

How are the terms and conditions applicable to be able to install the Isim version? That's me; personally, I do not need a smartphone that can depend on the internet. If personally it is me but if you feel the need please choose the same variant for smartphone entertainment. We can connect the Galaxy for a chance to spotify aware of the smartphone. There can be two or if you don't use spotify but have a personal file that you want to listen to. This file can also be imported and can be enjoyed for this on watch. It's easier to connect, Galaxy Babs Irish here than from other brands, GB, so maybe it is because of one ecosystem, it's easier for him. If you want to contact the Galaxy Service, it is easier to access this smartphone.

For is actually intended for those who are active and like to exercise, but if they are passive people like me, they also want this Jak,. It can also detect health and that means it is suitable for everyone. Save it really good improvement from Samsung in the Smartwatch line and I like it. This is God for all Okay I hope it is only sport for traveling, so how I loved is cool also. There are also LTE ones and there are different sizes so just adjust it according to your needs, and also the affordability of your budget and that's it for this video. If you like, the video, please subscribe and like it, and if you really like it, please share it with your friends. Wisnu kumoro Says Ahoe [Music]..

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