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If we count these two cellphones because they are both sold at slightly different prices, but with the same capacity, six 128 GB Samsung A12 are sold at a price of 2.7 million while the Samsung A22 is sold at a price of three million rupiah. Quite confusing, not a similar capacity, but for the price. The difference is around 300 thousand and roughly between the two, which one is better and worth purchasing. Let's discuss the first, okay, first we discuss design and appearance. What is unique about these two cellphones is that they have the same design and layout on the back, There is only a box camera Fleming that provides four fingerprint sensors, so they are both together with the button on the side.

But the difference is that the Samsung A12 has a c finishing which is heave or hubcap, so it's not slippery and does not leave fingerprints easily. It has a glossy finish and looks shiny, so the image leaves fingerprints or handprints when held, not using a soft case for the screen. IPS LCD a p0pl essay is. It has a slightly smaller screen size of 6.4 Yesung. The resolution, which is also still SD class 7, is 20 times 1600 pixels but for fishermen. Also the Samsung A2 is equipped with always on display or off. So it's clear in terms of design,. These two cellphones do look similar but they are water. It's also clear that the Samsung A22 is superior because of good color contrast and the screen pen is also better in terms of diesel.

We will commercialize specifications and performance for specifications and performance, even though these two cellphones have a capacity the same thing but there are still differences. Don't make the wrong choice! Samsung A12 is equipped with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 GB of installed storage. The chipset used is MediaTek, Helio p35 octacore 1200 m, and is equipped with a 5000 mh battery and a password instructor. It's fast charging at 15 watts, but unfortunately for the Gyros sensor. Op is still not shown on Samsung A12, even if it is virtual,. So those of you who, like pubg Mobile, want to pay attention to this point. The Samsung A22 has the same RAM capacity of 6 gigabytes as the A12 RAM with 128 GB of memory installed.

The difference here is that the chipset used is more powerful: MediaTek helio g80 gaming, octa-core processor, 12 nanometers for battery - capacity = a 12 of 5000mh with teaching. The Samsung A22 is equipped with a gyroscope sensor only. So for those of you who like pubg it's safe. These two cellphones do have the same RAM and rom capacity, but the performance produced is quite different. I am trying to play pubg mobile, Samsung A12. The file is capable of producing medium ant, graphics and medium bales. Nothing more and nothing less, when playing is quite ordinary and it seems to me less powerful. The gyroscope sensor does not yet exist, The graphics produced are much higher ant Ultra Bella the director stuck until SD high experience when playing is also much better.

I don't think so, and it feels lighter, especially since it is equipped with a gyroscope sensor, the guaranteed playing experience is much more enjoyable than the A12. The graphics produced are also quite good because it uses a Super AMOLED screen. The HBD has the same Jungle lens. It has a slightly superior megapixel, 48 megapixel main camera, Wito eyes, 8 megapixel, Ultrawhite camera, 2 megapixel camera, Crazy kid, 2 megapixel macro camera, for selfie camera, it is also bigger than A12 because it has already 13 megapixels for camera features on the Samsung A12, others images and videos here.

There are only portrait photos or bokeh, professional photographs, panoramas of food and macro photos which are not to be missed for the slow motion feature and night mode photos and video stabilization. The Samsung A22 has far superior camera features apart from photos and videos. Here are still portrait photos or Bokeh and in the full section there are still panorama photos of food, photos of macro night models, slow motion or solomoson, and hyperlapse for video recordings which also are equipped with stabilization. The video is safer in my opinion here: It's clear, from the camera sector, the Samsung A22 is more superior because it is equipped with an OS and a larger selfie camera for the camera.

But what is clear is that you can judge from the photos and videos that are already here. Problem, the photos and videos are both good. The difference is it's just a matter of color composition, okay and this is far too far for the Samsung A2 I use video stabilization. So results are more stable, don't for the Samsung A12. It feels a little wobbly, okay, You can judge for yourself whether it is good or hi from all the points mentioned, that we discussed, it. I think it's clear enough that for the price Samsung A22 is 300,000 more expensive, but the advantages we get are also equivalent to a better display and screen pen, chip and superior performance. The camera is equipped with an OS and more features and photos. It's pretty simple, so....

it is enough extra 30 0.000! You can already get everything I mentioned above and if you ask which is good, both are equally good in my opinion, but if you ask which is superior, I think the Samsung A22 is superior and worth it compared to the Samsung A12,. But clearly all options are in your hands. Here I describe it and, most important of all, all products or types have their own respective advantages and disadvantages, and maybe that's all for our discussion. I thank you very much for all those who have watched the video until the end, I hope. Don't like and comment on the uniform. Leave the video in the comments column. You can also share your experiences in the Comments Column during use.

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