What you should know about the Samsung Galaxy A51 : - Galaxy User Guide

Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hello, please see again on the Surprise Channel. I'm still proud of this time I will TV a new Samsung Galaxy A5, a 4 million smartphone equipped with an Exynos 9610 processor, 6 gigabytes RAM and a big internal memory of 128 GB, right away. You know from the Samsung Galaxy A5's one, the first part is the Samsung A5 has a smooth finish on the side of built quality and the body feels premium on the side. The back of the body is curved slightly. For the unit I have now this phone feels thin and comfortable to hold : the white or the chrishemworth variant where there is a prism-shaped sparkling pattern on the back of the body that makes this smartphone seem more elegant. This combination brings some bad looks.

Like the smart reply that was present. It was immediately modified by Ken Karkot's mv0 to share Thai Wifi passwords, better privacy. In the daily use, his soul feels more assertive, a more functional notification panel, including the addition of a power button, function, media menu and Diva controlling the camera menu, which is neater and the choice of a more varied navigation bar. Then there are 3 Samsung h51 already using a Super AMOLED screen panel with an infinity-o screen model similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which offers a refresher from the design side of Super AMOLED screen. One is also quite good, whether used for everyday activities or playing games Ok.

Yes, but don't worry because the screen is already super amOL ED so the Samsung A5 is equipped with the always on display or odour feature which is more useful than this time : notifications. There is also an exciting feature that makes the edges glow when a notification comes in. The optical fingerprint of Bisskey is not very good under the display of this Samsung A5 yes, from using algae, the Arabic success is only about 80%. It's simple like this, from 10 times I tried this phone, Hi, i failed to unlock about twice, which made me have to open this phone using the second option, which is using a pattern., or the pattern of the next part in the ability of the slow flight is in my opinion.

The photo is good or there is an improvement compared to its predecessor, Even though the cameras aren't enabled the modding photos are already bright. The Samsung A5 is armed with 4 lenses on the rear camera, namely a 48 megapixel main lens, a 12 megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a 5 megapixel sensor or bokeh, and a 5 megapixel macro lens that takes photos from the main puffer lens, white Bokeh, and the macro is in a good category for its detailed price, class, the brightness level and it is dry and the colors are okay. One is also equipped with stabilization and super steady features that make the video results. The eighth part is for pubg mobile game on the Samsung A5 1desa.

For extreme smooth, you can set Hi to the maximum and HDR Ultra to the extreme smooth settings, While HDR Ultra sets feels heavy and a bit lag, it is not comfortable to play for Ultra kdr, it seems to not be found. You have the right settings from the developer for the Exynos 9610 processor, here, continue to Part 9 for the PES 2020 game, although it can be played with a frame rate of 60fps free, but the gameplay feels a bit heavy and sometimes feels broken, I. You want a rather good gameplay for Fest 2012, just set it to standard free settings with a frame rate of 30fps while Code 493 is played in high-res graphics settings, I think it is okay, the gameplay is really smooth and quite comfortable.

There will be a drop, but overall it does not interfere with the gameplay as a whole in terms of battery performance for use of my tools, so that this Samsung A5 can be strong all day. Five hours, 30 minutes up to six ages with g WhatsApp group, which is quite active for those of you whose screen is on time only two times a day. This Smartphone should last the whole day on one charge, then for the 12th point on the Samsung A5, there is a folder feature that can separate Spray Buddy that we consider our private can install and save any file in a skill. The folder feature can also be accessed using a PIN or fingerprint only. One has only one sticker with a pretty good sound output.

There are bass effects, yes, even though we don't really talk about it, but it's enough, it's good for listening to music or watching videos. The Samsung A5 is equipped with NFC, which can be used to check and odometer e-money cards, just activate the NFC and stick these five feet behind the body of the A51. We can check and Tofu cards okay going to the last part, which is the 16th point of the Samsung A5. One has a body temperature stable. Just don't say it when you are invited to play a heavy game for about an hour and 30 minutes non-stop. I can say that from a smartphone I've ever had broadcast on this channel, It is a smartphone with a body with the lowest warmth level when tested, if in fact non-stop for an hour and 30 minutes guaranteed.

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