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Hi hi hi Samsung just released its newest SRS in 2002, of which one is the a52, which seems to attract a lot of people. We are not surprised because this phone is the successor to the a51, which is the most popular android phone in the world. The question is what is the difference between the a51 and 52 funds are quite far, and for those who are already 51 full up, do not upgrade to a52. The head of the cell phone has a very different design, a51. There are two variants : the first uses glasstick material, and it has a finishing that gives a colorful effect. The other is a little simpler and the material is more like plastic that is made like aluminum,.

While the a52 is much simpler, the body gives no effect, and it looks refreshing actually because most of the cellphones in this class are very colorful for data. Ie plastic continues: a51t, eventually bending. If the a52 is flat d, it can give a different impression between these two cellphones,. One of which is the a51, so it looks thinner than the a52, especially if from the side compared it is too much different, then the a52 is bigger but the bank is made to blend with the back body and then Samsung again presents the ipcc rating Effendi Galaxy A5 24 has been absent for several generations, including he 51.

Now we go to the front of these two mobile phones, both using the Infinity-o display design and what many netizens comment on is the A52 bezel, which is said to be thick. The a52 looks thicker than the 51, but it's actually not that much of a difference and for an HP class like this a52, I said it's still relatively thin. Other cellphones in this class are still thinner on average Hi. The screen sizes are both six and a half inches, but the a52 is a bit wider and taller than the 51. Both use Super AMOLED with full HD resolution, D +. The difference is that a52 supports the refreshed 90hz, so that it can feel smoother when we are slowing down.

But if for color characteristics, I still see it is quite similar, both are equally good in their class for chipsets, If you play Papji Exynos 9610, you can get extreme ant settings, while if you're 52, Fred is stuck like other cellphones with the same chipset. In Ultra, the extreme smoothness on Exynos 911 is not very stable, especially in the beginning, but for now it is more stable. The 50fps is pretty good, even though I can't reach 60fps. Although I believe this chip is actually capable of extremes but if you play other heavy games it's a different story, like Siauty. mobile a51, stuck in graphics, Hi and Fred Hi. If you play multiplayer mode it's still pretty fast even though it is not suitable for 52.

But if you play Battle Royale mode it can't be significant enough difference. If the moba games like mobile, Legends or League of Legends are quite similar between the two games, graphics can be set quite high and you can get 60fps for better daily performance. So the speed of opening and closing the testing guest application is enough to balance the a52 for shotgun. While the a52 is a hybrid then these two are MFC, of course. Now we go to the camera section. Other cameras are less the same 12 megapixels foraged 5, megapixels macro and 5 megapixels depp sensor Yui, the camera is similar at least the features are slightly different. The point is that the filter is from Snapchat, it still eerily.

What's surprising is that he's in provideo mode while he's 51? The rest is like starting slow motion and 10 machines are both available for portraits with different names. A516 turns on focus, a52 is called a portrait. The results are now for the Ultra White camera which I take most of the photos. Yes, a51 is a bit of Wow while the a52 is cooler for detail and dynamic sharpness. Friendship looks similar between the two, but there are two photos. It looks like the shadow is 51 brighter, in, in low-light and outside live conditions, It seems that he wants it to be a little brighter, but ends up very WC, and when I checked ISO it turns out that his wife's A52 is higher.

The higher the ISO should be more noisy, but it's upside down, so, processing photos of him 52 are better to move up. There are a lot of details that look softer and the colors are also lighter. I took the most visible difference in white balance. Once again the a51 was better while the a52 was cooler or bluer for detailed reproduction. Yes, the higher warp for the color looks very different. The color is more natural for the dynamic range if a52w. There are occasionally photos that are 51, so overexposure in this part of the sky I photographed many times. It is still like this even though the presence of portrait photos is on for the edition and the effect is equally good. 52 also looks better than Arema Hai for the camera creature, the sharpness is quite similar.

The distance with the subject can be a little closer compared to the 51 front. Both cameras have 32 megapixel resolution for selfie results, and overall it is very similar between these two cellphones. E30 vs, both on Ultra white or the main camera for Ultra web camera, in fact. The sharpness is quite similar, especially in the backlight conditions in the channel area. He 52 is brighter than the a510 main camera. The a52 can record full HD at 60fps first, whereas the a51 can only be at 30fps at all resolutions for color and contrast, there are slight differences. It's not much different in my eyes, which fits torture. Our results are clocked at a52 compared to the a511, both of which have Ultras Edi features, slow motion and super-slomosen.

The a51 has a capacity of 4000 Maha, while the a52 has a capacity of 4500m for the charger, though both can be adaptive for fast charging, 15 watts, but the a52 actually supports super fast charging, 25 watts, while the A516 pot both use Pepsi USB for speakers, the a51 is different. It is in my opinion that the upgrade given by manager is sufficient, yes. The screen bezel is a little thinner, but that is just a slight difference. Hybrid for me is also not too much of a problem, because minimum storage is 128 GB for this design but I prefer the appearance of the A52 but the rest. There are improvements such as the IPC Seven layer rating that has 90hz stereo speakers..

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