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What's on guys, my name gets written & mated with tech daily, so with the release of the new Samsung Galaxy s21 fe, I think everyone's biggest question is: how does it compare with the flagship s21 that it is technically based off of? The s21 fe is after all supposed to be the flagship smartphone with 90 or so of its specifications and features for a cheaper price? That was the idea with the s20 fe, which of course proved to be a great device for the money, but the timing and release of this new s21 fe likely months delayed because of supply chain issues or whatever else, and almost a full year after the flagship s21 has made this new phone a questionable choice.

Now, in this video I'm going to give you a very objective: an honest comparison between the new s21 fe and the flagship s21. So you can understand what specs and features are the same and what was left off the s21 fv in order to justify the cheaper retail price, and then I'm going to sort of explain why the new s21 fe is probably not as good as the s20 fe- and I guess if you want just the answer, I will tell you it is, because the flagship s21 is a year old and you can get it secondhand or renewed and you could pay the same or maybe even The designs are close nowadays but a few things separate them for one, the S21 fe actually is bigger.

Both phones have relatively similar borders and bezels surrounding the displays however, the flagship handset technically has a higher screen to body ratio and a smaller front. But as I said, the two phones look like any other samsung device pretty clearly. Matte plastic rear covers triple lens camera setups with slight bumps. I think the flagship s21 might have a metal ring around the camera module but it's pretty much the same idea, and there are similar aluminum housings and frames too. Now you can see and feel the flagship phone is slightly thinner along the edge with a sloping tapered side.

The s21 fee is a color matching mat but all in all these two phones are about, as close as possible on the left side to everything else, nothing really on either phone but a 5g antenna on the fe on the right side, identical USB c ports, downward firing, speaker and sim card tray, and the important thing is that the previous s20 fe had a dual sim and sd card slot. If you want to come from the s20 fe up front there are selfie cameras, like I mentioned just under the secondary speakers and earpieces on both and around the back that triple lens camera setup, which I'll talk about in a bit below the screen on both phones, and here we have another difference that separate these phones. The flagship s21 offers what samsung calls its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

While the s21 fe has, I guess, the regular optical setup, and when you touch and hold to scan your finger and unlock the phone, you can see that the speeds are relatively similar but the advantage of the flagship s21 is that you can tap and pull away faster and still unlock your device. The ultrasonic sensor is certainly more capable and requires less of a pause, and this setup is one of the first things you'll find missing in the s21 fe. Both phones also offer face unlocking, and with this the speed and accuracy feel almost the same to me. They go kind of back and forth depending on which I first looked at, but I found nothing I needed to note there.

Both phones, as I mentioned earlier, do offer dual stereo speakers, the downward firing one in the bottom and the secondary one in the earpiece. In terms of displays, the actual screen size isn't technically the only difference here, though you will actually get a very, very similar viewing experience on each phone generally speaking. The smaller 6.2 inch screen on the flagship s21 is a dynamic amoled 2x panel 2400 by 1080 resolution, 421 pixels per inch, 120 hertz, with HDR 10 plus support.

The larger s21 fe appears also to have a dynamic amoled panel at 6.4 inches, the same 2400 by 1080 resolution, slightly lower pixel density due to its size at 411 pixels per inch and it is now a 120 hertz display with HDR 10 plus support first In addition, aside from maybe a slight difference in maximum brightness where the flagship phone seems to be able to be brighter overall, I can generally't tell much else between these two phones because default colors all look the same, no real difference in dark areas or bright whites. You can maybe get more out of the flagship s21 outdoors in direct sunlight.

Like I said, I believe its peak brightness is higher, but all in all these two phones present you with an almost identical display setup, and that was great - one of the benefits of the s20 fe was a flagship screen setup without the flagship price. That’s most certainly what you get with the s21 fe once again and like I said you get the 120 hertz mode on both phones, so they are fast, fluid and very responsive, not really by standards of 2022 a flagship, specific feature, but still great to have either way. The s21 fe again gives a lot of bang for your buck, but maybe less value now, considering how many other phones also offer similar display setups. Now let's talk specs and performance, and this is exactly where the late release of the s21 fe really hurt it.

Eight Gigabytes of RAM and 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal storage with the s21 fe. The whole point here is to offer a more affordable device with still top of the line internals. So it's not exactly a perfect one-to-one comparison and I'll show you this disadvantage when we do some app switching second and this is probably the most important bit : after all the s21 fe was released one year ago, these specs were unquote, flagship components and that sort of takes away a lot of the value of this phone that you now no longer get from a same year.

And yes, I realized that if you compare the release date of the s20 fe to this new s21 fe, it's only a matter of maybe four or five months, but that's a long time in the world of smartphones and the latest Samsung devices are literally right around the corner. It's why I think this phone in comparison is not as good, but for what it is, you are still getting almost the best android samsung device. You can get under a thousand bucks from Android 12 the latest Ui update a smooth and very responsive os. It's plenty capable, no matter what you are doing, whether that be just browsing, social media or even gaming.

Experience you would want it's almost identical to the flagship aside from the two smaller gigs of RAM in my phone, but for all intents and purposes the speed and performance and capabilities are the same. The only real disadvantage, as I mentioned, is perhaps with app management with 6 gigs of ram on the s20 fe. It sometimes feels like it sort of limits it with putting all my apps currently and refilled in the background. The main point here is that, while yes, you are getting a smartphone jam-packed with top-of-the-line specs and the s21fe, the specs are now four to five months old and the flagship s21 is already one year old compared to itself, which means that the flagship phone is now cheaper.

It's discounted and it is gonna see even more a price drop when the s22 comes out, which all make the s21fe right now a tough buy, even with all its flagship caliper specs when it comes to battery life. I don't see either phone having a clear advantage in how long they will last the day and actually when it's time to juice up both phones, support, 25 watt, fast charging, 15 watt wireless charging and offer reverse charging too. When we look at the images, there's slightly more detail, a much better color tone and overall a better shooting shot. I believe that the sensor size and other specs are better on the flagship phone besides the megapixel count and that in turn delivers better results in real life when it comes to selfies with the rear focal point setup.

The s21 fe is an 8 megapixel zoom lens and the ultra wide spec varies from 12 megapixels in each way but a slightly different field of view by around 3 degrees. The slight hardware variations do not tell the whole story, although capability wise the flagship s21 offers things like 8k, video, recording and Director mode that the s21fe doesn't have, but actually most of the other features, shooting modes and capabilities are identical across the camera. They are actually a lot more similar than I originally thought. They'd be, and that is great even though you will get slightly more pro capabilities on the flagship phone, but let's dive into some real world results.

Now generally speaking, both phones take great pictures, but there are probably three to four things you can pick out. I personally feel that the flagship s21 offers the more detailed picture ever so slightly, but it is there. With portrait mode you can also get a slightly different focal length on each phone, and this gives you a bit of a different look with the background and the background separation. Overall, the s21 fe is a super capable device with a very robust and feature packed camera setup. But in my opinion it still falls down a bit short compared to the flagship s21, both in overall performance and with daily results.

Nevertheless, I have already explained my problem with the s21 fe, but just in case you want to push my point home, let me hit some concrete numbers here. Its rival, the flagship s21, is nearly a year old itself and because of all that, you can get it at a huge discount, both brand new from your favorite carrier and second hand and renewed from places like amazon. The retail price of the s21 fe is 699, though Amazon is already offering a 5.99 discount.

Right now the flagship s21 was technically a 799 device, but savvy shoppers can now grab it for well closer to 500 and in some cases a bit below the s21 fe is for the smart buyer looking to get the best most capable phone for a good price but when you actually start shopping around it suddenly becomes too expensive - and that's because of its unlucky release if you are deciding between the s21 fe and the flagship s21. Instead, you get a full flagship phone for not just a huge discount but maybe even a better price than the s21 fe. Right now it's a strange thing, but it is also the end result of a poor release cycle and the inevitable and steeped appreciation of most samsung flagships..

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