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Well today we will find out because we'll be comparing everything from the design to the performance of the cpu and the graphics. We're going to go over the camera systems. I have to say that I am soooo glad that Samsung went back with the Note 20 design. The SIM card slot is now located bottom instead of on top and the camera bumps on the back have now changed.

Initially, I did not really like it that much based on images online, but in person I like the nice, clean look of those lenses being individual and then comparing the s22 ultra I mean who can disagree that the s22 ultra looks so much better than the s21 and of course the s22 ultra has that slot for the s pen, whereas the s21 supports it, but it doesn't have it built in and another interesting change is that the display is not as curved on the new ultra Let's try to detach the screen very, very quick and this is the note 20. Now samsung has done only with software updates. Okay, a little bit of delay there is very, very quick and all these are updated - all the Samsung phones. Can't really tell the difference next, let's go ahead and do a speaker comparison now.

Dobby is almost hidden in the menus, but we added it to all of the phones and make sure that it's enabled on all of them, just like in the video and when we tested the s22 ultra against the iphone. So let's see if it actually sounds worse than the previous ultras [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music], all right guys - wow a lot of you guys did not believe in our previous video, but I think we were right in our conclusion. Hopefully you guys can hear that for yourself, there's a massive difference in loudness dude, that's wow, yes - much quieter! ' The note 20 is definitely quite a bit louder when we recorded this test. Here's maybe two decibels louder on the s21 ultra, the s22 [Music], that's just the proof.

Now no longer a note, so they definitely had to put worse speakers in this phone because they increased the battery, from 4 500 milliamp hours on the note 20 ultra to 5 000 and now let's compare the displays. Samsung made a huge deal about their 1750 knit display, which is incredible. In front of me now, I went into the settings which we have extra brightness turned on, just like in the last comparison to the iphone, and I matched the brightness to the top camera above, and as you can see, the s22 ultra's brightness is quite a bit lower than the other two phones and the note 20 needs. Slider turned up more to match, and now let's see how bright these screens can get. If we left the drivers right manually max, wow the s22 ultra is definitely brighter.

The previous two ultras are fairly close in brightness when you turn them up manually, while the s22 ultra gets much brighter. Set the phones to adaptive, brightness and maxing them out now. The s22 ultra is definitely brightening us uh backlighting but then we really find it surprising to see that when we go outside even though both are maxed out. The note 20 is just as bright and direct bright, in auto mode as the new S22 Ultra and then pulls the S21 Ultra out. The brightness levels and the direct sunlight are basically the same.

Maybe samsung updated these phones to get brighter than they allowed before, but when we compared the s22 with the iphone, and we saw that the brightness is very similar now it makes sense because we are nowhere near that peak of 1750 in brightness outdoors. Now of course, that peak brightness is for hdr video, so I have all of them set to maximum brightness as you guys could see that won't happen. Even let me control it because the app is controlled and let's go ahead and take a look at HDR video to see how these compare and there it is we're seeing the same thing as before the s22 ultra looks dimmer than the rest with the note 20 ultra.

The Note 20 looks the best people in our previous video said that maybe the iPhone was simply too bright in the mids, but taking a look at other Samsung phones. They are playing Hdr very similar, where you can actually see a good amount of mid-detail, whereas their latest phone actually brings down the mids and makes it look a lot flatter of an image. Now the youtube app is updated and all these phones are all on the latest version and we get this difference in playback. Hopefully, Samsung can fix this and update the software to make this phone look better, because theoretically it should be brighter and look better in every way than the a year and a half old Note 20 Ultra and to add that we have the performance and processing speed set to the maximum.

With that said, let's get to performance to see how much better the new snapdragon 8 gen 1 is compared to the previous ones. I'm running geekbench 5's CPU test here and as we can see the s22 ultra is ahead in our iphone comparison. Some of you guys said that the battery was a little bit low around 15 or 18 percent. We have a result, and that is interesting because the scores are almost identical. You have the difference here between eight points over here and a couple hundred here, which is nothing. We have the 865 plus the 888 and the snapdragon one zapper dragon gen 1 but the proof is not today single core. So we have an improvement in terms of clock speed, uh, but let's go ahead and do a test another.

We will do a web browsing one, we gonna see just how responsive these phones are and if that single core performance will actually help day to day- and here are the results. In terms of this Web Browser test, there is only five percent difference and note actually really is far behind. The big thing they hit as far as the new processor is actually graphics. I have 3d marks Wildlife Extreme open here we are going to test the unlimited one, so that we are not capped by fps and let's hope for some bigger differences than what we saw in the Cpu test, all right guys. These are almost identical, so you have 7.3 fps, 7.6 and then 14.4, of course, is a very extreme test, but that is where we are seeing the real games.

Somebody will do a gaming test, video uh, so if you guys want to see that make sure to subscribe, but this is really good news now. So let's go ahead and put the sim in and see what kind of speeds we get. I ran each phone individually using the same sim card on the same settings and here are our results. Unfortunately, the s21 ultra is pretty much the same as the note 20 in download speed, but the upload was quite a bit slower than both of these. Now you see the s21 killed in terms of download speed and did the same as a note on upload.

Maybe this is an issue so we ran this three different times with three different servers and the results were identical as you guys can see so very disappointingly, I'm not sure what is going on and then we also went outside and we compared that performance. Fortunately it got quite a bit better when we're in a concrete room, but we still got about the same speed compared to those and the upload was slightly faster than the Note 20, but still very interesting results behind the S21. This new chipset for 5g, we went through the settings to make sure there are no low-power modes or anything like that. We are in full performance and overall.

Of course we have the same design as a note 20 for the s22 ultra, but we now have one extra lens three times, just like the s21 ultra with that we still have the 10x telescopic camera which is awesome and the 108 megapixel large high resolution sensor. Now I will be doing a detailed comparison with a lot of pictures from these and it's going to be in blind style like we've done in the past. So it's 100% unbiased, so please make sure you guys have notifications enabled.

I'm glad that unlike the note 20, you could have full resolution and the battery got a little bit larger and we have better graphics performance, but at the same time you are spending a lot of money and in the real world we're not seeing much of a performance improvement, and we also don't have that micro SD card slot like the note 20 offers. If you have already a note 20 ultra, then i would not upgrade the speaker sound better. The 5g does very similarly, not really limited, and software has been very well optimized over the last year and a half with the s21 ultra, it's hard to justify upgrading.

Poatel if you want that a little s pen built that might be worth it but please let me know your thoughts with all the tests in down below click below to subscribe, check out one of those great videos right over there that was max, and I'll see you in the next video [Music]..

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