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What's up guys everything iPhone here and here I have the new Samsung Galaxy s7 edge? It’s a lot, curvier, smoother and the finish is different. Not only did they make it look better, but they also added waterproofing, so we are turning to the old golden days of waterproof Samsung phones. The s5 was technically waterproof - not waterproof - but this one has a full ip68 waterproof rating, meaning that it can sit in a meter and a half of water for 30 minutes and come out just fine after taking all your dolphin photos. Our Samsung is true and it has a point of reference. I have an iPhone 6s plus here.

Is it not water resistant or waterproof, or anything like that, but, as your average smartphone these days, I want to see how a regular smartphone underwater compares to a Samsung galaxy, s7 edge that is said to be waterproof. Now let's go ahead and test: these phones see how they do if the Galaxy S7 edge is actually waterproof and this is just a foot of water, regular tap water here, we're gonna, set these guys in there and see what happens and if they survive. You know the construction seems solid, it's a lot beefier as they did waterproof it from the inside out. Let's put these guys on the test, see how long the iPhone 6s plus compares when it tries to compete on the waterproof level.

We go whoo three, two one, all right, so we gonna let them soak and about the galaxy s7 edge on the left, iPhone 6s plus on the right. I really want to see what still works and what doesn't a lot of people test it if it survives or not, but that day stops working. Like ports, you stop working and let's test this all and see how they do so Galaxy S7 edge connects just to a network underwater. So we're approaching three minutes right now so I will go ahead and pull them out and see how they're doing normally someone if they drop their phone in the water they're not going to leave it there unless they want to intentionally record underwater. So at 3 minutes here, just pull them out and quick and we'll go ahead and pause this guy.

It really soaks up in there, but i am really surprised that the iPhone is doing OK, showing no signs of water damage. Maybe it was nine points two points iowa: One update did something different we'll see, but you know about a foot of water and here good amount of depth in there. Let's see how it really does now. What is really cool about the S7 edge and S7 is that they actually have a cooler inside. So there is a liquid that turns to gas and vice versa depending on how hot or cold the phone is, and I thought that was quite incredible.

Something used for space travel is now being used in a phone and what's also cool is the way Samsung made the Galaxy s7 waterproof - is they did it from inside out? To do so and ye know that it's already turning out to be quite the waterproof phone and something I wouldn't worry twice about bringing to the beach or any of you, no body of water. Now we don't know what kind of difference a saltwater would make. Maybe that's an earlier test, but I'm curious to see what it would take to destroy this thing completely in the water. How far into deep you'd have to go, but you know that in a regular tour the waters are still good, both of them the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

This is actually a foot of water here, they're still alive almost at the 10 minute mark we're going to pull them out of ten minutes and see which ports still work if everything is working as it should, of course, after 10 minutes you know that the chances of these 6s plus surviving get very slim. So let's go ahead and pull out that guy. It's doing all right in about 10 seconds. So here the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge and iPhone 6s, plus both live as far as I can tell displays working home buttons. Do you hear that, the volume seems erratic, it is going up and down and there is a static tension to it. Water-resistant I mean that I play the sound Who knows that we can actually start to see the evidence of water damage right here.

Let us test the cameras, real quick, still working good evaluate the technology edge type 3d touch is working and headphone jacks, alright, so the audio is working on. This guy looks good so other than this little doodad right there sticking out so can't really tell it's water damaged. Underwater, apparently not so when I push to the edge of s7. There is no air coming out nothing and while the screen actually works underwater, what I had no idea, so you can go and start recording any application: underwater, OK, I'm a little bit blown away right now, I had no idea that something would work. I can't get that you displayed a pop-up, but you can actually use this thing.

Underwater iPhone screen doesn't work but when you push on it you get little bubbles that come out. Wow, I am actually shocked by this thing, Samsung, you are doing something right! So while I am still underwater, I want to go ahead and move all these around to make sure I can get as much air out of them as possible. If I flip it upside down, I can see the air really coming out. Oh yeah, I'm starting to see watermarks in the display okay. No longer catches Wi-Fi underwater, he's starting to see more artifacts on the display. The end is coming all right, so the phone has been restarted. I'm gonna go ahead and leave it here, but you can see on the displays. You know there are artifacts from the water and a shader on the right side of the screen.

So put your phone in there unless you want a cool new boot logo. Look I can squeeze it and it will oh, my goodness, nice new water gun for you coming out of the side. I want to show you guys how effective the iPhone makes as a water gun. Also I'm going to fill this up completely. You want to squeeze the iPhone to make sure that as much water escapes inside it as possible. Okay, so now it is full water and just go ahead and squeeze your phone. So if you ever lose your water gun then grab your iPhone out of your pocket – real quick! It makes for an effective water gun. Don't know why that is like you can push the display in and there is a giveaway and all this stuff is coming out now. 15 minutes is what took: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is still working fine.

Let's catch that guy real quick. This is perfectly working, honestly I am very impressed how well it works with water on the screen with it underwater. A lot of people will enjoy such a treat, so on the other hand, this guy is done. It cannot compare to the new Samsung, Galaxy, s7 and s7 edge. It goes ahead and releases the waterproof iPhone 7. Never worry about putting water in your phone or using a case to cover it. So much for watching guys. A fun little test to see how either one of them would work in the water. Obviously, not a good choice for the iPhone so be sure to check the drop test in the comparison itself. There are a lot of cool things to see about the Samsung Galaxy s7 Have a great day guys..

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