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It's just the power button to off and on, eh, yeah guys. Back on your favorite Channel with dear. Last week we buzzed the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Now we're talking about the Samsung Galaxy S 21 plus. Here we can see that the Boxboxes from Samsung Galaxy S Plantion series are similar to all the regular S21, S21 plus S21 Ultra, both have the same box. The only difference is that I chose the Phantom Violet color, from the color of the ice. This is me. Take the Samsung Galaxy S 21 + VCD, with tantom violet colour, and only 8 gigabytes of internal RAM, 128 GB. Let's go there OK, let's get rid of the hops, OK, here OK, get the IMEI sticker, It looks like Wow, OK, Let's put the Samsung Galaxy S1 plus the violet color. Let's take a look at the small cybox yes.

The SIM tray is the same as this version, Galaxies 21 Ultra. It looks like this and this guide is in the quick start and short guide in English, Indonesian, OK,. Cable is type-c and we've gone straight to the smartphone. We don't get the head charger. Uh great Hi in Kerinci, again uh Hey the color is really cool. This is the sombre violet, Ooooooooooooo, Widih, Illa, Illa, Billa Oh. The speaker destika turns out at the front, no is solid and on the edges there is also a sticker lol. We have to open it It is clean from the sticker. This is a smartphone full of strength. This is one-to-one This shiny one is really cool,. It looks like it's syntrem using a Samsung Galaxy SV 21, plus yes. This should be 20 with a slow soundscape, a sandwich model.

It doesn't provide a micro, SD external memory, card, OK, The color is really cool of the loudspeaker volume button. This is a golden chrome color. On the top there is an antenna line and a dual microphone. Next there are only two antenna lines, then at the bottom. Here are two antenna lines: SIM - tray microphone, type, slot-c, and a good speaker. If you look at it like this, it's black ; it's really hard to debate shooting and on the back, there are three cameras and an LG flash ; and there is a Samsung logo on it Won ; This is Hiller it makes people want to buy it, especially for WC WC circles that like this color, Wow Ta it.

Cool also, I read a few cases: later we'll try, OK, Let's turn it on, but it's still a Samsung Galaxy secure, beenox Powered by Android, OK, I like to use English, because Indonesian is like making me cargo. English is United States Okay Let's start. We are OK. OK, we don't copy the guitar next, except for the tips, eniwei then okay, That's cool. Now, I want to try changing the wallpaper, don't try the purple one, let's try the white one, it's also very good, the white color, but this one. Let's set the red colour, video set the lockscreen, OK, this one, chef, home screen set homescreen okay so i will just explain: this, oh yeah, it's good to see. This, right?, wookie's lock screen display moves, it's steady, clicks. We enter the homescreen, it is really beautiful.

The colour is a bit blue and we turn it off. It seems cool Yes, it's great, I want to see it first, but first let’s compare it as Samsung Galaxy SP21 Plus, but this one is Phantom. The black is Phantom Violet and this is Let's try to write what is good in the comments, which is violet or black. Both are Samsung Galaxy, S, 21 + VG, it's crazy! The cheese piece is different I guess that it would seem like individual characters like that to have a cave. Let's take a look at the AnTuTu Benchmark score from this Samsung Galaxy S 21 + VCD. Does the Antutu score reach yes 656551, 9 okay, it's in the high categories even though it hasn't reached 700, let's see. It's the processor and the GPU is Mali G76 P14. 15 megapixels of RAM, 8 gigabytes of the internal 128 Gigabytes of CPU,.

The most important thing is the battery,. How much is the 4800 miliampere raas, Android 11 is solid and there is NFC approved for the full specs of this Samsung Galaxy S 21 + VG. If for example, in the Description Column of this video or, for example, following Show Now, after seeing the AnTuTu Benchmark and specifications of Samsung Galaxy Hi s21 plus,. If you play important games, Wow 2345678 higher than Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra, which is more than 2345678, it reaches 2 million. This is a snap, guys. I've entered the Genset impact game. Let's set the Bollen to Hi Hayes, Uh, overclocking, oh wow, yeah, the graphics settings are normal for Genset Impact, Galaxy S20 plus, uh. There are two speakers below and on the Irvis dual stereo speakers and the steering wheel is really cool.

The sound of the net is gurgling. Look at the guys, it is crazy, the graphics settings are erratic on the Samsung Galaxy S 21 plus. How dare you, come on, come here, so don't mess around with the broomstick style. The color is crazy, Samsung,. The screen is cool, madam. It has entered the Pabji Mobile Crane Game, with the jacket, wdwdd. Let's take a look at our graphics. It's extreme, it is not Carrefour Azza and why can't I play the frame rate on S90es, it just crashes you guys. Already entered because of a direct war clashing with guns, shooting really busy Hey. Are you shooting Wow uh? Where else is this really cool Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus series? It's not loud, it breaks. S, 21 plus, which has three rear cameras consisting of 12 megapixels with others on imx258.

There is then another 12m lens egapixel for Saputra White and the macro sensor is Sony Nex5 63. There is then a 64-megapixel lens for telephoto and portrait, The sensor uses Samsung bright S5 Kwe two with effect two points. Then the front lens is an imex 378 sensor of 10 megapixels. Let's look, here are the results from the front photo of the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra. As follows, guys, I am recording with the Samsung Galaxy S 21 + camera. It says f1s on auto, and this looks like Haven't yet asked. If it is a Samsung camera, it's good again. It's troublesome. How to convert it to an ultra-wide lens, The camera snaps are really small, and I turned it back into a normal lens and it's a normal lens. It's a normal, concrete shot three times. It's cool.

Now it is full SD auto, but eh forgot. The study I turned it on Hi, so it should be more handsome It's not as good as before, and even though I'm supposed to be using it, I'm supposed to be able to Robbal who asked you guys. This is for 60th vs, but the lens can't be tweaked. However, the lens can not be zoomed in This is the zoom lens can't go to the Ultra White lens Hi, it's great, the camera. The pellets are exorbitant uh, that's how it continues. It uses the front camera Samsung Galaxy S, 26, plus 7 Hey Clown Hi. The color is waiting over Sasuke. The camera that doesn't color is over time. Yes he wants to animate the model in the portrait mode. Basically, this means that my background will be blurry. My singer is blurry, bro.

I want to test the singer on the screen and this fingerprint recording process is quite fast. The process is ok, and we are trying to set it up using the index now. Finger, do not want to use the thumb, Now all the face and lock tests are 80. 90 Fast, yes I tried to turn it on OK, it opens. I Oh, it's cool, it is great, now I want to try some original Samsung casings, I will try which one first, Samsung Galaxy S. 21 plus-plus. This is a mere 21 ordinary, I bought the wrong one. This is actually for a regular Samsung Galaxy S. It turns out that the usual Samsung Galaxy S 21 is actually smaller, yes.

Let us try the next case that fits the Samsung Galaxy S 21+ silicon cover : Okay, white color : let me take it : Let's just open it : there's a manual, there's also a user manual : Let's just put it in and stay healthy. Ok, soft, put it in, it's cool, but on the back it does not look like the cover. The color is pen template or paint tempeh because it is random silver because it's closed like that. It doesn't matter because the rubber is soft. No. : Not hard, but soft. This is the leader cover Okay Duty. Come on, I like cucumbers, Bro, the rubber one, I like leather, OK, there is a way to install it in various languages. Uh, uh, speaking of what I bought it is flawed, but if it is about appearance, guys, the difference between skin and the skinny ones is a [ __, ] Hi, I hate being liked.

Don't know why it's called, how come you can't press the power off button? Ok, don't put it here, here it is. I'll try to install the play Hey Rik. Can there be a Zam Display when it is not visible, If it's closed Hey. Are you happy with a case with a flipcover like this or what I was used to? Sometimes it's more like those who don't use clips like this, because they can go fast, There is still WA or a typing application like that. You want to take a photo, it's fast, right, I remember opening it first so that my songot is Samsung Galaxy S, 21 +. These wheels are interesting to have because they have fast performance.

I thought the camera from my Samsung Galaxy S 21 was just like B, because in the previous Samsung V, the Samsung Galaxy S Client, the latest Samsung Galaxy Note, the camera is good, I only think it, that's good but B, but in the Samsung Galaxy S 21 series, especially this 21, plus the camera, uh. The name has increased quite significantly in terms of its quality. It is really rare and the image quality is stable, Everything looks stable in terms of color, image quality, sharpness, and the most important thing is that it's really smooth, especially when the video is in portrait mode. You can take videos, but the back is blurry. He uses something else, but it is already there, but it's perfect, I mean a video with blackberry blurry, but the picture quality is good.

The color details are good, it does not fade. This can be relied on a lot about the camera and performance Wow. There are two different characters between Phantom Violet and this tumbler pen. This tumbled pen looks calmer but full of mystery, while that tenten violet is full of fun and full of glamor. While the mother is like a mysterious gentle calm, yes. This is when a boy may use the color of the tumbled pen,. That is the video about Samsung Galaxy S 21 plus with the fruit variants. The colors I have are Phantom Violet and Phantom Black, which have really cool cameras. So with this method you can add insight and also have an idea so you can be even more sure to buy this Samsung Galaxy S, 21 plus, or even postpone it like that.

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