Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Cloud Blue Unboxing and Basic Setup. - Galaxy User Guide

Have it in cloud blue colour, unlocked by Samsung in this video you'll be able to see unboxing and basic setup. Okay, let's open this up and there go Samsung Galaxy s, 25 G and there is something inside this box that could with the documentation. Now it's coming off tiny seam tool, so you can use this to - open the SIM tray out and pop the SIM tray out inside looks like some documentation. The most out of your phone looks like some easy guide or something quick reference guide and it says that this device is packaged with a screen protector. So only that you know that it comes with screen protector now, I know again: here's the SIM card, ejector I'm, going to take this out.

So let us take a look at the font like I have before said - it is cloud blue in color. This one has three cameras running as you can see and here is Samsung logo. The color in this video is not very clear because of the light and reflections I'm. Right now, let's take a look inside the box: power adapter. It's a super fast charging port and it has a port C. I don't know what this is. This is just a question for the box, and this is the cable type. These are the different sizes of ear tips, looks small, medium and large. Let's take a look around: that is the SIM card holder volume, button and power button charging port Samsung logo, as you can see, and three cameras with flash and mic.

You go Samsung Galaxy s, 25 G, secured by Knox. It says that if we start Android let's go, it says that you heard her, so she will help us to the steps to set up this one. She says that Wi-Fi will be quite handy and to the network, but I'm gonna skip it for now skip all apps and data I. I guess you can transfer your data and as from old phone, if you want to but I'm gonna to do don't copy right now and did it finish time I just if needed. So you can add this time and date if you want so let's see if we can add it just so time, I gonna try to adjust it, but I think it will auto-L.

just when you connect to the network wi-fi network or your data network so let me connect to Wi-Fi alright, and Wi-Fi is connected So let's see how long it will take, hopefully we'll be quick Daigo says again copy apps and data I will skip here. If needed, Google services, you can read through and accept, and it is saying protective phone right now: I skipped...and I add finishing touches. So this is Samsung Galaxy s, 25 G and you just saw me unboxing it and setting up the basic setups, so I hope this helps..

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