Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20. - Galaxy User Guide

In this video, we explore how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S 20, so that you can use it with any carrier. If you want to stay up to date on the coming mobile technology and learn, cool tips, tricks and hidden features, make sure that you hit that Subscribe button down below and tap to better turn on the pulse notification. We posted videos today to show you how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy, S xx, and we are going to walk you through just a few steps. The first thing you will want to do is go to your mobile app and make sure that you're on the keypad option and type pound zero. A six pound that's gonna show our IMEI to her but she write down this number here.

First we will be the manufacturer which is Samsung next we're going to select the model, select the appropriate model which you have now [Music] click on unlock and then on this page they're going to ask for a little bit more information, so the country you purchased it in as well as the carrier hit next and on this last page it will ask for your contact information, also that IMEI that we got in the first step of the video that you enter. That also includes your full name, delivery, email address and a contact number here.

Similarly, if you scroll down further it will show you the specific information of what it will cost to unlock the phone, so Average competitor price, how much they are going to charge you, and the average turnaround time for you to get the unlocking pin and the email with the final instructions. There is also a disclaimer here that you want to read it kind of tells you what carriers their service works with. But this is your simple excuse me and you just use it to pop off the SIM card at the top of the phone here. You'll find just a little hole here. This should now prompt a restart, so that you go to your email from the unlocking company and follow the final instructions in that email to complete the unlock.

If you have any issues with, you can go back to the website, unlocking company messager, and you get to speak to a live person. There is also a phone number if you call in order to get over phone support which is one of the big advantages of their site, which is that they stand by their product and if you, whatever the reason for, cannot get the phone unlock after the troubleshot, they will return your monies for refunds, so you are in good hands. I will leave a link for the website in the description below and hope you guys find the video useful thanks for watching, take care and have a good one..

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