Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Passcode & Carrier Unlock! - Galaxy User Guide

What's up Kristen here and today, I'm gonna show you how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 I have this phone here This means that your phone is currently locked with a specific carrier. Let's say, for example, you put your phone with AT&T and want to unlock it to use it with a different carrier like t-mobile or metro, PCs. I'm gonna show you how to unlock your phone and you will be able to use it with any carrier worldwide. We're gonna start with a Passcode unlocking but if only you are interested in the carrier unlocking, you can go ahead and skip to that minute.

Obviously, if you have contacts pictures, everything is deleted unless you have a backup somewhere in the cloud or on your computer, and also ensure you don't have a Google lock in your computer, because that makes it hard to unlock anyways. Let's start, I'll switch the camera so that you can see what I do with the phone. Alright guys. We are gonna do a hard reset. The first thing that you want to do is to press and hold these three buttons exactly at the same time.

That's the volume up key the home key and the side button press it and hold it until you see the Android logo and then click okay using the volume up and down navigate to where it says, wipe data/factory, reset' press the power button and then one more time select yes and confirm then reboot system, and your phone will now begin again and will be restored to factory settings now. Ok and now i will explain how to do the network unlock Show me how to do it now, keep in mind that this method is not free, but trust me guys it is the best alternative to unlock your phone. Your warranty won't be cancelled and you are always with your phone, so there is also no risk of getting your IMEI installed or anything else.

Let's get started, I'm gonna change the camera to see what I'm doing with the phone once you're in your phone go ahead and dial Star Hash, Zero, six Hash and you will see that the phones, email number will appear, we're gonna use only the first 15 digits or write this number somewhere, because we're gonna need it in a few seconds to unlock this phone. Unlockriver.Com I'm gonna put a link here on the description below. We'll request the unlock code to unlock our Samsung Galaxy phone, so we start by selecting the original carrier and country to which your phone is currently locked. By the way, this also works with other brands and then we will select the exact model. So we're gonna look at Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Sometimes, you will get the option of ordering a quicker service, but the price will increase as well. So go ahead and write it here make sure that is a hundred percent correct, very important. The last step is to write down your personal email where you would like to receive your unlock code. So they're gonna send you an unlock code to this email and make sure it is 100% correct as well. Okay, now click on look under the following page. If you review your order make sure everything is correct here, then we're going to proceed to check out and place your order. Okay, once you have deposited the order, you gonna get a confirmation page and basically you have to wait till they send to you.

Your unlock code for your email in my mailbox I take between one and 48 business hours, but anyways. I will show you the email icon, we will go to my personal email account. I use Gmail and you are gonna see this last email that I got from unlock river. As you can see here, your Samsung unlock code is ready and it contains step-by-step instructions on how to enter this unlock code into your phone now. This is a unique code, and it will work for one specific phone based on your IMEI number, but I'm going to show you how to enter this unlock code into your phone. It is very, very simple and this is the last step: OK, so power of your phone and then you have to insert a different SIM card from a different carrier.

In my case, my phone is from AT&T - someone inserted t-mobile - SIM card so that we can connect the phone and the first thing you are gonna see is a screen demanding your unlock code. Okay, we’re gonna go ahead and insert the unlock code we received in the email so go ahead insert it, then hit unlocked, and if everything was successful, this message should seem network lock, successful, perfect! By the way we've just 700,000 subscribers here so we're gonna do a giveaway soon and we're going to do a drop test on this phone and many more cool stuff coming up subscribe and see you in the next one take care..

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